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Million Dollar Challenge LogotypeMillion Dollar Challenge (MDC Software) is a robot trading app that has recently been launched in the market. The creator of this software, William Stanford is a self-proclaimed founder and owner of Stanford & Marcs.

This review is for all the traders out there, who are looking for facts to confirm the legitimacy of the Million Dollar Challenge. We hate to break it to you, but this software is yet another scam. And below are the reasons outlining why?

Real Faces Behind The Million Dollar Challenge

As stated earlier, this scam i.e. the MDC trading app is said to be developed by William Stanford who also claims to be the owner of Stanford & Marcs Trading. Associating a binary options robot with a well-known company is a ploy that is generally used by scammers in the trading world to make the whole scam sound more credible than it really is. Mostly, such companies are nonexistent and not even a shred of proof is available to help us believe otherwise.

24H Private Invitation

The invitation isn’t private at all, so this is nothing but a scheme

My research on MDC and the developers was able to confirm what I suspected all along. Their partner company Stanford & Marcs is as fake as the scam can possibly be. The logo shown in the introductory promo video is for a company named “Stanford & Marcs Investment Group.”.

Either this is just a script error, or the developers are using both companies to entrap investors, I can’t say for sure. MDC’s Software developers were strangely unable to come up with an original logo, however, speaks volumes about their app’s capabilities.

MDC Scammers Use Fabricated Results to Lure Traders

MDC software owners claim that their system passed through every beta tester during its initial trial with flying colors, and made huge profits in very little time. Million Dollar Challenge unrealistically offers its investors an assured profit of $1,300 on a daily basis. The developers claim their software has a success rate of 88.79%, an odd figure if you ask us but which seems to be chosen at random by the creators.

The fabrications do not end here. All the so-called satisfied customers that are proudly providing glorious recommending reviews for the software are fake. They were all made-up, and the included photos are of individuals who have no knowledge that these scammers are using their pictures.

Take this picture for example. It features a man with his daughter. This photo was stolen from the girl’s online blog where it was originally published. All the other featured pictures were scrutinized as well only for me to find out that they are either stolen or taken from online stock image websites.

What Is Their Actual Game Plan To Scam Traders?

Call Put System Screenshot

The images of the platform look nice, but we doubt they are real

The owner of the MDC Software claims that the trading robot app generates profits by using patented hi-level technology. The software is supposed to have the ability to distinguish between strong recurring strategic patterns of the trading market. These trends are noted down by the investments experts who are hired by William Stanford to help in making daily trade decisions.

Mr. Stanford claims that with his unique trading platform, one can easily imitate the intricate trading decisions of the group. Are you willing to entrust your hard earned money to individuals who do not possess even a genuine identities? I never would. For this reason, alone, I never made the mistake of funding my trade account (which I created solely to investigate this scam) with any real money.

As I mentioned earlier, it is essential for an investor to choose a broker that is not only honest but also experienced enough to help in making profitable trade decisions. However, the MDC Software recommends brokers who seem way too shady.

MDC Software recommended brokers should not be trusted at all. If there were even an ounce of sincerity about their trade services, they would not be working to promote a scam like MDC.

New Name Old Tricks

Million Dollar Challenge provides its potential investors some FAQ information available in the member’s area. This FAQ seemed very familiar to me, and upon doing some digging, I realized that it was a word for word copy of the FAQ published on the website for Cash Camp trade service providers, which has been proven to be yet another scam system.

Top Quality Guaranteed

Once again, false seals to try to disguise this as a legitimate system

The only difference between the two documents was the company name which was changed to the Million Dollar Challenge. Additionally, the introductory video tries to allure traders by claiming to provide free trade services for the first 30 days.

After this trial period, traders are charged 3% from the profits for using the software. The FAQ of MDC Software reveals the true price which completely contrasts the statement made in the promo video by stating that the traders have to pay.

This leaves us to wonder what we should really believe. Not to mention that this exact dilemma was faced by the investors who opted to trade with the Cash Camp scam.


Not ReliableAll the above reasons are enough for me to know for sure that this whole system is nothing but a scam. There is no real proof that this software can earn a profit, all the lies and fabrications simply add to it’s profile of being a rip-off.

If you still choose to entrust these scammers with your funds, we suggest you reconsider. These scammers are only here to drain your earnings, and you should be very cautious while dealing with them.


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  • Website no longer up
  • No information about the creator of the system
  • Uses shady marketing methods
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