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Million Dollar Bot LogoBinary options automated systems seem to keep flowing in the online space without limit. I mean there are so many binary robots that, if they were working for real, everyone would be a millionaire today! Million Dollar Bot is one of the most recent systems of this kind. It can place binary trades on its own and make you wealthy. Well, this is the official story, but don’t hurry! We are here to sift the information and find what the real situation with this and that system is.

Today, Million Dollar Bot is our target – we want to see if this binary system works for real, because there are so many robots that turned out to be scams.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


  • There is a mobile trading version
  • The system is web-based
  • There is the early closure feature


  • There is no demo account
  • The signals are random and poor
  • There is no proof that this system actually works

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What is Million Dollar Bot System?

This binary robot was developed by Thomas Cooper, but we don’t know yet if this is a real person. He describes the product in the sales page video by claiming the system is a great application with an intuitive interface.

It is claimed that Million Dollar Bot can make you profits within minutes. But, we know how the markets work, and we know this is impossible. Then, how can this binary system propose such fantastic results?

Sadly, despite the multitude of statements and promises, there is little info that could confirm the authenticity of this product. There are no positive comments, no testimonies, and we could not get in touch with any person that had success with Million Dollar Bot. We guess we know why we cannot find such a person – because he doesn’t exist!

How does Million Dollar Bot Work?

Even though Million Dollar Bot is initially free, we still don’t encourage our readers even to test it. The claim that the system is free doesn’t really make sense because you will have to deposit $250 with one of their brokers anyway. And we cannot say that picking a broker from their list may be called a choice – all their offered brokers are not regulated.

Million Dollar Bot Screenshot

To get started with this robot, you will have to register it, which is not a big deal – complete the registration page with your personal details and you will get the free access to the system. Don’t forget to activate your account via the message on your email. Then, you will have to choose one of those brokers that look so fake – at least this is our impression. The positive thing is that you can customize your panel. If you are lucky and make some profits with the system, you may want to withdraw your funds. This should be done from the broker’s site, but we are not sure everything is smooth there – there are many dubious brokers that cooperate with scam robots like this one and make it difficult to impossible to access your hard earned money. Be careful about this!

Final Conclusion: is Million Dollar Bot a scam?

Not Reliable

We wanted to add at least something positive about Million Dollar Bot, but I’m afraid we cannot do this at all because there is no advantage. This system is so similar to many other scams out there, and you know that we have reviewed many of them.

This robot cannot generate the profits promised on their sales page and video presentation. This is why we cannot suggest our readers to follow Million Dollar Bot and register it. It would be much smarter to use a reliable binary system or trade manually.

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7 Binary Options review: Million Dollar Bot: 1 stars.

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