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Millionaire Dream LogotypeAs an experienced investor, I’ve dealt with multiple fraudulent schemes that exist solely to rob their investors. Most of these scammers try to add a sense of urgency to their offers by adding a time limit, which urges traders to invest swiftly without running a background check. One such scam we are going to expose through this article is the Millionaire Dream System (MDS).

This system is supposedly created by the Wealth Organization with CEO – David and presented by some Christopher Banning. This information cannot be proved, however, since no information regarding the owner is available save for some shady looking bank account screenshots.

I strongly advise you to research thoroughly before choosing a binary options trading service provider to invest your funds with. Scam sites such as these have unlimited slots available. The timer is just a tactic to put investors in a hurry to sign up for the offer and transferring their funds within the time limit to avail the offer.

I am a little skeptical as to why the Millionaire Dream Systems moderators are so intent on keeping their identities hidden. Are we to blindly trust someone who is not big on sharing even their surnames? What is the truth behind this trading system? Is it even able to generate profits? Read the following facts and judge for yourselves!

Cristopher – The face of the Millionaire Dream System

It has been a while since the Millionaire Dream System’s first launch in the market. During this period, it has received enough reviews that allow us to objectively judge its reliability. For now, however, I would like to call your attention to Christopher – the self-proclaimed programming genius and the only face behind this Millionaire Dream System.

Laptop Image Creator

The creator has no traceable history we could find

His story began when after his college graduation, he started searching for a way to provide a decent lifestyle for his wife and young daughter. He hoped that his time-saving software processor would be enough to get the ball rolling. The software’s primary function was to provide time-optimization services for high-end tech corporations.

Christopher, however, was unable to attract his target market. He was able to interest a few buyers into purchasing his software, but the sales were not even close to what he had in mind. So ultimately, he ran out of money, and his wife ran out on him with their daughter. Christopher decided to deal with this blow by drowning himself in scotch.

MDS – profit maximizing solution or just another scam?

Next morning, he found himself being awakened by none other the founder and CEO of the Wealth Organization—David, who happens to be in league with people who hide their surnames. His company is actually a binary options investment operator which has been around since the very first day.

Christopher did not believe at first, that an online profit maximizing software can be the solution he was looking for. Therefore, David asked Christopher to try it for free.

Door to Door Salesman

Additionally, the pitch is incredibly unbelievable

To sum it all up, Christopher decided to give David’s idea a try, and now, he is a prospering business tycoon with more than $59,000,000 in his bank account, despite the fact that the MDS Software itself claims to be able to accumulate $10,000 an hour or $1,000,000 a month. I think at this point; any sane person will start considering this nothing but a cock and bull story.

Although it may sound ideal, this is simply impossible and 100% unrealistic. No trading robot is able to generate profits at a 100% success rate, and thus, it is simply absurd to think that someone can turn himself into a millionaire overnight.

This forces me to believe that the Millionaire Dream System is nothing but a software that is only built to rip off traders’ investments. I strongly recommend all readers against entrusting these scammers with your funds.

A little insight into MDS’s Operational methods

The MDS is basically yet another automated binary options robot software that runs on completely on autopilot. Traders are only required to set the trade limits before activating the software, and the system will take care of the rest by utilizing an algorithm that is claimed to be highly effective. But this is not the case in reality.

The above assertions, however, are hugely conflicted. Investors who were unfortunate enough to invest their money with this scam claim to have lost tremendous amounts of savings. The electronic trading society agrees on the MCD software’s inability of generating accurate signals. Moreover, their withdrawal system was reportedly faulty too.

Every trader’s worst nightmare – Millionaire Dream System

Not ReliableIn conclusion, the Millionaire Dream automated trading system is a scam that should not be trusted. Instead of generating a maximized profit, it will become as it has for many your worst online binary options nightmare. It is way better to invest your money with a proven and reliable software instead of entrusting these scammers.


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