neo2 reviewWhat is Neo2 Software? Just another binary options signal provider scam. But it’s created to look believable. They’ve avoided some of the most obvious warning signs of a scam by looking like a real site with links and good video and sound quality…except the links all lead back to the homepage.

The creators also say they designed Neo2 with user-friendliness as a priority despite its complicated algorithm. Therefore, you won’t have to endure a huge learning curve so you can start trading as soon as you deposit money into your broker account.

Due to the automated nature of the software, your physical presence isn’t necessary once you activate the system. You can still profit with no supervision necessary.

It all sounds good on the surface. But what’s the real deal behind Neo2? Read on and you may be surprised.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 99%
Minimum Deposit: $100
Countries: All nations


  • 60-second binary options available


  • No license available
  • Unable to verity its claims
  • No technological analysis tools available to traders
  • Many negative review by other traders

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable


Not Reliable Service


The People Behind Neo2

The People Behind the Software

Michael Freeman

Who’s behind it? Mainly Michael Freeman in combination with several other scammers. If you’ve been around long enough, he might look familiar to you. He runs a vlog, and several blogs.

And he’s conveniently given that software one of the only positive reviews on his binary options review site. In fact, you can guarantee he either developed the binary option software or receives money from a website when he gives it a positive review since that seems to be his only reason for giving out positive reviews.

He also lends his name to several websites in the binary options trading industry, though he doesn’t reveal all of them in public. Some of them have proven to be scams.

When he sent out the call to others with regard to Neo2, several fraudsters answer backed. For instance, the owners of the Gold Digger fraud, two fake scientists from Russian, answered the call as well. And so did the self-proclaimed CEO of Neo2, Jack Piers.

You first meet Dr. Jack Piers in the introductory marketing video on the site. He claims he’s a weather enthusiast who’s used that knowledge to develop the binary software known as Neo2.

Neo2 logo

Neo2 banner ad

However, we can’t verify his credentials and can’t find evidence of a Dr. Jack Piers associated with Neo2 anywhere except for mentions of this in the numerous affiliate reviews for the system. He doesn’t seem to be an alumnus of any college or university, and he has no profile with a professional or social media organization that we can find nor an image of himself outside of screenshots from the video.

For someone with those supposed credentials, that’s certainly unusual, especially if he claims to be the CEO of this company. So, in our estimation, he’s more than likely a paid actor (though one more likely hired locally and not from a place like

You also meet a man named Amit Gupta who lays claim to masterminding the programming behind the trading robot. He’s likely another locally paid actor acting as CEO.

Biggest Warning Bell Feature of Neo2’s Software

Biggest Warning Bell Feature of the trading SoftwareAs a trader, you want the honest truth before you fork over your money for any trading system, right? But oftentimes the truth about a binary options trading robot gets buried among fake reviews and testimonials. So you need to know the key elements to help you uncover the real deal. And the first place to start is the promotion surrounding any software or service that might tempt you.

Let’s start with the always-popular sales video on the homepage. A truly reliable system won’t sell you a pipe dream through their marketing pitch. But the video on the Neo2 software site raises suspicion right off the bat.

In addition to the typical trends and market analysis, Neo2 claims to also work based on the principles behind solar tracking and environmental forecasting. So it recognizes highly profitable opportunities in the market based on the weather which has an impact on the value of stock and assets.

For instance, it can anticipate how weather changes will effect:

  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Wheat
  • Other trading commodities.

Therefore any Neo2 trader will place trades based on a system that translates changes in the environment into actual trading signals from which traders can make money in binary options. And according to the site, all of this allows the system to reach an 85% success rate for winning trades.

But step back and think a minute. Does this make any logical sense to you? Weather? Binary options, like any other trading form, comes with high stakes and can prove as unpredictable as the weather. Weather can have a negligible effect on pricing movement in the market but that factor should be the least of your concerns when trying to make asset predictions of your own.

Not to mention, how is it possible to create an automated trading system based on predicting weather patterns? Sounds absurd, right? Weathermen have enough trouble predicting the weather, period. But now Neo2 developers are trying to convince traders that they can predict price movement on the market based on weather patterns? If it sounds nonsensical or too good to be true, it should serve as a red flag to you.

New traders are more susceptible to these tactics. But eventually, new traders become experienced if they stay in the business long enough. That’s why genuine companies state realistic expectations and goals for potential traders. They want to stay in business serving traders for a long time and know that experienced traders can smell a fake robot a mile away and won’t be easily fooled.

Screenshot of the Software:

Screenshot of the binary options scam robot

Any Positives to Using Neo2?

Before delving further into this review, you might already be asking if there’s anything positive about Neo2 for the trader? Yes. In addition to the ease of use thanks to automation, you can also access and use their software on any mobile device. So you can trade from anywhere and not have to stay glued to your desktop or laptop computer to execute trades.

But the disadvantages that come with this program outweigh any advantages you can find.

The Use of Scam Brokers & Fake Media Mentions

The Use of Scam Brokers & Fake Media MentionsNeo2 requires you to use one of their recommended brokers. But these brokers are also guilty of scamming traders out of their money, particularly UK Options run by Sean Park. So one group of fraudsters joins another, puts their resources together to come up with a deceptive plan to put before the trading public, launches it out there and draws new traders in like bees to honey, and makes out like bandits with the deposited money. And new traders who can least afford to lose out are always the most vulnerable.

As an added bonus, the site states that mentions of Neo2 have occurred in a few media organizations like the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. If true, this would certainly help make their case for creating a credible and reliable product. They say that those media outlets see Neo2 as changing the industry in a big way due to its claims of predicting market behavior via weather through the leverage of satellite power.

There’s just one problem. We couldn’t find any proof that these media outlets have ever even mentioned Neo2. Doing a quick search turns up empty with regard to this statement which comes within the first few seconds of the video. So this is another lie exposed.

Yet Another Red Flag to Consider

Red Flag to ConsiderThink this through for a second. When you see marketing in another industry, like gambling, that make claims of guaranteed multiple lottery wins if you use their system, your gut tells you it’s total crap. If the system was actually as successful as stated for lots of people, the lottery industry would catch on and shut the technique down.

What makes you think the binary options trading industry works differently? When word gets out about any gangbusters strategy, software, or service, it won’t be long before the powers that be find a way to shut the gravy train down. Otherwise, brokers would lose too much money.

So if a group created software and coded it to rake in as much money as they claim, then why would they share it at all or allow unlimited sign ups? They wouldn’t. Instead, they’d keep quiet about it and make a fortune for as long as possible!

They wouldn’t waste their time creating a product to waste time on marketing, fulfillment, customer service, and technical issues when they could be using it instead to make oodles of money without all that headache. So maybe the real money-making potential for them is tricking people to give it to them by making false promises.

Maybe people like Michael Freeman had good intentions at first. He has a binary options page on Facebook which was fantastic for trading discussions. Many consider him respectable in the industry and he even has a website containing reviews of brokers he claims are scammers.

But then he launched his first automated trading robot and many people lost their money shortly after using it. And he willingly deals with brokers he’s called out as scammers on his review site.

He’s served as a mentor to traders as well. But don’t assume you can rely on anything just because he has his hands in it, including the Neo2 software. Too many people still take his involvement in something as legit and something they can go into blindly. So do your homework and research. It’s your money on the line.

You need to treat binary option trading robots like any other product you want to purchase. Check out real reviews of it from real traders, not affiliate sites that get a commission if you sign up. You’ll often find stories of wiped out accounts in days or breaking even at best.

Neo2 Fake Testimonials

The marketing video on Neo2’s site shows names of the investors who’ve earned money using their software to trade binary options. Or at least, that’s what they want you to think.

Unfortunately, those are fake and only designed to trick you into investing your money with them. In fact, the people behind Neo2 have designed everything to get into your head, read your mind, and feed back to you exactly what you want to hear. But it’s all a mind game.

In addition, the people behind Neo2 have tried connecting their software to legitimate websites and companies. But further research shows that those sites don’t mention the automated program, nor do the people in the testimonials actually work for or represent them in any capacity.

Neo2 fake testimonials byt hired actors:

Fake Testimonials

Our Recommendation? Avoid Like the Plague

In our estimation, Neo2 is nothing more than yet another fraudulent scam with a lot of marketing behind it and Michael Freeman’s name attached to it. Instead of trusting your money with this system find a program with credible claims, a proven track record, and honest testimonials from actual traders who’ve succeeded with making money using the program.


  • 60-second binary options available


  • No license available
  • Unable to verity its claims
  • No technological analysis tools available to traders
  • Many negative review by other traders


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