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Greenwood Formula LogoDo you want to get a money generating system that is fully automated? Greenwood Formula seems to be the right choice, but should we trust it? Read our investigation to find out the truth about it!
We discovered that many traders have been receiving plenty of e-mail messages about Greenwood Formula, a binary trading system that promises huge profits within days. The messages guarantee that you can generate money without doing anything, as the system is fully automated. The application is introduced on the sales page by a guy known as Jake.

Over time, we have remarked that these types of messages discussed above may be confusing. Particularly, individuals who are making the first steps into the market can be victims of fraudsters because they lack the needed skills and they don’t know how these systems work. After we learned about the email messages advertising Greenwood Formula, we made a decision to go further and examine it. You can read our analysis in the following lines and discover if it is truly a genuine product or just another fraud.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


  • The system is fully automated
  • The system is easy to access


  • The return ratio is exaggerated
  • The brokers from their list are not reliable
  • The developer is not proven to be a real person

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service


What is Greenwood Formula?

The application has been released just lately, but if you check out the video clip carefully, you will notice a time indicator that goes back to 2015, June 4. Can you imagine it? Are the narrators making use of re-made video and pictures to advertise their own application? This is exactly what it appears to be. Moreover, Jake says he can provide $10,000 to all people who don’t generate $100,000 within one month. The pictures with the account balances cannot be real since none of their traders may be checked or tracked. We believe that this binary trading system has all the attributes of a scam.

Even if we can’t demonstrate it for sure, there are many warning flags that show us that it may end up a quite dangerous fraud. The clients are encouraged to be careful when getting one step further with this system, because the brokers from their list don’t actually exist.

Greenwood Formula Screenshot

Greenwood Formula is claimed to be a free application, but when you register, you’ll be required to make a deposit of at least $250 with one of the brokers found on their list. Basically, the application just isn’t free since they get a commission from the brokerage service and you can’t predict when your whole account balance could be entirely erased and your money lost.

How Does Greenwood Formula Work?

The application promises to provide the greatest market signals. As a client, you won’t have to do anything special but let the system work automatically. It should apply its own formulas to create signals. It can also execute trades so that you could feel free and just enjoy your daily tasks.

However, we should warn you that there is no confirmation that their signals are trustworthy. They may be produced arbitrarily. The creator says that Greenwood Formula comes with an 85% return ratio, but this can’t be real since there is no evidence that a trader has generated such money with the help of this application. Basically, the program doesn’t properly work and you may lose your money if you use it.

Here is how working with the service should look like:

  • Signing up – in order to have access to Greenwood Formula, you need to fill in the blanks with your name and email address.
  • Trading – you have to make a deposit and then choose the automated trading mode.
  • Withdrawal – in case you generate some profits, you can withdraw the money in accordance with the selected broker’s conditions.

Greenwood Formula is a binary trading system that can execute trades in the automated mode. It can open and close trades without your involvement, so you can enjoy your time and relax. At least, this is the official story. After evaluating the program, we haven’t discovered any specific functions that demonstrate that it might be an authentic service and we wonder how such a system can get to a return ratio of 85%. We want to warn our readers to avoid dealing with this service and search for much better trading robots.

Final Conclusion: is Greenwood Formula a scam?

Not Reliable

Our final verdict is that Greenwood Formula might not be safe. This application could not generate the promised profits. We encourage you to consider another binary trading system.


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7 Binary Options review: Greenwood Formula: 1 stars.


  1. Teresa   •  

    Is there anywhere someone who’s serious about learning the most profitable binary trading tactics can turn to? I still feel it is impossible to gain funds or to recover lost funds from trading, so I’m desperate. I do hope binary options can be rewarding, so please share your thoughts on how to make my trading more fulfilling. Teresa

  2. Nathan   •  

    Hi all,
    I’m new here and very interested in binary options trading. I have looked up various signal providers and decided against using any of them. Why would you wait for signals from someone that learned to do something I can do myself? I looked at the education resources of different brokers and discovered they were very general. I could gain nothing concrete from them. Maybe you know where I can find comprehensive education resources?

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