Live Dealer Online Casinos – Option Trader’s Favourite Hobby

Despite the growth of online gambling within the last decade, it still struggles to compete with live casinos in one area: entertaining patrons. People love the convenience of gambling on the Internet, the number of games they can play, and the amount of bonuses they can receive as rewards. But they don’t get the same social atmosphere as a physical casino venue.

That’s why online gambling sites have recently come up with a solution to increase social interaction for their players. They’ve started offering games live online, where they get to interact with an actual human being through video streaming.

We’ve discovered wonderful live dealer casinos that offer their players the following:

  • Games for all the variants for Baccarat, Blackjack, Hold’em Poker, and Roulette
  • Fast and powerful software to make polished-looking games
  • Sophisticated mobile apps that players can use for live dealer games on all devices

Rating Our List of Best Live Dealer Casinos Online

How do you know which live dealer websites you can trust and which ones to avoid? While forming our list of trustworthy and untrustworthy online casinos, we tested them out by measuring each one’s performance using standards that we think guarantees gamblers a positive experience. And we didn’t just take the enjoyment factor into consideration, either. All the live dealer casinos on our recommended list scored well in the following traits:

  1. Customer Service Response Times: Using all of the available contact options, we’ll contact customer service to make sure the site responds as quickly as they claim.
  2. Quick Payouts: The site must pay out winnings fast. We want to make sure users will be able to withdraw their money without waiting a long time.
  3. Online Safety Features: We check to make sure that the live dealer casino site has effective software in place and that their encryption certificate is sufficient.
  4. Bonuses & Offers: We check the terms and conditions of online casino deposit bonuses and all no deposit free spins offers to ensure that the conditions for redeeming them are reasonable and easy to understand.
  5. Game Variation: To make our recommended list, a live dealer casino must offer a plentiful selection of favorite games similar to land-based casinos, in addition to some variations that gamblers can use on the online platform. Game variations can include things like an immersive experience or European/French/American versions of roulette.
  6. Mobile Accessibility: Whether the site is a dedicated mobile casino or offers an app for their games, they must provide an easy-to-use, bug-free, and secure mobile gaming environment.

Have you been wondering why live dealers have become so talked about within the online gambling world? There’s a reason why. So don’t just stick to the old ways of gambling online. If you explore the possibilities of live dealer sites, you just may discover you like them even better.

Workings of Live Dealer Casino Games

When you first see a typical live dealer game, it’ll probably look the same as other casino games you’ve played. On your end as the player, you play through an interface with a table layout, chips, and buttons for placing your bets (in addition to performing other actions). Even if you could hide where the live dealer and table layout are displayed onscreen, you might not see a difference between this and any other typical casino game you’ve played online.

But live dealer casino games are all about that particular screen area. You can interact with and ask questions of the dealer in almost all live dealer games. You can see an actual person managing game play like a real casino dealer. They’ll spin the roulette wheel for you, and deal out the blackjack cards. They’ll see the actions you request and respond in real time.

They’re also located either at a studio on a set owned by the casino site or on the premises of a physical casino. So they actually play on a real table and use all the game elements that determine what happens as a result of every spin or hand dealt.

Not all sites that offer online games have live dealer games because they’re a relatively new phenomenon. If your favorite online casino does have live dealers, usually they’ll clearly display that on their front page since that’s something they’d want to market.

The games included with live dealers also tend to be the typical ones but a little limited in their variety. Live casino roulette and blackjack are popular online dealer game choices. But you might find sic bo or baccarat on the live site too.

Real Dealer Game Benefits

Live online casino game websites do have an advantage over land-based casinos when it comes to convenience and privacy. You can remain as anonymous as you want. You don’t have to leave your home and drive long distances to play. And you have several options for collecting your winnings and bonuses when you do win money. And nowadays, playing live dealer games online can give you a similar sense of realism and interaction as a casino in the real world.

The popularity of live dealer games among online players comes down to a few characteristics. A lot of players like that these games use actual gambling devices instead of random number generators. That isn’t to say that games using a random number generator can’t be trusted to provide fair results. They can but many online gamblers still prefer a more traditional way of winning and losing.

And while the likelihood is slim, using physical devices does allow for the chance of an error or bias to give a player an edge over the others. For example, during a live roulette game online at Casumo, or maybe Mr Green, something different about your wheel compared to others may let you win the game. And that can prove an enticing aspect of the game no matter how unlikely it is to occur.

The social atmosphere of real dealer games provides another significant benefit that most typical online casino games, even with progressive jackpots, don’t have. In almost all live dealer games you have the possibility of asking questions and chatting with the dealer. Any social interaction beyond that depends on the casino, but some of the games involve multiple players with full chat features so you can support each other during the game.

Casino websites offer their live games through a studio, their land-based casino, or a broadcast. Most use a set on a studio that’s solely for streaming live dealer game playing. So everything–from the lighting to the interaction–is optimized for online players.

And lastly, some of them even broadcast games over the web like a television game show with the dealer playing the role of live host. Due to the use of real people, these broadcasts don’t happen 24/7. Instead, they operate on a schedule. They also tend to change the dealer ever so often, so if you have one you prefer you can usually find out their schedule from information posted on the site.

Real Dealer Game Drawbacks

Even though players find live dealer games at online casinos fun to play and love the benefits they provide, these games can also have their drawbacks. For instance, the pacing of live gameplay is typically slower because you must wait for the dealer to deal out cards or spin the wheel. They don’t have a button you can push to make them go faster. Some players enjoy the slower rate of play but others don’t.

Another drawback is the possibility of restricted betting limits in live dealer games in comparison to other online casino games. But you can understand why: live dealer games cost more to run and operate, so you can’t place really small bets. It isn’t economically feasible for the casino to allow that. You’ll need to spend at least of few units of whatever currency you’re playing with (dollars, euros, pounds, etc).

Lastly, you’ll need a reliable broadband connection to play dealer games live online due to the streaming video aspect of play. For most people nowadays, this isn’t an obstacle. But it is something to keep in mind in case you’re one who does have a slower connection or is using dial-up. According to SlotsBand online casino players in Canada, Australia, Finland, India and New Zealand have sometimes issues with the connections.

Every day more people find live dealer casino games online one of the most fun forms of gambling invented in a while. So if you’ve yearned to come closer toward experiencing the type of casino play online that you get in the real world, then we recommend you give live dealer gaming a try!

Wrap Up & Where Live Dealer Casinos Go From Here

With live dealer casinos, you get some of the advantages of playing online and in the real world. You get back the human element that went missing with online gambling for so long. And you do so while still keeping your privacy intact and saving money due to not having to travel anywhere.

The live casino might even do other things the same as if you were on-site, such as having the dealer dressed up as a Disney character or Playboy bunny. It simply depends on which casino you choose to play in.

More improvements to online live dealer casino game playing can be made, such as being able to talk via microphone or over webcam with other players. As technology develops, that’ll come with time. And these games have come so far already. Who knows where they’ll be a few years from now!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Live Dealer Game Playing Online

What types of live dealer games exist online?

Most of the games that you’re accustomed to seeing at the brick-and-mortar casino facility are also available to play live at an online dealer casino. You can play the most popular games like roulette and blackjack, but you’ll also discover a greater array of games like baccarat and hold’em at many online casinos.

Which live games do gamblers like playing the most?

For several reasons, players seem to like blackjack and roulette the most. They’re both simple to learn and play. Even someone just starting out gambling can learn the ins and outs of the games quickly. And players can get lots of gameplay with their money while spending little; therefore more time gets spent enjoying the social atmosphere with a live dealer.

Is any software necessary to play?

The best live dealer casinos online don’t require you to download software to your computer in order to play. They include their live games as part of their regular casino lobby. So you should be able to just click a tab or link and load the game in the live format.

Do live dealer game casinos provide a demo for users?

More and more casino websites do allow you to demo live casino games, but not all. You can find a site to get a sense of live gameplay without spending any money upfront. Even on sites that don’t have demos, you can freely play automated versions of the same games as a ‘try before you buy’ option.

Do the casinos rig their live dealer games to their advantage?

Independent bodies test these games to ensure their fairness to players. That’s the case with all accredited online casino game sites. A trustworthy site will showcase its accreditation on the site to reassure you of their reliability, fairness, and willingness to undergo third-party testing.

Can the games be played on a tablet or mobile device?

Due to the developing proliferation and sophistication of mobile phones and other devices, more casinos have allowed access to live dealer games on the mobile version of their website. Some have even launched standalone apps specifically for tablet and mobile devices. Mobile-specific live dealer offers may happen down the line as well.

Remember that the size of the screen plays a role in your experience as a player of live dealer games online. If you can’t see the dealer because of the screen size, then you won’t get to totally enjoy the game.

Is a fast Internet connection a necessity?

Because of the live streaming nature of live dealer casino game play, you need to have a connection with reasonable speed. Too slow of a connection hinders your communication with the dealer. Any good fibre optic broadband is fine. And playing on a mobile or tablet with a 4G connection is also good enough to get the best experience possible.

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