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Numberian LogoThe Numberion Money App is yet another binary options robot that claims to be able make you into a millionaire via a secret time-tested and proven algorithm that has already netted its creator millions of dollars! Is this actually possible? Will this robot lead you to join the Double Comma Club (which refers to a 7-figure net worth as it has two commas) or will it lead you to more failure and disappointment? Read on to find out!

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: 85%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


  • Free


  • No actual proof provided, just fake claims and testimonials
  • No real information at all provided

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What is Numberion Money App Robot?

If you sign up with the Numberion Money App, the only thing you will have to look forward to is failure and disappointment. Numberion Money App is unfortunately nothing but a yet another generic binary options robot scam, and a recycled one to boot. In their 25 minute long promotional video, which you can view here, but which we do not recommend watching as it is extremely long winded and boring, you will notice that the term ‘Numberion Money App’ is not mentioned at all, only the term ‘Double Comma Club’. This is because the Double Comma Club is an old scam and the Numberion Money App is just an attempt by the same scammers to recycle that old scam under a new name. Of course, they didn’t even bother to shoot a new video for the scam; note the dates in the uploaded video and the dates that the Numberion Money App website was registered.

To give you a quick summary of the backstory provided in the video, basically a gentleman called Ben Sherman, the son of two elementary school teachers, was facing some desperate times. He was a broke loser who couldn’t get a girl after losing his job at which he was earning almost 6-figures a year. Before he got fired, he was expecting a promotion and thus bought a new house and new car, which were soon repossessed and foreclosed on after his firing. In desperation, he started drinking and started gambling and at a blackjack table he met a man named James, a ‘high-rolling baller’, who also happened to be the owner of the casino!

Down to his last $500, Ben realized he was playing at a $500 minimum table and inexplicably hits a winning blackjack streak and made $20,000 in just a few minutes. James on the other hand, kept losing, and was soon out of money (I thought he owned the casino?). Being the kind generous soul that he was, Ben offered to stake James in but instead James, so impressed by his generosity, invited him into the ‘top secret’ Double Comma Club.

There James introduced him to the ‘Double Comma Club exclusive software’ and told Ben that they had been ‘watching him for some time’ and were impressed with his generosity and decided to bring him into their exclusive club. Three years later, Ben was worth tens of millions of dollars and the only catch was that he had to bring someone else into the Double Comma Club, much in the same way that James had brought him in. Such charitable people!

The fact that these scammers thought that anyone would believe such a fantastical story clearly shows how little they regard the intelligence of the people they are trying to dupe. Of course, James himself never makes an appearance in the video, and as for ‘Ben Sherman’, all we see is a generic video of a guy filming himself driving a Ferrari. A common practice in these scams is the use of paid actors to give fake video testimonials. Is this the case with the Numberion Money App / Double Comma Club? Yes, it is.

How Does It Work?

We have no clue how the robot works because, newsflash: it probably doesn’t. What we do know is how these scammers work: they promise you a free robot with the only investment on your part being funding your account with their partnered broker, which you would have to do anyway if you want to start trading binary options. These scammers then take their affiliate commission from you signing up with their broker; whether the robot works or not is irrelevant as they have already taken their cut. In our case, when we signed up with the Numberion Money App, the broker we were assigned to was Tradextra, which is completely unregulated.


Not Reliable

The Numberion Money App is just the Double Comma Club scam rebranded. Signing up for this system will only take you further away from joining the real double comma club. Stay away from this low effort and recycled scam.


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