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MockingBird LogoMockingBird Method was created by two financial experts who claim they cracked the code and can accurately predict 91% of all trades. Is this true? Read ahead for more.

MockingBird Method Review

With the rise in popularity of binary options trading, it is just natural that there will be an increase in the amount of binary options trading platforms and automated trading software programs. With so many options out there, it is important to take a few minutes to read up on a system before taking a chance with your money.

MockingBird Method is an automated binary options trading system that claims it can earn huge profits for traders with little to no work on the behalf of the trader. Is this system legit or simply another fake system? Read our MockingBird Method review for further details.

What is MockingBird Method?

A fully automated binary options trading program, MockingBird Method, designed by Daniel Marland and Stephen Wilson, claims that it can accurately predict 91% of binary options trades in order to produce thousands of dollars a day in profits. They claim they worked together for years to perfect the MockingBird Method and are offering to a select group of traders for limited time only before offering it to the public for $1000 a shot.

We need to point out that no system can accurately predict 91% of all trading signals. Even the most highly rated systems only have an accuracy rate of around 85-87%. A binary option trading is a great way to earn some extra funds, but in no way will it make you an instant millionaire, contrary to what anyone says.

How to Get Started

To sign up for the MockingBird Method, you must first create an account online after which time the system will send you to a broker of their choosing. We found that none of the brokers who associate with MockingBird Method are regulated. We strongly advise against working with a broker that does not answer to a regulatory system.

After you sign with a broker, you must fund your account with at least $200, which you can then use the trade. You can opt for automatic trading and let the system predict trades for you. If you earn anything, you can then start the withdrawal process to get your money.

We took the time to research the MockingBird Method and could not find any positive reviews of this trading software. All we found were complaints from traders who lost their funds. When we tried to inquire about this at customer service, we did not receive a reply. We tried again to ask a general question about the software and again did not receive a response from customer service.

Final Conclusion: Is MockingBird Method a Scam?

Not ReliableWe cannot say with absolutely positive that MockingBird Method is a scam, but we feel that this system is not reliable. The lack of positive reviews about his software leaves us doubting it authenticity and reliability. We advise that you either proceed with caution or look for a more trusted trading system.



  • Unlicensed brokers
  • Unresponsive customer service
  • Unrealistic 91% accuracy
  • Too many complaints about the system
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7 Binary Options review: MockingBird Method: 1 stars.

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