Is ImperialOptions a Scam?

Is ImperialOptions a Scam?Since its inception, back in the year 2013, to date, there have been no customer complaints that tend to indicate that the broker is a scam. This is actually one of the reasons why we decided to investigate this broker and present our readers with solid information so that they can make accurate judgement, regarding this specific brokerage firm. Since the time the broker was introduced into the market, it has continued to offer the best binary options services to the thousands of clients on its platform. This may be the reason why there have never been any complaints that tend to indicate that the broker is a scam. In addition to treating all the traders on their platform in the same way, this broker has continued to offer unmatched brokerage services to all the traders using its binary options trading platform.

Additionally, ImperialOptions has a strict set of terms and conditions that all the traders on the platform must adhere to, if they are to get quality services and benefits offered by the broker. Some of the benefits that traders can reap from this broker include a demo trading accounts, various bonuses as well as safe, fast and secure withdrawal and deposit processes on the platform. Being the trendsetter that it is today, the company has managed to offer some of the safest and prompt withdrawal and deposit processes in the industry. Another fascinating feature about this broker is the prompt and helpful customer support that they offer to their clients. For these and many more benefits associated with this broker, the company has managed to become one of the most sought after binary options brokers across the globe.


Currently, there is a large number of traders, from all parts of the world, who are interested in joining this platform and make profit while trading in binary options. This is an indicator of how reliable and trustworthy the broker is. In this regard, it is very unlikely that ImperialOptions may be a scam website out to corn traders of their money. At 7 binary options, we have investigated the various aspects of this broker and are happy to include it in our list of trusted brokers. While there are numerous scam binary options brokers out there, you can rely on our information to guide you in the right direction, when it comes to registering with and investing with only the legitimate brokers in the industry. ImperialOptions is not a scam provider and traders should not have any doubts when opening accounts with the broker and making their initial deposit into their ImperialOptions accounts.

For you to succeed in this vast and somewhat sophisticated market, you first need to establish a reliable broker or binary option robot to invest with in the market. ImperialOptions is one of the secure, reliable and legitimate binary options brokers that you should consider using to invest in the highly profitable binary options market. Coming across a broker this good may be quite demanding on the part of the of the binary options traders. This is mainly because of the large number of scam providers in the industry. This is why the more experienced traders in binary options take their time to research on the available brokers before depositing their money with any of them. The good news is that you can avoid the demanding task of ascertaining which broker is legitimate and which is not. With 7binaryoptions, you can get a complete list of the online binary options brokers that we have reviewed and found to be genuine and trustworthy.

The traders who have ever used the ImperialOptions binary options trading platform can attest to the fact that the brokers is legitimate. This is mainly because none of the traders on the ImperialOptions platform have had anything to complain of. On the contrary, all of them have something good to comment about this broker. This is a clear indicator that ImperialOptions is not a scam broker. Although ImperialOptions is a legitimate broker, you first need to understand the various services on offer by the broker prior to signing up wit them. From the experience we have had reviewing the various binary options brokers; it is evident that some traders are complaining about certain platforms simply because they started trading on the platform without going through the terms and conditions offered by the company. This is why we advise our readers to go through the terms and conditions offered by the various binary options offered by the various brokers today, before signing up with them.

Withdrawal at ImperialOptions

Since its inception, back in the year 2013, to date, Imperial options has continued to offer reliable and highly secure binary options services. Recently, the company launched a new website that targets the binary options in the EU market. In this regard, the company is fully compliant with all the EU binary options regulations. This opened an opportunity for the traders within the EU to experience the benefits offered by this broker and trade in binary options on one of the most sought after binary options platform across the globe. A good number of the traders currently trading in binary options on this platform started out as just novice traders. Through the support and the magnificent trading tools and features offered by this company, such traders are continually profiting from trading in binary options on this platform. This implies that an Imperial option is the type of brokers that are ready to help their customer succeed in trading binary options.

For the years this company has been in business, it has proven to be a reliable and a sure way of continually profiting while trading in binary options for a long period to come. As such, all the processed with this broker have been designed to meet customer needs. For instance, the signup process at Imperial options is very easy. Additionally, all the information you provide while signing up for an account with the broker is very safe and secure. Having been in this business for a while, the company understanding how waiting for a long period to get your withdrawal request processed can be for the traders. This is primarily why the company has come up with a faster withdrawal processing process that is much faster, yet very secure for all its customers.

To initiate the withdrawal process at Imperial options, trades need to fill the withdrawal request form, which is accessed by clicking on the “My Account” tab from the home page, after you have signed in to your traders’ account. To add on to the convenience and flexibility of the withdrawal process, the company allows its users to withdraw money using other methods, other than the ones they used to deposit money into their accounts. This is particularly the case when the amount you are withdrawing from your accounts is greater than the initially deposited amount.

In order to be in a position to withdraw any money from your Imperial options account, it is imperative that you have a verified account on the platform. For the account to be verified, after registration, the trader is required to submit the required verification documents. The required verification documents are a copy of a recent utility bill, your credit card and a valid government-issued ID. This is a one time process that is carried out to ascertain that you are the actual owner of the account, hence prevent unauthorized access to the account. Additionally, verifying your account also speeds up the withdrawal process of money from your Imperial options account.

Although the Imperial options account withdrawal process is easy, fast and straightforward, traders on this platform are not allowed to withdraw bonuses awarded by the company, until the various regulatory measures imposed on bonuses by the company are met. For instance, you will be required to have multiplied the awarded bonus by at least 25 times, before you can be allowed to withdraw the bonus amount, along with its proceeds, from the platform. While this condition may be limiting, it is actually a fair policy, as compared to the regulations offered by other brokers in the industry. The withdrawal fee imposed by this company is 1 percent of the amount you are withdrawing or GBP 25, whichever is greater. However, the speed with which you can withdraw money from your Imperial options trading account will mainly depend with the speed of your internet connection.

Complaints Relating to ImperialOptions

The effort by this binary options broker to treat all its traders equally and fairly as well as to offer quality brokerage services have actually paid off. This is clearly evident from the wide acceptance of the broker by binary options traders across the globe. Based on the recent popularity studies carried out on binary options brokers, ImperialOptions is among the most popular and widely accepted brokers in the world. Additionally, many positive reviews about the broker have been recorded. These may be attributed to the exemplary services offered on this platform as well as the supportive and reliable customer support offered by the broker.

To further increase their reach, the company recently launched a platform that accepts binary options traders from the EU. This opened the doors for traders in these regions to trade binary options with one of the most successful platform in the world. In this regard, the binary options traders based in the EU should signup with the .eu website of the broker and experience the benefits, tools and features offered by the broker. The traders from these regions may also gain access to the various assets and commodities offered by the broker through the same website. Again, there are no complaints that have been recorded for this new website as well.

Owing to the commitment by the company to offer quality services to all the traders on its platform, the ImperialOptions binary options trading platform has become very popular and is widely accepted by traders from different parts of the world. Another reason why ImperialOptions is a preferred binary options trading platform for many traders today is the fact that the broker offers educational features on its website. This allows the traders on this platform to learn the various aspects of the trade; hence continually profit while trading in binary options. Again, the company offers trade binary options signals for their trades, which allows the traders to invest wisely in binary options.

Since its inception to date, the ImperialOptions brokerage company has continued to offer innovative solutions on their binary options trading platform. In this regard, the company has continued to better their service delivery to their customers throughout this period. At 7binary options, we can clearly and surely state that we have not come across any negative feedback, related to ImperialOptions for the entire period that we have been reviewing the broker. As such, this should be one of your preferred binary options brokers, if you are looking forward to investing in this industry.

Is This Broker Regulated?

The truth of the matter is that ImperialOptions is not a regulated binary options broker. However, this should not be a point of concern for any binary options trader. Regardless of not being regulated, this broker offers high quality binary options services to binary options traders from different parts of the world. Regardless of your location, whether in Africa, Asia, United States or even Europe, you may still signup with this broker and benefit from the many advantages associated with the broker. As such, you should not be worried that the site may be a scam, just because it is not regulated. The fact that a broker is not regulated does not necessarily imply that it in unreliable in any way.

The ImperialOptions broker has a good reason why it is not regulated. Currently, the platform offers amazing level o flexibility for the clients seeking to trade in binary options. If the broker became regulated today, it would have to adhere to the certain regulations and laws as stipulated by the regulating body. This, in turn, would curb the flexibility of traders in this platform. As such, the traders on this platform would no longer be in a position to make as much profit as they are making today while trading in binary options on this platform. Not only are the traders on this platform able to make money, they are presented with a fun way of making money while trading in binary options by the broker. To ensure that its customers continue to enjoy the fun trading platform they provided, the broker has opted to be unregulated.

The fact that the broker is not regulated also implies that they do not charge their customers unnecessary fees. Additionally, there is no limit to the amount of profit you can make while trading in binary options on this platform. Since the broker is not regulated, you will not have to pay exorbitant fees to withdraw your profits from your trading account. As such, it can be said that the broker failed to get regulated with the interest of their customers in mind; to ensure that their traders have a wonderful trading experience and can make as much profit as possible while trading in binary options.

While ImperialOptions is not a regulated broker, you should not worry about the money you deposit with the broker. The traders’ money is very safe and secure with ImperialOptions. The company also has a physical address, which they have provided on their website. This is to day that it is a real company with physical offices. Additionally, the company has provided a number of ways through which their clients can get in touch with them and have any issues they may be having clarified. This is done by a team of skilled and professional customer care agents at ImperialOptions.


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