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Nesdek Inc App is said to have been created by Mike McDonald, a retired Wall Street broker who founded Nesdek Inc and in the last year alone, successfully made just over $1.4 million using the software.  This software is good that it can actually predict trends before it even hits the financial markets. Of course, he now wants to share the software with you, completely free, of course, because that’s just the kind of gentleman he is. Of course, you are part of the ‘exclusive few’ who received an invite to the app, so he’s not just sharing it with anybody.

So is Nesdek Inc App a legitimate auto trading software or just another scam?

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


  • Free


  • Fake claims
  • No real information at all provided
  • Unregulated and untrustworthy broker

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What is Nesdek Inc App?

Nesdek Inc App is nothing but another scam, but then again, this information shouldn’t surprise you. Right out of the gate, the promised profits of almost $4,000 a day is ridiculously high and you definitely will not be able to make that amount from binary options trading unless you are using very high deposit amounts. Not a chance you can make that kind of money with your basic minimum $250 deposit. While Nesdek Inc App doesn’t claim a 100% accuracy rate, as many other scam robots do, their 85% accuracy rate is not much better. While it doesn’t sound as fanciful as a 100% success rate, we assure you that a robot with an 85% accuracy rate is a near impossibility.

Accuracy rates and claims aside, most of these scams are quickly exposed just by doing some simple fact checking. For example, there is no evidence of such a company called Nesdek Inc. and CEO ‘Mike McDonald’ is in fact just another paid actor. The actor playing him is also the face of another old scam robot: Live Profits; see below for proof. The location the promotional video is shot in also looks very familiar to us; we are almost 100% positive that the same location has been rented out to various scammers time and time again.

Of course, there are also the standard fake video testimonials using actors hired from Fiverr. Many of these faces are also quite familiar; obviously, all the scammers must have certain Fiverr actors that they go to for such work. In addition to the use of fake video testimonials, there is also the standard practice of fake written testimonials using stock images or stolen photos. Nesdek Inc App is no different.




How Does It Work?

These scams all work in the same way: ‘free’ to use to lure customers in, telling them all they need to do is make a deposit with their partner ‘trusted’ broker. The creators of the robot then make money from the affiliate commissions from their broker once the trading account has been funded. The robot itself is typically just a generic white label auto-trading software that the scammers only purchase once and use again and again in each new scam.

In our case, the broker we were assigned to was Binary Book which is a completely unlicensed and unregulated broker that has also been the subject of numerous online complaints, a lawsuit, and their parent company, WSB Investments Ltd is now currently in the process of being wound up and liquidated; despite this Binary Book is still up and running.

Final Conclusion

Not Reliable

Nesdek Inc App is yet another generic binary option scam robot, just another one among many. The only difference this one has compared to the others is that they don’t claim a 100% win rate, nevertheless, their claims are still unrealistic.

Further, the broker that they are partnered with, Binary Book is not only unregulated but one of the most untrustworthy brokers we have come across. Definitely, avoid this one.

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