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Multiplexer LogoThe Multiplexer app is designed and is intended to rip you off. The only person who makes money with this app or system as it is called is the owner. We have been keeping a close eye on the Multiplexer app, and it is now listed as one of the top scam apps this year.

Regardless of whether you are a newbie trader or one with experience even considering this app is not worth it, leave alone having to invest $250. However, the scam is nothing innovative it uses the same tricks as many others in the past.

Take for instance the owner says that their users are making over $850 an hour using it. Just a couple of days ago we ran into a very similar scam which too promised $850 an hour.

We suspect that the owner of the Multiplexer system also owns many similar scams and is a professional scam artist. If you’ve ever considered this app its time to pay close attention to the issues we highlight. We’ll tell you exactly why it’s a bad idea to use this trading robot.

Why is the Multiplexer system a big scam?

Well, there are a couple of things that make it an obvious scam. The first being the countless reviews which have already exposed the fraudulent nature of this app. One of the prominent red flags in the binary options and forex trading industry is the promise of huge profits. We know of no trader who has been able to make $850 an hour with a mere $250 investment.

Bullet Points Misaligned

It’s amazing that they couldn’t even line up the bullet points with the text

If there were such a trader, he or she would be a celebrity in the industry. If people were really able to make over $20k every day using a robot like Multiplexer, then it would be making headlines across major news outlets like CNN, and Bloomberg in addition to international news networks.

All the promises made by the creators of this robot are false and are not backed by substantial evidence. If they were, in fact, making this much money these group of billionaires would certainly never go unnoticed. Apparently they aren’t making any money but want you to believe their lie so that they can scam you. The Multiplexer System has never been about helping traders make money.

It is merely a trap to lure often newbie traders by selling them a pipe dream. One look at the software and we can tell you that it isn’t cutting edge as claimed by the creators of the Multiplexer System. It does nothing other than stealing your money which will show up as lost trades which will leave you without money and very frustrated.

How the Multiplexer System promises to help you make huge profits?

So, we’ve cleared the whole issue of whether or not $850 an hour can be made by traders using the system. Now we can focus on other important aspects of this scam. It is essential to understand that trading is not gambling and so you’re not dependent on luck. The decisions made needs to be based on hard data, or you’ll lose money.

The question we ask is how this software can even claim to make such exaggerated profit figures. According to Richard Ewing who claims to be the owner of the Multiplexer System says that the app utilizes some type of unique tech which could beat the trading markets both ethically and legally consistently.

Some Interesting Facts Multiplexer

These are neither facts, nor interesting

This is the only explanation we get from a guy who otherwise looks to be lost for words on the video perhaps because there is nothing constructive to say. Upon further investigation, we found that Mr. Richard Ewing is just an actor who probably never traded a single asset in his life.

So, he obviously knows nothing about trading. If anything the scammers shouldn’t have hired a guy who knows nothing about their product or the industry. By hiring this person, they have perhaps inevitably exposed the scam which for us is a good thing.

The explanation of how the Multiplexer System works is at best vague and that too on purpose. These scammers want you to focus on their lies and unsubstantiated claims rather than proof of if it works.

Some interesting facts about the Multiplexer app

The Multiplexer software hasn’t been around for a while, so it’s relatively new. But that begs the question as to how can a software that just started have hundreds of users? So, its obviously a lie. The so-called 32000 customers that they claim means that the software is not new if they are to be believed but of course we don’t believe them.

The official website claims that every Multiplexer system user is assigned an experienced and very helpful adviser who will help with setting up the account to maximize profits. The figure currently given is 1500 advisors.

Untapped Strategies

What’s this even supposed to mean?

But when we spoke to people who were scammed by the software, these advisers are also scam artists who push you in the direction which ensures that you get ripped off sooner than later. So, don’t expect any help from them.

A couple of other stats that also caught our attention about this robot was the insinuation that the operators had an accumulated over 900 years of trading experience. Obviously nobody can live that long, and we think forex or binary options trading isn’t that old either.

A Google search will quickly reveal that the Multiplexer software or the company for that matter is not centuries old. If the company isn’t that ancient as they claim then proving this simple fact quickly throws out everything that they are claiming. It clearly tells us that this is a fake app.

The other lie is about the number of active users on the website. Also, the estimated daily winning signals which they claim is 1593 is also a total lie. The company is using unfounded and vague statements coupled with jargon to justify an offer and their business which in reality is not real.

Everyone will want to use a trading robot which is 100% free and can generate over $850 an hour. But that’s too good to be true and good things are never free. If something comes across as too sweet make sure that it’s not a scam.

Beware of other aspects of this scam

The Multiplexer app is nothing but a hyped up software which will do nothing. The claim is if you signup today you’ll get unrestricted access to all the data on Wall Street. However, in reality, even this claim is based on lies because it’s simply not possible.

Only employees of Wall Street companies have access to that data. Also, if you somehow manage to access this information it won’t be helpful if you know nothing about manual trading.

Final Verdict

Not ReliableDon’t trust any statement that comes from this website. We know of no robot which has the ability to predict how the market will move with laser-focused accuracy. Plus, the term ”risk-free trading” is just false. There is an inherent risk with all types of trading regardless of how experienced you are as a trader.

Finally, the Multiplexer system will not help you or anyone else make millions. If that were the case, this website wouldn’t be the only place we are hearing about their success. Our advice is to stay away from the system and keep your money safe. We are hoping that this in-depth Multiplexer review will help save many from losing their money.


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  • A scam system
  • The robot does not work
  • No credible customer service
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7 Binary Options review: Multiplexer App: 1 stars.

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