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Market Filter LogotypeMarket Filter 3.1 is being promoted by a man named Martin Foster. From the things that he says in the promo video, everything seems to be just shoddy lies and traps that are focusing on gaining a huge amount of money overnight.

He assures people that this Market Filter robot system will produce at least 7,000 each and every day consistently without lifting a finger. Of course, this financial framework has no magical secret to suddenly change how online trading works, so this is just a plain lie.

Additionally, he specifies that with Market Filter 3.1 framework trading, you will get your profits overnight every single day by Express Direct Transfer, and you will wake up with the whole of 7,000 dollars on your account every morning.

This is terribly misguiding for sure. This is the sort of lie that nobody who knows at least the basics of trading would use to advertise their product. These guarantees unquestionably go past the standards of binary options trading.

You have no chance of earning this much on a daily basis simply by utilizing some unknown robot. We personally have never known about any robot on the market that makes such a great amount in such a brief timeframe.

So we are a hundred percent sure that this is not worth taking seriously. What’s more, online scams like Market Filter application use these lies to take your money away from you.

Clearly, we had to make an investigation on all of this. Hence, we have chosen to write this fair Market Filter 3.1 review to tell our readers what we have found. These are all the things that we have discovered.

Is Market Filter App A Scam?

Frankly, there is nothing genuine about the Market Filter robot, not even its proprietor. There are also numerous fake social network reviews that are clearly manufactured in light of the fact that those users are nowhere to be found on the actual social network.

237 per hour starting now

The date on the header just changes depending on when you visit the page

It’s the same situation is with the reviews which are displayed the Market Filter site to use for tricking people into signing up. We would prefer not to belittle the extent to which this scam robot goes to do that.

That is on the grounds that even the most obviously fake and unworthy made tricks can possibly seduce inexperienced traders into thinking that they are real thing. This particular one is soliciting no less than a 300 dollars minimum deposit from the clueless individuals that would actually take it seriously.

The aim is clear here: get as much money from you as possible and then let you go. To worn you properly, we should start with this fake SEO known as Martin Foster. He lies that he has a degree in Computer Science from an undisclosed university in 2009.

Save your spot now

There’s no need to save a spot, this is a typical scheme used by shady marketers

In any case, to trick you some more, he claims that his genius algorithm called the Market Filter 3.1 has been on the market for the previous 2 years. According to his statements, the outcomes have dependably been stable for all traders since this product been released with 100% likelihood of them having winning deals every day.

Well, first of all, this person is a performing artist that was hired for this. Mark Foster is also not his name but simply a made up one. What’s more, if the genuine proprietor of this Market Filter application is concealing the personality of its creators, what else do they have to hide?

The advertising materials on this product are being sugar-coated with guarantees that sound too great to actually be possible.

Market Filter version 3.1 – where are the previous versions?

What is very irritating to see on their website is that this Market Filter robot is being marketed as the latest version of this magical product. We have never never seen anything like this weird trick to promote something on the market.

Previous Experience Required

These robots typically pray upon inexperienced traders

We have had a go at hunting down any confirmation of the past adaptations but did not succeed at it. That is on the grounds that Market Filter 1 or 2 simply doesn’t exist! We are guessing that this is a way to trick trader by deluding them with some random numbers.

The alleged Mark Foster is a fraudster who realizes that many individuals will be too lazy or busy to check and see whether there are any past versions of this software that have existed before. What a stupid approach to promote something, right?

How does Market Filter work?

After you have finished watching the pointless welcome video that’s displaying extravagant expensive cars and assures you that they can be yours in a matter of weeks, with the Market Filter robot, you are redirected to the place where you can create your account.

One would expect that this is where the robot creators would show you the way in which Market Filter can so easily produce 7,000 dollars a day. The clarification that is offered here is that Market Filter has a sophisticated algorithm that can examine trading markets with the goal of distinguishing a sure trading strategy.

Roy Brenton Paid Actor

This is clearly a testimonial given by a paid actor to fool visitors to the website

How can it accomplish this mission? We have no clue as there is no further explanation. At that point, we are confused enough, so we visit the FAQ. We learn here finally that this application supposedly utilizes Artificial Intelligence to do all of these amazing things and make your trading better.

Clearly, the expression “Artificial Intelligence” is misused here as it is very popular in the tech world but some people still have no idea what it means. Many scams use it often to sound more serious than they are. There is no confirmation whatsoever that any kind of AI is used with Market Filter.

Basically, the Market Filter site is controlled by deceitful people who don’t work with any kind of valuable technology. Also, the site was set up only in January 2017 (and not some 2 years ago as their promo claims it was).

Besides, the product can’t ever have a 99.3% precision rate. This fraud is simply putting random “facts” out there with no guarantees.

Conclusion: Market Filter is a Scam

Not ReliableThe individuals accountable for the Market Filter robot ought to take up some kind of hobby or a more noble job for sure. Nobody in their right mind can be be caught into this sloppy promotion which is so clearly a pointless scam.

All the reviews and testimonials you see on this site are fake or paid for. The robot itself is so new that there can’t possibly be any reviews of this kind yet. In the genuine sense, Market Filter robot is simply foolishness that has nothing to do with real online trading.


  • None


  • False promises of artificial intelligence usage
  • Unreliable system
  • Fake reviews by paid actors
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