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Hodly LogotypeToday, Cryptocurrency wallets are available by the dozens. Almost every developer with a cryptocurrency has an equivalent wallet to store it. Every one of these wallets claims to offer the highest security, anonymity, and usability. Plus, the cryptocurrencies you’re able to store, and the features you have access to within the wallet will vary depending on what wallet is used.

One wallet as it has come to our attention is attempting to do things differently, in many cases better than the rest. The wallet we are hinting towards is called Hodly crypto wallet and offers a professional yet straightforward medium through which you can buy, sell, store and transfer cryptocurrency from one place.

In this review we will go over all the essential features offered by Hodly, and how it differs from the competitors in this niche. When it comes to cryptocurrencies you need to think about what has kept most people at bay from a long-term commitment? The vast majority of people simply say that they have no idea as to how they can get started.

Cryptocurrency initially started out as a currency available to just a select group of techies, with access to fast computers. These enthusiasts were the pioneers of the crypto revolution which has now taken the world by storm.

Basic Verified Purchase

There are two different types of accounts, Basic and Verified

However, even today cryptocurrencies lack simplicity, and that leads to frustration for regular people. Hodly promises to remove the frustration out of the equation.

Who Should And Can Use Hodly?

Everyone should use Hodly. The wallet isn’t just meant for use by professionals interested in cryptocurrency investments. It can be used by beginners, traders, and even financial experts. Everyone can get started in the cryptocurrency industry with the wallet. However, trading crypto itself is a learning experience which takes time and effort. Though the wallet makes your initial entry smooth.

Hodly boasts of a clean and easy to understand interface. As soon as you log-in its easy to get acquainted with the platform and the trading system. Hodly is based on the idea that even the most advanced apps should be very simple to use and understand. So, it stands to reason why Hodly is so easy to use.

What Is So Special About Hodly?

Unlike ordinary wallets that let to send, receive and store cryptocurrencies which you may think is enough, but for many, it isn’t. The majority of cryptocurrency wallets don’t facilitate the use and storage of fiat currency which makes buying directly via the wallet impossible.

When using Hodly users can do more than just send, receive and store cryptocurrencies, they can also sell and purchase cryptos like Ethereum, bitcoin and various others via the built-in exchange. Plus, transferring cryptocurrencies between Hodly users is free.

Buy Bitcoin Hodly

There is a mobile platform available

What Extra Features Do They Offer?

As a professional cryptocurrency trader following market news is imperative. Missing one crucial event could mean risking your entire portfolio or failing to capitalize on a great investment opportunity. The news ensures that you are not caught off guard with a sudden price swing in either direction.

Hodly runs newsfeeds which provides traders and cryptocurrency investors with all the information they need to stay ahead of the latest events. So, the wallet ensures that you never miss an vital market update again.

Hodly cryptocurrency wallet has the potential of working as a full-scale information service provider. You don’t need to ever consult market sources like CoinMarketCap and use other historical price checking services. All the information you need is available right in your wallet. When combined with the newsfeed it offers valuable insight into the latest crypto trends.

Why Is Hodly Considered So Safe?

For starters Hodly stores 80% of all its funds offline. Storing funds offline is the most secure way of keeping cryptocurrency safe. Plus, the company protects your cryptocurrency and personal information by encrypting it.

This step ensures that your cryptocurrency and personal information is safe from hackers, scammers and phishers. In addition, the 2-step authentication system will help further secure accounts when implemented.

Even though cryptocurrency has been around for over 9 years trading, it is still considered complicated for the layman. The majority of wallets out there require some technical experience to operate effectively and safely.

But even then they offer just basic functionality. That’s why Hodly’s impressive list of features is so exciting. You can use it to keep, trade and transfer the most popular currencies with the click of a button.

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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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