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Million Dollar Months LogotypeWe found out about Million Dollar Months a couple of days ago and will tell you outright that it is a scam. We have evaluated every aspect of this system and the software after which we declared it a scam.

People who end up spending their time and money on it will soon discover that it’s not usable. The app is supposedly developed by a guy named Brad Davis who claims that you can earn more than $38 million using it in three years. But that’s a big lie.

All the evidence we collected points to the Million Dollar Months being a scam which was unleashed just recently. So, it begs the question that how can it claim to be helping people rake in millions for over three years.

We also discovered that in fact, Brad Davis is probably not even be a binary options trader for starters. How can any serious and seasoned binary options trader state that you can make seven figures in just 30 days of making a deposit?

It stands to reason that this Davis’ character has no idea how the market works which is why he is making outlandish claims. Nobody can make millions in just 30 days by only making a $250 deposit. So, we think that Davis is trying to deceive newbie binary options traders.

As mentioned above we think that the Million Dollar Months is a scam which is targeting inexperienced binary options traders. Only people who are new to the trading industry can be conned by such claims because they have no experience. Afterall no professional trader will consider these claims genuine even for an instance.

Selected Thousands Members

There is no special selection method to this sytem

In order to test the so called Million Dollar Months system, we put it through a battery of tests which we use to identify scam bots. If the system ends up failing the tests, then it is a confirmed fraud.

For starters, the website has a counter which states there are only ten spots and is there to create a sense of scarcity. The counter counts down until it ends up at zero spots. However, by reloading the page, the counter is reset which is a clear indication of its intention to con people.

The video presentation looks, feels and sounds like a scam. The 8-minute long video with the narration is full of various lies that cannot be confirmed. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg!
Evidence proves that Million Dollar Months is nothing but a scam.

Our research points to the fact that there are inconsistencies concerning the CEO of Million Dollar Months To start with we don’t even think that his real name is even Brad Davis. We were not able to find any social media listing with that name.

Plus, the picture seems to us like a stock image purchased from a commercial website. So, once again this isn’t how the fictitious CEO looks like. We are certain that the picture is fake because we found the same image on websites like

Fictitious testimonials

Our investigation into Million Dollar Months found that even the evidence pointing to the legitimacy of the software was faked. All the pictures used have been purchased from websites like which sells everything for $5. The actors clearly showcase their services on this website and will do anything for $5. We went through all the images online and were not surprised to discover that they matched ones on Fiverr.

Save a Copy Now Only a Few Left

Additionally, there are not only a few copies left

It goes without saying that this proves that all the images were taken from the internet. So, these people whom the testimonials are supposedly written by are just actors. It is another reason why we are firmly suggest that you stay away from Million Dollar Months.

Million Dollar Months – is it really free?

The claim made by Million Dollar Months is that it helps people earn money free. Though this is a claim which shouldn’t under any circumstance be taken seriously since the robot is not free. If it were really free, then you shouldn’t need to pay $250 to fund the account with any broker of their choosing. A legitimate system would allow you to use any broker you want.

The brokers chosen by Million Dollar Months’ system are all unregulated making it near impossible to track down who has taken your money. Why didn’t these people give you the option of choosing your own broker?

The answer is that they receive a commission by scamming you. So, the system is not free and requires that you part with $250 of your hard earned money before you can even see the software in action.

We found no endorsements

Forbes CNN Technorati HuffPost

This is all lies, the system was not featured on any of these outlets

A genuine trading software leaves no room for doubt in the mind of traders because it has been endorsed by many financial websites and forums. But when we searched for Million Dollar Months app and their endorsement we will find nothing. No reputable body has endorsed it to our knowledge. It is for this reason why we question its authenticity.

The only good reviews you find are on notorious websites which are owned by fellow scammers or those who are part of the scam network. Paid reviews and misleading websites shouldn’t be believed because it puts your hard earned money in jeopardy.

Is it possible to make money with the Million Dollar Months software?

The system has not been designed to help make you any money, to begin with. We found no evidence of anyone walking away with millions or even getting their money back for that matter. The system also fails to demonstrate it is working in real time. By investing any money in this app, you will be wasting it!

Final Verdict – Watch out before it’s too late

Not ReliableWe have listed many reasons why traders both seasoned and new ones alike should steer clear of Million Dollar Months. Every aspect of it is doubtful, to say the least. It was a system that will not make you money because that wasn’t its intention in the first place.

It is there to make the creator’s money. If you want an app that works then look elsewhere. We have listed many genuine apps on our website. However, we are firmly suggest that traders always read reviews before investing money in any software to avoid getting scammed.


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  • Shady Marketing Tactics
  • No Evidence Of Any Sort Of Earnings
  • No History Or Past In The Industry
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