IQ Option Becomes the Only Trader Offering A Short on the Dwindling Crypo Prices

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The prices of once exponentially exploding cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have seen a sharp decline since late 2017, but which has continued through early 2018. Bitcoin has lost over 50% of its value year to date, while Ethereum has fallen by 30% when compared to the same time last year.

So, naturally, brokers are hesitant to offer traders a short except for IQ Option. This is the only broker that’s offering traders the ability to short crypto trades despite falling prices.

Why the sharp decline in cryptocurrency value?

The sharp decline can mainly be attributed to the bans instigated by major cryptocurrency markets like in China and Korea. These have not just stemmed the flow of cryptocurrency in general but also spooked investors and consequently triggered mass selling.

In China, authorities have taken major steps to stamp out the use of cryptocurrency trading and related services including advertising. That was one of the significant blows to the market, which was preceded by the banning of ICOs in 2017. It goes without saying that both Korea and China have long been major markets for cryptocurrency trading and mining.

Hence the curtailment has had a tremendously adverse effect on prices in general. In the United Kingdom, many high street banks like Lloyds have banned the use of cryptocurrency based credit card purchases. This is hot on the heels of US banking institutions like Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase & Co who have introduced a similar ban.

Panicked sales of Cryptocurrency

In addition to the bans and restrictions enforced in almost all major countries those participating in the global cryptocurrency markets have been running to cash out before its too late. This is driven in part by mostly panic, brought on by the assumption that there is an ongoing downturn. Though some traders have admittedly been selling to make a profit.

Cryptocurrency Price Crash

With the recent slump in cryptocurrency prices, many people are looking for a way to turn this crash into a source of profits

It goes without saying that the cryptocurrency market was overstated throughout the year 2017. Many seasoned investors look at it as a correction in the currency’s fair value as the digital currency continues to stabilize over the next couple of months. Stabilization of cryptocurrency values is imperative to its widespread adoption in the future.

How to take advantage of declining cryptocurrency prices?

It is a known fact that speculative traders will benefit from falling prices by shorting the currency. Shorting for those who don’t know is merely placing an order to the magnitude of the falling prices. So, the more they fall, the more money traders make by shorting. Though as it currently stands only IQ Option is offering shorting for cryptocurrencies.

IQ Option’s Short Selling

IQ Option is the only broker whose giving investors the chance to short using CFDs (contracts of difference). At the moment we are not alone in speculating that there are many wild swings ahead in the cryptocurrency market. So, investors have an excellent chance to make money from these swings in either direction.

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Open a Free Demo AccountGeneral Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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