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Live Profits LogotypeToday I bring you an unbiased review of a trading system that was launched just recently in the market. Live Profits, in the short time of its existence, has already been able to grab the attention of many traders by claiming to possess the ability to generate a $10,000 profit daily on autopilot. An extremely bold claim by any measure.

This review will provide you all the facts regarding the Live Profits trading system, and after reading it, you will be able to judge the potential and reliability of this trading system for yourself. Through this review, you will be able to gather true insights into how the whole system works and is it really capable of generating the kind of profits promised.

Let’s start, shall we.

First of all, when you visit Live Profits’ website, a message pops up on your screen demanding you to enter your name and email address. Unless you fill in the required fields, you cannot access the website as the pop up restricts any further action until you provide your info. Not really the best way to welcome potential investors, I must say.

Once you provide your name and email id, an introductory video starts playing. This video is claimed to be a live feed being broadcast to hundreds of traders all around the world. To prove their point, the guy shows you the current time. Although it was all very compelling, I had my doubts which later proved to be true. If anything the broadcast is certainly not live.

Live Broadcast Profits

This video is definitely not live, just a sham to trick visitors

Try refreshing the Live Profits web page after watching the video. You will be played the exact same ‘live feed’ once again, with a different time, of course. This is nothing more than a software manipulation which the Live Profits site managers use to mislead their visitors.

The Reality Of All These Scams

It is evident from the beginning of their sales video that this software is nothing more than just another binary options trading system.

This was a huge disappointment for me as over a hundred different binary options trading systems were launched in the market in just last month. But not a single person was able to generate a profit from them. Trading through a binary options system is tricky as it is, but the variety of scamming apps are only making it exponentially worse.

Live Attendees

This number doesn’t change even if you reload the page at different times

What’s more upsetting is the fact that most of these systems are created by internet marketers who aim to get traders to invest with their recommended brokers in order to make a quick profit for themselves. These systems are made just to convince traders that they will be able to earn huge profits with their systems if they invest with their apps.

The truth is, once you have invested your money, you get to know that the highly capable systems are capable of generating nothing but loss for investors. As an investor in a dud system leaves you with nothing but the option of saying farewell to your deposits.

Live Profits Is Just The Same

Free Download Button

Definitely misleading, considering the service isn’t actually free

After researching this app thoroughly, the results pointed towards this system being just another scam.

For instance, after you submit your details to get the ‘free download,’ the website redirects you to its broker’s website. This site requires you to deposit a sum of $250, without it, you cannot access your ‘free download’! Isn’t that ironic?

There is another promo video that plays on the deposit funds page on the right-hand side. In his video, the software is claimed to be so good that you will make profits so fast that you’ll recoup the initial deposit instantly. If only that were the case.

I managed to get in contact with 5 individuals who were unfortunate enough to invest with Live Profits. Every single one of them reported a total loss. One of these people, however, stopped while he still had some credits left, and tried to get a refund. His attempt was unsuccessful because according to him, the brokers make it almost impossible for to get the money back.

The Final Verdict

Not ReliableIt saddens me to say that this binary options trading system is nothing more than a hoax created to swindle innocent people.

So trust me when I say this, you should NOT invest your money with Live Profits trading system if you want to generate even a little bit of profit. This software is capable of anything but generating revenue.


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  • Shady Tactics
  • False Live Broadcast
  • Negative Reviews All Over The Place
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