Interview of Daria Glazko from IQ Option

IQ options interviewDaria Glazko, VIP management supervisor, Russian-speaking department
Occupational time at the company: 1.5 years
Education: Media and Communication

Why binary options?

I was educated in Vilnius, and chose a speciality in Media and Communication. I have always been interested in the world from a process-oriented point of view: politics, communication, macroeconomics, how finances flow, what influences the value of raw materials, and how price forms in general. I think that all these questions led me to financial market.

How did everything begin?

I admit that initial communication with traders was difficult. They were afraid, tried to end conversation swiftly, barely shared their experience and plans. It sounded like they feared me. Substantially that was true. It turned out that traders were very tired of numerous calls from their other brokers, they were tired of having their money coaxed out of them, and endless stories about “wonder-shares” that are guaranteed to skyrocket in price. My sincere interest in their opinions, saying things like “Please tell me whether you have any questions,” or “What do you like in our platform, and what do you dislike?” – just confounded them. And we wanted to get their feedback, help our clients, and become a better company at the same time.
Our goal was to provide maximally comfortable conditions of trading all around the world, and that is why the VIP department began to develop rapidly.


What qualities should a manager have?

The secret of high quality client service lays in the ability to see the human, not the client. We all have people that help us and support us, that are cheerful and interesting, that share experience with us, that teach us – these are our friends. We choose them. We follow exactly the same approach when we take an employee to our team. First and foremost, he should be an active and concerned man. Traders certainly feel this approach, as building up a business is much simpler when you trust the people you work with, no matter what the occupational field.

What do IQ Option do? What do IQ Option not do?

IQ Option has no sales department, but does have a VIP department.
We help clients with tutorials, we are glad to discuss fundamentals of the service and technical analysis with experienced traders, we take joy in the success of our clients, and we do thorough analysis of non-succesfull trading, proposing solutions for adjustment.

We welcome independent trading. It is your money and your decision how and when to trade. Our managers don’t offer trust management and don’t sell magic “wonder-signals.” If you receive a call where someone asks you to place money on a deposit and promises to trade for you and earn millions – I’ve got bad news for you. Swindlers now have your phone number, so please be attentive and do not provide any personal data.

How to withdraw funds.

Whoever you collaborate with in the binary options market, withdrawal is the reason why you have entered in the first place. You should know how it works, the terms of use, and whether comissions exist. Our managers tell you within the first call how you can withdraw and what documents you’ll need for verification.
Briefly, withdrawal depends on your source of money input: if you input via card, you withdraw on card; if you use a wallet, you withdraw with a wallet.

It is worth noting that we work with cards on a refund principle – withdrawal on the card equals the sum of input from the card.
As an example, you input $100 from X card, and the balance became $170 after a while. You decide to withdraw all the funds, and so to do this you need to make two requests:
$100 on card “Х” (money refund)
$70 on your e-wallet or via bank transfer
In fact your profit will always be withdrawn to your wallet or via bank transfer, and on the card you can withdraw only the sum of money you have invested.
Also bear in mind that by the moment of withdrawal you must pass the verification procedure

– Identity authentification. To do this, you need to send your ID, address authentication, and in case you have loaded from cards, you’ll need to send copies of cards masking your personal data for security.
A fair and open withdrawal policy is the most important feature of a broker.


What’s important to notice?

Always check the broker’s licence and its number. Also note that the licence should cover your country. The main licenser for binary option brokers is CySec. It is without terms and its revocation means complete termination of business on the market.
Binary options is a high-risk endeavor, with deals that sometimes happen in less than one minute. That is why you should remember about risk management and be careful with the funds you invest.

The virtual nature of trading and working through the website makes you forget that this is all about real profits and losses. It seems that the difference between real trading and a demo account is limitless. This again accents the importance of emotions: when you earn a virtual $1,000 on a demo account, you feel practically nothing, but on the real account emotions and anxiety are actively involved. We start to think about how and where we are likely to spend money. Emotions are the enemies of trading, and anxiety means the beginning of losses. That’s why it is very important to cool off and trade as calmly as possible.

What are you planning?

We are planning to grow, progress, and captivate the whole world with flawless service and a superior product for trading 🙂

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