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The Inside Trader LogotypeThe Inside Trader software is one of the latest scams to hit the binary options trading industry. The software promises to help traders turn a profit of around $18,007 every day. Now while you’re wrapping your head around these profits, there is another tall claim to cope with, i.e., that the software can make $7000. They also claim to have over 8000 active traders or members as they are called using the system.

Though when we signed up with a fake email address, the landing page shows 1,231 members that are currently using the software. All of these statements are strangely contradictory which has us confused. It is, for this reason, we decided to investigate the software and report our findings in this review. We must warn you that this software is not what it seems.

Is the software just another trading scam?

Perhaps a better question would be is how bad of a scam is Inside Trader instead of focusing on if or not the software is a scam because we’ve already alluded to it being dishonest. In our years of experience as traders, we’ve yet to come across a legit trading robot that has the ability to make millions in profits.

So, when a software makes such tall claims, we will label it a scam even without doing much research. Though for the sake of people who have no experience with financial scams and those who are regular visitors to our website our review will serve as public information that will save them hundreds of dollars. We have in this review touched upon everything that makes this system a scam with proof.

Who Owns the Inside Trader App?

The Inside Trader app was according to the official website created by a registered business. Since, all registered companies need to have a name with Ltd, or at least Inc, but we’ve yet to find that out. Though we tried to Google the name of the app to find out what we’d end up with. What we found was a handful of negative and positive reviews of the app.

When it comes to the reviews, in this case, we decided to trust the negative ones instead of the positives. The reason is that the company could have paid for these reviews. Other than that we weren’t able to track down where the company was registered and as what type of entity.

The other curious thing about Inside Trade is that the company claims to have been setup around two years ago. That means it should show up on Google at least. If you search for any legit company on the internet, the first thing you’ll come across on the main page is the company’s website followed by a Wikipedia page and other details. But as mentioned above that was not the case with Inside Trade. If anything it’s very suspicious and makes us reluctant to trust anything it says.

34 Millionaires

A doubtful claim

When you try to determine the identities of these people who own Inside Trader, you’re in for yet another disappointment here too. These people seem to be non-existent just as the company is on the internet, which comes as no surprise.

Let’s start with the founder Alex Steele, the head of marketing Sarah Morfee, and the CEO Craig Cornwall. All of these people stated don’t appear in the Inside Trader review. If anything it’s yet another red flag for us. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that there is something wrong here when the people behind it want to keep their identities hidden.

The photos of these individuals that you see on the website are not real. These scammers are using stock photos, and that’s why they are not in the so called welcome video. For a company that claims to help you make thousands of dollars a day the video itself is very cheap.

The cheap voice over clearly indicates that the real person behind the scam is trying to hide. Apparently, scammers on the internet don’t want the general public to know who they are or they will be in trouble.

The Owners of Inside Trader are Unknown

Alex claims to be the founder of the system, and so we think it makes sense that he formed professional bonds with other like minded people as it is always the case. We don’t believe that this personality can hide much longer if, in fact, the system he created happens to be the ”most successful” as claimed.

False Images Verisign Android

None of these lead anywhere

Though we weren’t able to find much information about this person on the internet. It leads us to believe that the Alex Steele is fictitious and has been created with the purpose of scamming people.

The same applies to the other characters we are introduced to on the website. We couldn’t find any trace of these people on the internet, not even so much as their social media profile. The only mentions of these people are in association with the Inside Trader software.

If we were able to find mention of these individuals in other places that would be a positive first step at least for us at this point. However, we were unable to find anything. The same goes for another similar app called Tesler App. Traders both experienced and newbie should stay away from these types of robots.

Trades cannot be verified

You would think that these people are generous enough to give us all the records of their live trades. However, upon closer inspection, it looks fabricated. We or anyone else for that matter who is watching the video cannot verify these wins. Again this makes it hard for us to trust the website.

Anyone who tries to sell you the idea or promise of making millions in a short span of time needs to back up their extraordinary claims with proof. The reason being that such things are unheard of in the binary trading industry and whatever you hear is from scammers. Apparently we have dismissed these live trades because they come across as being fabricated.

The claim of winning multiple awards is another red flag

The claim made by the people behind Inside Trade is that the trading bot has won many awards but which are these awards? The thing is that they are using the mention of awards as a sales tactic. So, by claiming that the company and the software have been the recipient of multiple awards they are trying to convince people that it’s all legit when in fact it’s not.

8432 Users Money

Since the website is down, this isn’t true at all

We were not able to verify if the business did receive any awards. Though if true, the owner of Inside Trader will be very proud of the achievement. He would have been more than happy to have shown everyone the award he won in the sales video. But all of these details have been omitted because it’s all a scam.

Our years of experience is anything to go by then an award winning trading bot would have been reviewed by many people than just us. Those reviews would be easy to find on the internet. That said we’ve already proven that Inside Trade is a new scam just launched some time back. So their claims of being established can be thrown out the window.

Final Verdict

Not ReliableOur review clearly outlines that Inside Trade has nothing new to offer people. The claim is that the robot is 100% accurate because it only benefits from the best signals. But it’s a claim we have heard from dozens of other scammers.

They also argue that the Inside Trader software team is available 24/7 to handle every issue, but in reality, they are not. Again other scams are claiming the same thing. The Inside Trade app is a recycled scam that you shouldn’t be fooled by.

We found nothing new about what they have to offer, but yet they are every bit as dangerous to your financial well being. So, stay away at all costs.


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