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Midnight Money Machine LogoMidnight Money Machine promises big money based on 60 second trading. Is this kind of approach actually profitable? Read our review to find it out!

The web is quickly becoming a space stuffed with scams and programs that can deceive the clients and get their money. It is true that none of the system can take your money by force – the client benevolently makes a deposit or reveals his card details, but the fact is that there are many systems that play dirty, and the binary options industry is full of such examples. That’s why it is essential to analyze unfamiliar web-pages and help individuals with making the right choice. Considering this, we decided that it is time to review Midnight Money Machine, which is a recent application developed by Jeff Farrel.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


  • You can use both the automate and the manual modes
  • There is a customer service


  • There are not any positive comments about it
  • The customer service is poor
  • The brokers from their list are not reliable

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service


What is the Midnight Money Machine System?

While we cannot classify it as a scam system, you should remember that there is virtually no report on this binary system accessible at the moment. This can be the primary reason why we are concerned about the credibility of this robot. Even so, to be able to make the right step, we’re going to reveal our results. Keep reading to find out more.

There are many innovative binary methods that have prevailed. As usual, it includes a reasonable level of risk. Even so, you should realize that nothing lucrative may be achieved without any risk. This doesn’t indicate that you need to take unnecessary risk at all. We would like our readers to be quite balanced and careful. If we check out Midnight Money Machine, we can see that the risks when dealing with it are much higher, so you should think twice before making a further step. It is because the program is new and we could not find any positive comments yet.

How does Midnight Money Machine Work?

Everybody knows that most of the binary systems can require a payment in advance for permitting the further access. Even so, Midnight Money Machine seems to be quite special, because it says it is available for free. Can it be for real? In fact, the reality is that you have to make a deposit of no less than $250 with one of their brokers, so how can they claim the system is available for free? We couldn’t solve this.

Here is how the binary system works:

You have to pick a currency pair or a stock based on their premium expert advice. Then, the trades take place on 60 second periods and you should click the Call or the Put options by yourself. However, there is an automated mode as well.

We want to stop here a little bit and let you know that 60 second trades are generally not based on technical or fundamental analysis because they are so random. No real trader would operate with such short time-frames, because it is simply guessing and not trading. The price in such short periods goes quite randomly and it is really difficult to say that technical analysis can help you predict the price in the following 60 seconds. So, we don’t think this system will work for you.

Midnight Money Machine Screenshot

During the first steps with this binary system, you will have to select a broker from their list, then sign-up, make a deposit, and start trading. You can use both the automated and the manual modes. The cash out periods can reach up to 5 business days according to them.

The system claims to have the following special features:

  • Fully automated trading process
  • A higher return per trade ratio than typical systems
  • Real-time trading with all the assets
  • A devoted customer support service

While all of these features may sound quite fantastic, we suggest you to consider an older and reliable binary system instead of this. Given that this system could end up being a scam, we want to know more precise details about it and see more positive comments.

Final Conclusion: is Midnight Money Machine a scam?

Based on our research, we reached the conclusion that Midnight Money Machine has the potential to be a successful binary system but there is no evidence that it actually works. We think it would be better for you to deal with more reputable binary robots.

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7 Binary Options review: Midnight Money Machine: 1 stars.

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