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Guaranteed Money System LogoAfter a thorough investigation, we have concluded that Angela Stevens’ ’Guaranteed Money System’ software is a scam and below is the proof to validate our statement.

Our intention of publishing this report is to help people avoid falling into a trap created by sleazy affiliate marketers specializing in financial fraud.

The scam has worked for so long and continues to attract attention because it cleverly deceives eager and often innocent traders.

Judging by the sheer number of complaints we’ve received, we have surmised that the tricks employed are sneaky and yet successful at luring unsuspecting customers.

Further investigation into the scam has also made evident the fact that this app or trading robot is based on a similar scam called ’Free Money Guaranteed.’

Walter Green Photo

Owner “Walter Green”

We found that it is rooted in yet another elaborately woven version of the the ’Free Money System’ created by Walter Green.

After a thorough investigation of the facts, we will provide evidence to expose this system of deception and financial fraud.

Though not classified as an intricate scam yet it is misleading and highly deceptive in a way that we’ve yet to see employed other scams.

Anyone considering using this app should also ponder the fact that it will inevitably steal their money.

Here are some screenshots that raise the red flags:

Screenshot 3

Probably a paid actor:

Screenshot 2

More empty promises:

Screenshot 3


By design the app takes losing trades and then proceeds to empty your wallets. We urge you to continue reading to see how our team went about exposing these crooks and why you shouldn’t invest in the ’Guaranteed Money System’ or any other similar type of investment scheme.

  1. To begin with, most people like yourself are informed about an opportunity to make a lot of money via a SPAM email. The subject is usually something like ”See How This Man Made Millions By Doing Absolutely Nothing!”. The subject line will sound familiar to many people, but fortunately, not everyone falls for scams like these.
  2. Every day email marketers will send hundreds and thousands of emails to people who have in the past shown interest in making money over the internet. The emails are unsolicited and mostly are a part of an elaborate scam so they shouldn’t be trusted.
  3. Plus, the links and content contained within them may include spyware and malware which is another reason never to open these emails. We urge you never to click on these links and if you’re signed up, then please unsubscribe and do not forward the emails to your friends, acquaintances or family members.

How does the ’Guaranteed Money System’ purport to work?

How Does the System Work?Upfront there are no details provided by the scammers as to how the ’Guaranteed Money System’ will work.

Angela Stevens who is the actress behind the scam, states that the ’Guaranteed Money System’ works by only finding trades that are 100% guaranteed to win and will automatically execute those trades.

Apparently, she is implying that the ’Guaranteed Money System’ ensures 100% guaranteed success in every trade.

Seasoned traders know that there is no way of ensuring a 100% win for every trade short of resorting to insider trading which is a punishable crime.

So, it stands to reason that this statement is an utter lie with the intention to deceive people who are new to online trading or who would like to make money online.

The deal or proposal is further sweetened to lure people by offering a $250 signup bonus for anyone buying the ’Guaranteed Money System,’ but this too is a trap.

The first thing it does is get people to deposit more money even if they are losing since that’s the criteria needed to be met prior to withdrawing money.

But in reality, you may never be able to withdraw the money since it goes into the pockets of unregulated and often blacklisted brokers.

The So-called ’Guaranteed Money System’ Reviewed

Results Guaranteed or Not?The first and the daringly false statement you’ll read is “Welcome to the world’s first guaranteed money system.” It is a claim made by the actress in her promotional video which is mainly an effort to spread false information. That said it’s not a new catchphrase having been used in just about every financial scam we’ve come across and investigated.

The website makes many exaggerated claims but below are ones we think are the boldest aimed at pushing people to enroll in the system:

  • Members make a minimum of $1.3 million dollars every month or 30 days.
  • The software has been in use for many years with proven success.
  • A lawyer provides a legal document stating that the owner will give the member $1.3 million out of her pocket if the user does not make that amount in 30 days.
  • Beta testers have made millions using the trading system, and so it stands to reason that you will too with the fully functioning system.

’The Guaranteed Money System,’ is in no way unique, nor is it anything revolutionary but it is, in fact, a copy of previous scams called ’Free Money System’ and ’Free Money Guaranteed’ both of which have defrauded hundreds if not thousands of traders.

These schemes made the very same claims as this system does. Our investigation reveals that both systems are so identical that they even use the same house to shoot the video which is evident from the background and furniture.

We found out that both scams are in fact part of a much larger and more elaborate affiliate network consisting of fishy binary scams which are directed, supported and in many cases endorsed by shady brokers.

The scammers are out to rob you outright. These scammers will use anything possible to scam you into thinking that it’s possible to make millions by using everything from visual objects to fake figures but at the end of the day their robot does not work.

Screenshot of a banner ad:

Guaranteed Money System Screenshot

We can classify the Guaranteed Money System as a scam which uses a paid actress in their videos. As you continue to read about how the system supposedly works you’ll find that these people are in fact con artists who deal in everything from credit card theft to financial fraud. They certainly aren’t your friends my any measure but will appear to be friendly in their relentless pursuit to get you to signup and fund the fake trading account.

Is the system free?

It isn’t free! The software will cost you a whopping $250, and that’s going to be charged to your credit card usually by one of their crooked brokers who may not even have a license.

Creating Urgency by Using the 7 Spots Ploy

Creating UrgencyThe scam will only work if you think that it has legitimate backing. Plus, people enroll faster if they know that there are just a few spots available and because of that its assumed to be a rare opportunity to do something great.

In this case, Angela Stevens says that big banks are on her case which is why she can only offer ”7 spots” and because of that, the website could be shuttered at any time.

It isn’t the first time that a desperate move like this has been used by con artists online. Almost all scams use this technique, and it’s a desperate move to get people to pay fast. So, rule no. 1 is if you see a service pushing you to pay quickly, and not giving you enough time for research then it most likely a scam.

Who Is Angela Stevens?

The biggest lie about the Guaranteed Money System was uncovered when we investigated the so-called owner and operator of the system. She does come across as a well spoken and liberal woman in the promotional videos, but she does have some fishy motives made even more evident by telling us a long story about her now diseased father who was a trading genius.

According to her, he was able to create a massive trading empire from trading just binary options which were entered into the software, and it is this software that made them millions. At the time of his death, Angela Stevens (his daughter), took over the business.

Since the time of his death, she states the company made over $62 million using this trading formula.

Question MarkOn the face of it, this sounds good, but there are a number of issues as we see it with the story.

To start with Angela Stevens claims to be around her mid 30’s. She then claims her dad made millions selling binary options before she was born. But that’s not possible.

The fact is that Binary trading, is barely just 15 years old, which means that she would have been in her teens if she was as claimed born into the wealth. The second claim about her work featured in CNBC News and Bloomberg is a total fabrication too. There is no news organization as far as we know that ever reported on the Money Guaranteed System.

Plus, this auto trader was released mere weeks ago.

It stands to reason that neither is this system old nor is it reliable but rather it was cooked up and untested in just weeks. We would never trust an untested piece of software with our hard earned money and especially not with online trading.

The Guarantee

The GuaranteeAngela Stevens continues to talk about her system being fool proof and guaranteed to make a million dollars every 30 days. Stevens is so sure that the system works that she had the family lawyer come over and draft a legal document. The document apparently shows that everyone who buys into the system is guaranteed a bank transfer from Angela Stevens of around $500,000 if the software does not make them money.

So, the claim is that you have nothing to lose, right? Well wrong! Upon close examination of the document supposedly drafted by Goldberg Cohen Associates in Miami, FL we found that there is no such office nor lawyer. The lawyer just as Angela Stevens is a fake, something we’ve exposed earlier. The legal document and everything else pertaining to it are forgeries.

Fake Promises

We can guarantee you one thing i.e. you will not make any money using this binary options trading software. Plus, once you pay this con artist for the software you’ll never see that money again. If anything Angela Stevens is just an actress and as such, she is probably just reading lines. So, even if you do end up trying to search for her, it’s not going to get you anywhere.

Customer Feedback

Customer FeedbackIn the week since this scam was launched, we received hundreds of complaints from our valuable members who fell into this trap. Not a single one of our members were able to contact customer support leave alone claim that so-called legal guarantee from Stevens. It’s interesting to note that not a single piece of evidence was presented showing that the software worked. But instead, people were fed a bunch of lies.

Fake Customer Reviews

The so-called ”honest” reviews are in fact fake. It’s there to only give a false sense of legitimacy to their scam. In fact, many of the bloggers mentioned have been paid to say positive things and write reviews.

Conclusion – Guaranteed Money System is a Scam – Buyer Beware!

Not Reliable

When it comes to any type of trading online or otherwise there are no guarantees. Nobody can guarantee a winning trade, its never happened and never will.

All that happens is that you like many others will lose money using the system.

Cheap actresses and hyped up claims are all red flags that should alert you to what is otherwise a con aimed at people looking to make money fast. But in fact, will end up losing it faster than they can ever make! So, the rule of thumb is if it’s too good to be true, then there is a good chance its a scam.

Avoid the ’Guaranteed Money System’ at all costs.


  • “Free Software”


  • Unrealistic Promises
  • Supposed owners are in fact paid actors
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