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HBSwiss LogotypeWe have received emails from people asking us to review HB Swiss. The most common question is if HB Swiss is legit or just another scam. So, before you decide to invest make sure to read the complete review as we dissect every aspect of it. HB Swiss claims to be a Forex Trading Solution that can help people make millions trading forex.

We will examine how the system works, its unique features and the type of investment you’ll need. You’ll find out what HB Swiss is really about and if it actually works. Also, how it works? And is it a scam?

What is HB Swiss about?

HB Swiss is being touted as a new Forex trading solution which is meant for everyone. It is a trading robot developed by an investor named Hans Berger who resides in Europe. He along with his friend Bastian Hermann, headed a team of developers to create this so called awesome trading software. They claim is that HB Swiss is one of the best auto trading software out there with the highest success rate.

HB Swiss claims to have an 87% average success rate which is excellent by any measure. It’s also equally unbelievable. It has allegedly amassed a large number of positive reviews over the years. But despite the creators claiming that it is the best Forex trading solution out there for any day trader we were not sure if it was really legit or just another scam with tall claims. Knowing for sure required a deeper examination of the system.

Different Platforms Available Tablet

The system is available on many different platforms

What features does HB Swiss have to offer?

  1. The HB Swiss software has been designed to generate profits for traders. It can be used by both beginner and professionals who don’t have any knowledge of trading. That said it’s been touted to ensure trading success.
  2. You no longer need to analyze complex charts and diagrams to place trades. The software has been designed to meet any person’s trading needs while being easy to use.
  3. According to the creators, the system has been created with Swiss traditions in mind which assumingly prides itself on openness and high quality.
  4. Traders can supposedly start benefitting from it within just 3 minutes and start to see a significant profit in just an hour something which is ”Guaranteed,” by the creators.
  5. The claim is that the system is 100% free of fees and taxes just as it is in Switzerland!

Can HB Swiss really make winning trades?

Yes, it can…HB Swiss belongs to HB Swiss Investments Ltd and happens to be one of the most popular software developed capable of executing automated trades in a fraction of a second half-way across the world. Stats show that the software has only lost twice in four years. Also, the software is very easy to use. It has eliminated all the complexity and hard work associated with trading forex.

The platform can be accessed using any laptop, Mac, PC or a smart device. The software is completely web based which means that it does not require installing anything other than a web browser. Plus, it can work on autopilot without any input from the user. There is no need to have any skill or knowledge of the trading and currency industry to make it work.

How does HB Swiss Work?

HB Swiss is absolutely free! Just follow these three simple steps to becoming a pro:

  1. Start by opening a trading account with HB Swiss. You are not required to purchase anything. There is no fee and no extra cost. So, you can enjoy an excellent trading experience without paying a dime.
  2. The second step is to activate your account. Choose a binary options broker from the presented list of brokers and go through the required steps.
  3. Start enjoying your profits generated by HB Swiss.

HB Swiss Trading Results

Daily And Total Profits

By now, the system has earned a lot of many people money

We tested HB Swiss for a total of 2 weeks or 14 days and can happily state that it worked as promised. The review has been written based on my personal experience with this app.

We saw excellent results from using this software. In the previous 22 sessions, the software traded based on a total of 143 signals with 116 being strictly In The Money. It works out to be an attractive 87% or there about win rate.

HB Swiss Software – Is it a scam?

We can say with commitment that it is not a scam. Though at first, it did appear to be similar to other scams in the market. But now that we’ve seen it in action there is no doubt left in our mind.

After testing it for 14 days, we can safely say it is not a scam. We withdrew over $11,540 dollars successfully into our bank account. Plus, we found absolutely no red flags that were raised against the software during our testing and evaluation.

Customer Care

We found the customer support provided by the company is professional timely and good. They can be reached 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Also, support is available in many languages. All questions are answered in a very detailed manner, and they work to assist you the best they can.

The Operational Process and its various advantages

Creator of HB Swiss

Hans Berger is one of the creators of the system

One of the best things about HB Swiss is its fast, profitable and highly accurate. It has been developed using various successful trading models and codes by some of the leading names in the industry.

The quantum computing models used are based on Shor’s and Gover’s codes. The company’s financial expertise is strictly rooted in the Black Sholes Merton equations which are applied by some of the most successful financial processes implemented online.

It allows for a good rooting in excellence when it comes to trading which is delivered by HB Swiss’ trading bot. Plus, the software boasts of various features which will work to enhance your trading portfolio and success rate. The factors include risk control settings and even profit optimization.

How you can start making money with HB Swiss?

After you have filled in the form with the required details on the official HB Swiss website and set a password the system will create a trading account for you with one of the brokers. Here is a breakdown of the steps:

  • Register – The system uses an encryption algorithm to ensure that all your account and personal information, in addition to trading history is secure and safe.
  • Fund the Account – you will also need to fund the account so that HB Swiss is able to use those funds to start trading automatically. The minimum initial deposit is €250.
  • Hit Start – You get the opportunity to customize an array of various settings which will help you enhance the profitability of the HB Swiss bot. After you are satisfied with the settings, you can then start trading on autopilot.

Signup Process easy signup

Final Verdict

We have done our due diligence when it comes to HB Swiss like we do for every other trading bot we have reviewed over the years. The system in our personal opinion and based on experience holds potential and a lot of promise for traders in general. The verified high profitability and accuracy is the very reason to consider the software as your go-to online investment tool.

We were extremely satisfied and impressed by the results. The results are what has allowed us to state that it is not a scam service. It is also free to use and will continue to be free even after the company expands as planned by the owner.


  • Available on many different platforms
  • Free to use
  • High success rate
  • Tax free
  • Good customer support


  • None

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