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Navstar Trader claims to have been founded by Ethan Harrington, a self-made multimillionaire from Boston. Ethan claims to have been a technical architect for NASA working on the Navstar GPS project who knew nothing about binary options trading. That is until he reconnected with his best friend, Zach, a financial trader on Wall Street and after some discussion they came up with the idea of combining their expertise to create the Navstar Trader system. 2 months before the system’s launch, Ethan took 10 random people as their beta testers, and made them all into millionaires and is now opening his system to a select few. He is so confident that his system will make its users a minimum of $22,005 per day that he will even top up the difference if you make less than that amount. You can hear this entire fantastic story in their 30 minute long promotional video here.

So is Navstar Trader a legitimate system or just another scam?

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


– Free


– Fake claims and testimonialsn
– No real information at all provided
– Unregulated broker

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable


Not Reliable Service

What is Navstar Trader Robot?

As you might have expected, Navstar Trader is nothing but another scam, this time using the technology buzzwords of ‘GPS technology’ as a justification for the fantastic claims made by their software. For further creativity, they even threw in NASA into the mix! Right from the beginning, when Ethan guarantees that all its users will be able to make $22,005 per day at minimum with a 100% guarantee, we already know that it’s a fake. There is no such thing as risk-free trading, binary options or otherwise, and anyone claiming otherwise is 100% trying to deceive you. Also, the promised amounts of $22,005 per day, which translates to $8 million per year, is simply absurd.


Figure 1: Scammers love to use ‘100%’ for everything

Of course, ‘Ethan Harrington’ does not really exist, and a quick Google and LinkedIn search will tell you that no such person has ever worked at NASA. As is the case with all these scams, Ethan is nothing but a paid actor and you can see him here in a cameo role in another scam robot; the Amissio Formula. However in that particular scam he didn’t even get a speaking role and was just a background actor; we would like to congratulate the actor playing Ethan Harrington from being promoted from ‘scam background actor’ to ‘main scam actor’.

The scammers also create false scarcity by telling you that only 3 people in your region will be accepted into this program; we know that this is of course nonsense and that they are targeting as many people as possible. This is standard practice in such scams; another standard scam practice is the use of stock images or stolen photos for fake testimonials, and Navstar Trader does this as well.

How Does It Work?

All these free scam robots operate in the same manner, they lure unsuspecting people in with no upfront costs, or any costs really, and then redirect such people to their partner broker. Once their victim funds the account with the broker, the scammers will then receive an affiliate commission. The robot is usually just a generic white label auto-trader and whether it performs or not is irrelevant as the scammers would have already made their profit. Essentially, these scam robots are just a really unethical version of affiliate marketing.

In our case, we were redirected to the binary options broker Secured Options when we went through the Navstar Trader site, which is a completely unregulated and unlicensed broker. We also discovered numerous complaints in relation to this broker which we are not surprised with at all.


Navstar Trader is yet another scam robot, in fact, it is just a recycled scam similar to GPS Trader. Watch their promotional video here and notice how similar the claims are to Navstar Trader. Their claims are completely absurd and you will not even see a fraction of $22,005 in profits if you sign up with them, in fact, you’ll probably lose all your money. Skip this robot.

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7 Binary Options review: Navstar Trader: 1 stars.

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