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 iFollow Club LogoiFollow Club is a fresh binary options system that was created to generate profits in the automated mode. However, is it the real goal of developers? Or it’s just a scam and the real goal of iFollow Club is to collect your hard earned money so that only the people behind this robot would become profitable. We decided to review this binary system that looks promising, but only when you look at it superficially. When we got deeper into details, it was impossible to ignore some obvious aspects that alarmed us. We will share our findings with you in this post.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


  • You can trade using the one-click feature
  • Intuitive interface
  • The system is automated


  • The trading signals are poor
  • The winning ratio seems to be fake
  • You may have problems with withdrawals

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What is iFollow Club System?

iFollow Club is a product of David Reed, who claims that any trader can generate huge profits by applying his system on 60 second binary options. Well, we will be straightforward with you – the short-term trading of this kind should be considered in the last instance. There are many random price movements and false signals with the short-term options, which simply cannot be anticipated in any way, even by using technical analysis. You should keep your positions at least for some hours. We don’t know what secret tool uses iFollow Club, but we find it quite suspect.

The second aspect that we didn’t like is related to the authenticity of the story and the persons involved. You will find on their sales page a list of videos that present successful traders – we feel that these traders and stories are not real.

Even if there are a lot of suspicious things to consider, we still cannot firmly say that iFollow Club is a total scam since we don’t have actual proofs. The robot is new in the industry and we simply have to wait for a while so that the scam would become more than obvious. However, we suggest our readers to stay away from it and don’t try to prove the broker a scam based on their own money. There are many good alternatives out there that seem to be profitable for real.

iFollow Club Screenshot

Yet, if you want to risk on your own, you should know that becoming a member of iFollow Club is free. After the registration procedure, you will have to deal with a broker from their list, and this is where you should spend your money, as the minimum deposit with those brokers is $250, which is an average figure.

How does iFollow Club Work?

The interesting part of iFollow Club is that it was created like a social trading platform. The social trading is a concept in which beginners can interact with experienced traders and copy their strategies. This is why this concept is also called copy trading, and is actually a popular system among some Forex and binary brokers. In short, iFollow Club has a list of experienced traders and you can copy their strategies and moves and implement these into your account and trades. These ‘professional traders’ presented by the system are claimed to be very successful and financially independent. However, chances are very high that these traders are just actors and by copying them you may fail. They say they can make $1000 each day, and it is clear that the same potential profit may be yours in case you copy their strategies, which looks fantastic. Yet, we feel there is little truth in all these claims.

In order to get started with the system, you will have to register, which is quite simple and free. You need to fill in the form and that’s it. Then, as mentioned, you should choose a broker and make a deposit. Well, their brokers are not regulated and are very suspicious. In the case when you make some profit, you can withdraw money based on the broker’s conditions. Yet, we think the last part is untouchable for so many traders.

Final Conclusion: is iFollow Club a scam?

Not Reliable

Besides the fact that the system is using social trading approach, there is nothing special about it. Moreover, we think that trading with iFollow Club is quite risky, so we recommend you to ignore this robot.

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7 Binary Options review: iFollow Club: 1 stars.

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