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Kaizen LogotypeA couple of deceitful online trading sites, KaizenGlobal.com and CurrencyMovers.com have joined forces in another attempt at swindling traders. Together they have designed a scheme that uses a multi-tiered method to compel new and inexperienced traders to invest money in these fraud schemes.

The Currency Movers is a Forex trading system that unlike others, does not function by providing its traders with signal services. Instead, it acts as a go-between which encourages and compels the traders to start investing with its partner scam company, Kaizen Global.

Here are some facts that will surely make you think not twice but a hundred times, before choosing any of these sites to start trading.

About the system

First of all, the CEO of CurrencyMovers.com, Andre Campbell, has an extremely shady online persona, weirdly similar to the ones where you can easily buy a voice service for a small price at an online marketplace like Fiverr.com.

Secondly, as one of our regular readers, you must be well aware of the most treacherous trick used by these companies. Yes, we are referring to the demo videos that are meant to provide traders fake and useless information about the “eligibility” of the scam by the developers themselves.

Learn Earn Capitalize

This particular scheme targets inexperienced traders

While other trading scams generally try to add worth to their software by featuring doctored testimonials and falsified bank account figures, this information was nowhere to be found in the information offered by Currency Movers.

Instead of providing potential traders with some facts about the system, this uninformative introductory video redirects viewers to another clip that is created to promote Currency Movers’ partner in crime, Kaizen Global.

The second clip is all about Kaizen Global being a company that aims to educate traders about the Forex and Binary Options industry. This may sound pleasant and as though these two companies are trying to help you progress as a trader, but that is not true at all.

Trade Analysis Forecast

The market forecasts provided by Kaizen are neither powerful nor accurate

Offering to educate investors in the ways of trading is just a front, their actual goal is to swallow investments from traders just like all the other fraud trade service providers.

The CEO of Kaizen Global, Reza Mokhtarian, can be seen in the video offering his potential investors a pyramid scheme that promises its participants to, you guessed it, generate an unbelievable amount of money in an absurd amount of time. Additionally, anyone can take part in Kaizen Global’s fraud scheme by applying for membership which is available on their website.

Kaizen Global offers their investor a choice between two memberships i.e. Customer or Distributor. The price for signing up for either membership is ridiculously high, with the cost of a customer membership being $169.99 monthly, and the distributor membership can be signed up for after paying the fee of $185.99 a month.

Since both mentioned companies have partnered up, signing up for either company will mean that you will be able to benefit from the perks offered by both companies. So, in other words, registering with Currency Movers will earn you a customer membership, and you will be able to benefit from the trade signals from them while receiving educational material provided by Kaizen Global, all at the same time.

Distribution Membership

As far as Kaizen Global’s distributor membership is concerned, it is essential to understand why we are forced to include it in our scam review. If you were to look a little deeper, you would come to know the part Currency Movers plays in this trading scam.

Trade Signals Daily Alerts

The trade signals are mediocre at best, but unreliable most of the time

It is evident from the info available on the websites that Kaizen Global’s distributor license is being used to operate Currency Movers, which does not have its license. So, in turn, Currency Movers are liable to pay Kaizen Global a commission for each sale. The picture below is a perfect example of Currency Movers’ earning potential, as shared in their demo video.

Kaizen Global’s pyramid scheme justifiably lies within the parameters prescribed by the distributor license. However, this is what adds a hint of aptness to the whole scam, and because of this fact, both companies have been able to mislead many traders to date successfully.

The brains behind Kaizen Global exploits scores of traders who are in the market searching for ways that will enable them to make money from home. These con-artists use the fact that most people turn towards searching online to gather information on genuine trading services or brokers.

All of us feel the need to gathers facts and information about where we can spend our earnings to get the best result. The is a search that must have landed you on our blog; you are here to gain an understanding of distinguishing between different trading scams from legitimate service providers. Nonetheless, CurrencyMovers.com and KaizenGlobal.com developers are manipulating this attribute for their gain.

So, if you are considering signing up with Currency Movers to start trading online, then you have been deceived. Currency Movers is not a Forex or Binary Options trading software, but merely a business driver for Kaizen Global.

Platform Image Laptop Forex Signals

While the website itself is visually appealing, that’s the only good thing that can be said about it.

Currency Movers is just a front to get traders to start investing their money, when in fact, they are unknowingly handing out their earnings to the Kaizen Global. There is no trade expert at Currency Movers, and both of these companies are just strategically using each other to steal your money.

No matter how convincing their demo video might be, you should look at all the facts before entrusting any trade service provider with your assets. These scammers have pulled an immaculate trick to lure traders into their trap, which could only be detected by experienced search experts, like our dedicated team.


Not ReliableBoth of these companies are simply fraud Forex software providers that are out to run away with your money. By targeting inexperienced and newbie traders between 18-25 years of age, these scammers are trying to hide their scam from professional day traders who may be able to call their fraud and report this scam to the concerned authorities.

We request you to share this review and spread awareness about Currency Movers, Kaizen Global and all similar scams out there to secure your funds from getting into the wrong hands.


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  • Targets inexperienced traders
  • More of a pyramid scheme than a legitimate trader
  • Poor platform
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