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Maple Method LogoWe decided to make a brief analysis of the Maple Method System and discovered that the product is not popular online. We hope our review will help our readers to make an impression about this system.

The Maple Method system is said to generate incredible profits. But, is this for real? Can a binary system that uses actors for their fake clips and testimonies, as you will find out below, generate profits? Read our review and find out whether this is a reliable trading system or not.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


– There is free access to the system
– The binary trading robot is fully automated


– The developer’s story cannot be demonstrated to be genuine
– The customer service is poor
– There are many negative comments from the clients

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable


Not Reliable Service

What is The Maple Method System?

Maple Method System is one of those binary options trading systems that have recently appeared on the market and no one know if these really work. The developer of this system is Ryan Wolfe, who has spent 3 months to create the application together with his friends, who don’t have any graduated college and are not familiar with mathematics. These facts make us wonder: should we trust such a system? Or maybe it is a fake program that was made to cheat its clients? In this post, you’re going to discover the reality about Maple Method System.

The video clip from the promotional page seems to be made by some actors. Everything is false there: the video clip, the testimonies, and the bank account balances of the so called winners. Can a system that uses fake methods be really profitable? We doubt it.

You will find on their webpage that it is a special deal and there is a time limit for this, but this is a lie, as the signing up may be carried out at anytime. Any person may access their system, and the statement that this is an invite only site is ridiculous.

Moreover, the Maple Method System is compatible with binary brokers that are not confirmed to be risk-free and secure.

How Does Maple Method System Work?

We have explored the web and browsed through their webpage, but we could not find any clues about how the system really functions. By informing us that the application functions based on advanced algorithms and formulas, the developer certainly won’t give us any hint. We would like to understand what algorithm pushes the system to achieve so incredible results that are advertised on their sales page.

Getting informed that the system can generate tons of profitable trades is not a big deal for us – we know that every scam system declares the same. We think that the group behind Maple Method System is not clear enough since they’re making the effort to cover the details. We suggest our readers to be careful when searching for a binary automated system.

You must be cautious when becoming a member of this system because whilst they claim that the product is provided for free, you could find yourself in a terrible situation and lose your funds. After joining the service, you get free accessibility to the system. However, the next step will be to choose some broker from their list, and there, the minimum deposit is $250. Considering the fact that their brokers are not safe and many of them came recently, what are the chances that you would actually generate profits with them?

We would be glad to point some advantages of the Maple Method System, but are there any positive points to talk about? We suggest you to think carefully prior to deciding to make an account with them. They don’t have any special capabilities that might attract you. The functions are quite simplistic. We can mention their 24/7 as an advantage, but considering the fact that it is totally unproductive and frustrating, this turns out to be an important drawback that makes us think the system is a total scam.

Final Conclusion: is Maple Method System a scam?

Not Reliable

Based on our in-depth research, our team came to the final verdict that the Maple Method system is not a reliable binary robot. This trading system could not reach the results advertised on their sales page. We suggest you to look for a much better binary robot that has already proven to generate profits.


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7 Binary Options review: Maple Method System: 1 star.

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