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Mike`s Auto TraderBinary Options Trading is becoming the preferred method of financial trading around the world. It can be extremely profitable if one knows how to accurately read trading signals and make predictions as to whether the asset will rise or fall. However, if you are not a financial expert, you may need some assistance making decisions until you become more familiar with the market.

Fortunately, there are dozens of automated trading software applications that help traders make accurate trades. They will generate signals, analyze the data, make predictions as to which the trade will be profitable, and some will even place the trade for you. But with so many auto bots available and so many dishonest people around, it’s hard to determine which systems are in fact legitimate. In the following, we shall take a look at Mike’s Auto Trader to determine if this system is a hoax or the real deal.

7 Binary Options Rating:4,5 stars


What is Mike’s Auto Trader?

Mike’s Auto Trader is a fully automated binary options trading platform. The system uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze trading signals and predict which trades will yield winning results. It will place the trade for you, once you have set your desired parameters.

The creator of the system, Michael Freeman claims to be one of the forerunners of success in binary option trading and he wants to share his success with both new and experienced traders. The website is extremely easy to use. One of the plusses about Mike’s’ Auto Traders is that the minimum required for a trade is only $25. This is a good rate, as most systems are much higher. There is no additional cost for the software, and once you make you initial sign on deposit of $250 you can start trading immediately.you make you initial sign on deposit of $250 you can start trading immediately.

How to get started

It’s very easy to get started with Mike’s Auto Trader. You simply sign up with one of their recommended brokers, make your initial deposit of $250, choose your settings and then begin trading. Once you start to see a profit, you will be able to withdraw your winnings. The withdrawal process varies slightly by broker so be sure to read the details before you register with your broker.

Is Mike’s Auto Trader a Scam?

We have not seen any concrete evidence to lead us to believe that Mike’s Auto Trader is a scam. We have seen far too many positive reviews to come to that conclusion. Traders boast of yielding a decent profit with this binary option robot trading system. As always, we advise that you maintain an air of caution when you sign with any trading system. Binary options trading, like any financial trading, do carry a risk. Always use your head and know your limits.

Final Conclusion

After our detailed analysis, we can safely recommend this trading system. We have seen only good reviews about Mike’s Trading System and we feel that is beneficial to those who are new to the binary options market.

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7 Binary Options review: Mike’s Auto Trader: 4 stars.

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