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Those who are serious about trading binary options should definitely take a look of some of the automated trading software that is available. A lot of these trading applications are indeed profitable. However, a great number of them turn out to be complete rip-offs. This is why we encourage our readers to take the time to read as many reviews as possible and check out the website before committing to one system and risking their investment.

As with any type of trading, it is always better to be safe than sorry and a few minutes of research can save you a great deal of time and money in the long run. We take the time to review new trading systems to provide our readers with an unbiased and honest opinion of the latest automated trading robots.

Today we shall take a look at Insured Trading by Oliver Breitner. Insured Trading is a fully automated system that claims it can earn up to 18 grand a day, can this be for real? Probably not, read our Insured Trading review to find out the scoop.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • Fully automated
  • User-friendly trading software


  • Does not offer the ability to select your own broker
  • Brokers are not regulated by any governing body
  • Customer service was not helpful and very slow to respond
  • Unrealistic earning potential

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What Is insured Trading?

Created by self-proclaimed financial genius and multi-millionaire, Oliver Breitner, Insured Trading was designed to analyze and predict binary option marketing trends using a complicated series of algorithms. The software will then predict winning trades from this data and will place trades on behalf of the trader. According to the website, there is potential to score as much as 18 grand a day simply by letting Insured Trading initiate trades for you.

Sound a little too perfect? Probably because it’s not, no trading system, no matter how high it is rated, can ever produce results as high as 18 grand a day for one trader, unless that trader is willing to invest at least 5 grand to start. The average trader earns about $500-800 a day with the best trading systems. Anything higher than that is not guaranteed and is basically unrealistic. The only traders who earn that kind of profits have millions to invest. The average binary options trader is looking to earn some extra cash, not to become an instant millionaire. Already, we are turned off by the false hopes we were offered in the sales video.



How Does It Work?

To be able to trade with Insured Trading software, you must create an account with one of the brokers recommended by the system. We discovered during our review that none of their brokers are regulated, which leaves a bad taste in our mouths. Your investment should be protected at all times and it is extremely dangerous to sign with a broker that does not adhere to the guidelines set forth by a regulatory system. Then you must fund your trading account with at least $250 before you can gain access to the Insured Trading software.

Once you have done so, you can use this money to begin trading. You can then choose your settings and let Insured Trading make trades for you. As you start to accumulate a profit, you may start the withdrawal process, which is determined by your broker. As they are not regulated, the guidelines are not clear. We have seen many a complaint from traders who say that they were never able to withdraw their money due to a “glitch” in the system. Along with these complaints, we also read that many traders lost their initial investment and were never granted access to Insured Trading.

Also, during our Insured Trading review, we soon discovered that Insured Trading is just an updated version of “Insured Outcome” a similar scam from a few years back. Based on all of this, we do not recommend signing up with this system as it has not been proven to be trustworthy.

Conclusion: Is Insured Trading a Scam?

Not Reliable

While we cannot tell you for certain that Insured Trader is a scam, we are highly suspicious of its results. There are too many conflicting factors as well as negative reviews. We cannot give Insured Trader our stamp of approval. It is our recommendation that you opt for a more reliable trading system that will yield positive results.

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