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Hydra App LogotypeHydra App says that merchants can make up to 5,000 dollars each day they trade with this product and that it is difficult to nearly impossible to lose with Hydra App robot. However, these strong promises haven’t been supported by any outside confirmation.

Also, we trust that making 5,000 dollars a day on a robot is completely ludicrous. We’ve never observed anybody make this much, especially on a daily basis.

Because of this unrealistic introduction which doesn’t state anything new, we have been compelled to research the Hydra App robot’s activities further with the goal of building up the real picture and figuring out what’s behind it.

Unfortunately, we came to a conclusion that this is not a brilliant solution that is here to help all traders as was promised by these notorious fraudsters. In no way, shape or form is the supposed Hydra App programming authentic, safe or or sound.

Is Hydra App a Scam?

Marshall D Review

Of course, the testimonials given are all by paid actors

Hence, before experiencing whatever this Hydra App really is yourself, you ought to remember that nothing is to be earned by utilizing this particular robot. There is only one individual who will profiting from your cash in this deal. Of course, we mean the owner of this software, the alleged Abraham Epstein, who is a suspicious character for sure. Here’s why we think so.

Anybody who takes time to study the Hydra App site for at least 5 minutes will be able to figure out that that something is fishy here. While we realize that a binary options robot applications should be associated with some broker in order for the product to get to the business sectors, this site implies that Hydra works as a currency exchange managing space. It likewise says that they utilize the world’s top exchanging site to run this sort of operation.

At the end of the day, this announcement reveals that Hydra is a broker themselves who likewise pretends to be a robot. We do have some doubts about this on the grounds that the most of the introduction content says that it is a robot. Be that as it may, this clarification puts everything under the shadow of suspicion.

This sort of perplexity suggests that these fraudsters know nothing about online trade and currency exchange and how it is supposed to work. They have no clue. This could likewise give potential users a clue that no binary option intermediary is included in the fake arrangement that is being pushed to you in this Hydra App site.

Who is Abraham Epstein?

System Creator

The supposed creator of this shady system

He supposedly had a very high position occupation at Facebook. His employment there was to break down a continuous enormous stream of information. After quitting, he used his discoveries to create an advanced software to spot and anticipate deals that were going to go hugely popular.

We did make some inquiries about him and all we could figure out is connected just with some other binary options pages. It seems that Abraham Epstein is an imaginary character played by a paid actor on screen. In this way, we can’t confide in anything! This is colossal red flag of a typical scam.

False Promises of Hydra App Exposed

We watched these fraudsters being ruthless and trying to attract traders to their scam. The Hydra App site assures its prospective customers that they can get a stable income of 5000 dollars every day.

Yet, we can affirm with confidence that this is a children’s story. It is difficult to make such gains with any trading instrument on the market. Additionally, if this was the real situation, why are they giving it out for nothing? Can you make such abnormal benefit without first paying for the access to it?

Money does not come easily, either in exchanging or in other venture openings. On the off chance that we could make that much with this product, everybody could have found it at this point. Lastly, if it was in fact true that Hydra App robot was giving away free cash without any restrictions, money markets would fall because of the straightforward certainty that nobody is losing.

Not Possible to Trade With Hydra App on Weekends

What we also know for sure is the fact that this business sector stays shut on the weekends and it is only possible to trade on weekdays. Some will open on late Sunday hours, despite the fact that these business sectors have a tendency to be moderate and unworthy of exchanging on.

In any case, since the Hydra App is so desperate and ready to take your cash at any moment, they have chosen to claim that benefits can be made seven days a week. So basically they are stating that there is no limit to trading with them.

Once more, this affirms that the directors of this site know nothing about trading, and the trading markets worldwide. Hydra App can’t possibly stay active during the weekends when the business sectors are shut. Anyone who states otherwise doesn’t have any clue about trading and should not be running a binary options related business!

How Hydra App Works

The “objective” of the Hydra App is creating the most extreme benefits by foreseeing beneficial exchanges many times a day. There are two principal segments to make Hydra App supposedly perform so well. The first part is an entire arrangement of exceedingly propelled calculations that have live access to the world’s market information.

Obviously fake claims of features

None of the above statements are true

Utilizing multi-server cloud, this framework investigates billions of pieces of information a second and settles on choices based on the restrictive self-learning pattern spotting and forecasting future trends.

A trader just can’t break even a trade by inverse wagering essentially because you simply don’t have 100% profit rate for exchanges. A trader is simply doomed to lose his investment that way. Typically your ROI for any type of trade is no larger than 80 percent.

That means you will lose around 20 percent of your trades and this is only if the second trade is a win. Let us give you an example: you invest 100 dollars and lose. Then, the Hydra App makes another investment in inverse course with 100 dollar investment again with 80 percent ROI.

What will happen in this case? Second exchange is either win or loss. If it is a win, you receive 80 dollars consequently. Be that as it may, what happens when the second one is a loss as well? Hydra App gives us no answers on this matter

Our Investigation Uncovered Some Disturbing Things

It is stated that the name of this product, Hydra, originates from a legendary animal with seven heads. This is why Abraham contracts the seven main financial specialists in the world and makes each of them responsible for their own particular group of trading.

Ridiculous Promises 5025

It’s rare to see such a ludicrous promise

The purpose of each group is to scour the news around the world and discover trends and use them for contributing into the framework. This is a false claim! How often you find any information in the news with any relevant data about patterns? This is simply a scammy statement.

In addition, there is no such thing as receiving benefits with 100% guarantee in the binary options industry. But a scam doesn’t care and the actor playing the Hydra App CEO says in their promo video that we have assurance to get 5000 dollars each and every day for as long as we use it. Another confirmation that this is a stupid scammy program.

It is important to understand that you can’t possibly trade every single day. How can these individuals ensure you’ll earn 5000 dollars on Sunday and Saturday when stock markets worldwide are shut down? Therefore, we can conclude that Hydra App is nothing more than a scammy binary options robot.

More Alarming Proofs.

Amid his act in the promo video introduction, Abraham indicates how Hydra App works in real life. He goes into the platform and makes a fresh new trading account with this software. We can see his name and the “real-life” deposit of 250 dollars.

With our first take at the site of Hydra App, we hope to see the name of this software on it. But sure enough, here is nothing there that says Hydra. This is the straightforward confirmation that it’s a scam.

What happens when you sign up with hydraapp.biz?

Signing up with hydraapp.biz site and providing our name and email diverts us to a second video about this “legendary” software. There we have a skype call with a talk from Connor Davies where he assures how profitable Hydra App is and says that it made him 15,340 dollars in only three (!) days.

We see him login to the Hydra App and be surprised by seeing all this cash just laying around on his account. How is this conceivable? He doesn’t trade with the robot and the cash is just mysteriously show up on his account?

All these question prompt us to make the same conclusion. This is a fake speech made for us so we could trust that Hydra App is a productive framework. Furthermore, obviously is just another genuine verification of a scam robot.

The Scam Confirmation

In the event that despite everything you just read you still want to join to join this counterfeit Hydra App, you should really stay and check out the second page of their registration form. This will divert you to the broker of their choice to open your new trading account.

To begin utilizing your new record, you have to deposit it at least 250 dollars. It is doubly cheating to allude that your exchanging account is your financial balance. These fraudsters are attempting to persuade us of the fact that we have personal control over our cash. Bad news: no, we don’t! Cash in this trading account has been placed there by you, that’s true.

However, the broker puts this money into trading. This is your cash-flow to begin trades. But the truth is that the representative has control, not a trader

In addition, they claim that you can take your money out any amount at whatever point you like. Caution, another duplicity! As we said already before in this article, to take back your cash this model requires significant waiting time.

Typically the timeframe is around two or three business days. What’s more important is that you have to satisfy all the special terms and requirements to make a withdrawal. However, you can’t see any terms for the broker that you will have to deal with once you try to withdraw the money.

When we are trading with unregulated brokers, we don’t have any certification in the event that we cannot get a solitary penny from them later. And for sure all the brokers here are unregulated! Also, in light of the fact that we don’t have any legal organization behind this Hydra App, we can’t call on authorities for help if this happens.

Hydra App Scam Review: Conclusion.

Not ReliableAbsolutely nothing in this hydraapp.biz is solid. The Hydra App turns out to be just another complete scam and does not merit your time. It has plainly only one aim: to free you from any cash you have.

The fraudsters behind these tricks simply change the actors performing in their videos, the sites and a few names and words. They guarantee quick rewards while doing practically nothing, with the exception of depositing money.

They say that you can remain at home and cash will begin to arrive at your account magically. If this would actually be possible, we would all be tycoons. The present reality doesn’t work that way. We strongly advise that you not join Hydra App, or else you’ll lose everything with this system.


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  • Not actually a robot
  • No evidence of profits
  • Shady marketing tactics
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