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Millionaire Replicator LogosMillionaire Replicator is presented by Sean Valentine who created the awesome Millionaire Replicator algorithm. Why the word ‘replicator’ in the name you ask? Well, that’s because the Millionaire Replicator is designed to copy the trades of all the top traders in Wall Street and London. As the story goes, there are 135 spots for the free license available; once that’s gone you can still get the system for free except now you’ll have to pay them a 10% commission on all your profits.

So will Millionaire Replicator really replicate the trades of the world’s elite traders and give you a fraction of their success? Or are they just blowing smoke up your behind? See our answer below!

What is Millionaire Replicator?

The promotional video for the Millionaire Replicator robot is literally a bunch of text on the screen with a fast talking narrator claiming to be Sean Valentine. For someone who’s allegedly so rich, it really seems like they had an extremely low budget to promote such an awesome opportunity.

We wonder why that is; is it because Sean Valentine doesn’t exist and there is no such thing as a robot that can copy the trades of the elite traders on Wall Street and in London? We got some news for you, the elite traders in Wall Street and London are most definitely not trading binary options! And even if they were, do you really think they’re going to put out their trading strategies for you to see?

Don’t get us wrong, there is such a thing as social trading, and it is a legitimate feature that many binary options platforms have. But no, you won’t find any Wall Street elite traders on there, although you may get lucky and chance upon a skilled binary options trader that you can learn from. Oh, and guess what? That trader will most definitely not be using a lame robot.

Millionaire Replicator Header

Millionaire Replicator Stock Photos

That’s Sean Valentine by the way, and we assure you that he is most definitely not the voice you hear in the Millionaire Replicator promotional video, because he is nothing but a stock photo.

Looks like this millionaire has been replicated all right, many times over! We also want to point out that the name ‘Sean Valentine’ sounds like the name of the male lover in a female erotica novel.

How Does It Work?

There is a true Millionaire Replicator behind the scenes here, and that Millionaire Replicator is the binary options robot business model itself. Here’s the formula to replicate: first, find a shady binary options broker that will accept you as an affiliate and pay out high commissions for each referral. In the case of Millionaire Replicator, the website is defunct so we have no idea who their partner broker was.

Binary Options Clip Art 13Second, buy some generic auto-trading whitelabel software. Third, choose the name of your binary robot (be as creative as possible) then slap the name on the above whitelabel software. You’ve got yourself a binary options robot! Now to bring in the customers.

The fourth step is to create a landing page for your robot. The standard binary options robot landing page is an auto-playing promotional video, a sign-up form and some fake testimonials. If you’re really feeling creative you can add in a fake countdown timer to create scarcity or a geo-targeting app.

For the promotional video you can go a few routes: the full on professional video with hired professional actors, luxury cars, offices, and mansions or a little more low-key with cheap actors from Fiverr. And if you’re really cheap, go ahead and just slap some voiceover narration over some text, like Millionaire Replicator did.

Millionaire Replicator Video

As for the video content, be as creative as possible; it’ll help you stand out from all the other robots out there! Here’s the standard template though: ex-Wall Street trader starts his own fund using a secret algorithm he developed (or stole from the bank) with an over 90% success rate and now wants to share his success with you! The robot will have to be free, so make up some excuse like beta testing.

The final step is to drive traffic to your landing page, and the easiest way is get affiliates yourself to promote your robot. Since your robot is entirely bogus, most legitimate affiliate marketing networks won’t accept you. More than likely, you’ll end up with ClickSure.

And there you have it, your very own Millionaire Replicator formula!


Not Reliable

Millionaire Replicator is just another binary options robot with fake claims and fake advertising. Despite using the cool name of ‘Sean Valentine’ their promotional video is of the lowest budgetary tier. The Millionaire Replicator isn’t worth one iota of anybody’s attention or time.



  • The name ‘Sean Valentine’


  • Cheaply produced promotional video
  • Everything else
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7 Binary Options review: Millionaire Replicator: 1 stars.
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