IQoption Adds New Deposit Feature and Forms New Partnership

IQoptionIQoption has recently made the announcement that they will have a new feature available on their trading platform. Starting now, traders have the ability to use the one-click payment option that is available on the main trading page. This now gives them the ability to make a deposit while trading.

This is great news for traders in that they no longer have to navigate back and forth from the trading platform to the depositing page as they now have the ability to add more funds with just a simple click. All they have to do is enter the amount they wish to deposit and then click “Proceed to payment!” It’s that simple!

This amazing new feature will not only make trading that much easier, but faster as well. The IQoption trading platform has always been extremely user-friendly and this feature just sets it apart from other binary options trading systems. Traders can now execute their trades with ease and gives them the peace of mind that they will not lose out on a profitable trade due to insufficient funds in their trading account.

Accurate and speeding trading platforms are a must for today’s binary options trading platforms. IQoption wants to ensure that their traders that they are not at risk for trading with unreliable data or trading on a platform that is too slow for the exciting and fast-paced binary options market.


IQoption Forms Partnership With Fabio Cannavaro

IQoption is also excited to announce a new partnership with world-renowned Italian football star Fabio Cannavaro. Cannavaro is not only famous for his outstanding athletic ability, but also his success and bold trade moves in the binary options market as well.

“If you had told me I’d become a trader, I would’ve been very surprised, but entering the world of options trading turned out to be much simpler than I thought.” Cannavaro states. “Personally, I was attracted by IQoption’s innovativeness and use of high-level technologies.”

IQoption is an excellent broker for new traders as their deposit is only $10, which is outstanding. They also have an incredible proprietary platform that has a reputation for being one of the finest in the market. They offer several types of binary options trading methods, a free demo account and are always listed amongst the Top brokers.


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