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Obcasio LogotypeLet’s start by saying that this is not a real software that you can use to make money. It is for all intents and purposes a scam that seems to be making waves in the trading community. While the sales video is admittedly convincing but it’s still a fraud system. If you don’t believe us, then proceed with reading our Obcasio review.

The Obcasio software is yet another aggressively promoted scam with the intent of making as much money as possible and then running away. It tries to appeal to every trader out there, but they are in fact intended to rip off traders. So, it stands to reason that you shouldn’t fall for this bogus robot. However, this isn’t the first time we have heard that a robot can generate a whopping $100K a day, with at least $10 each day!

The creators of the robot want you to believe that getting it is free but that is just part of the ploy. What is actually keeping you from signing up? Why are so many traders content with poverty when they can just use the Obcasio software for free?

If you go ahead and answer these questions honestly, you’ll probably arrive at the conclusion that the software could be malicious. It goes without saying that the main reason you are not buying into what they say is that it sounds too good to be true.

We will focus on Obcasio.co the scammers’ main website. Our goal here is to expose the underground dealings and alert users of this massive scam. It’s probably one of the biggest scams on the internet today. So, without further adieu, please read the complete and unbiased Obcasio Review below.

How we know that Obcasio is nothing but a cheap scam?

The Obcasio trading software is nothing but a scam. It is a fraud that’s obviously meant to lie and deceive people. Any trader will tell you that making anything between $10K and $100K a day is not even possible for the best people out there. So, that’s BS!

Even some of the most reliable trading bots which have been honed over the years in the hands of experienced traders barely make $300 on a good day. Binary options are designed in a way which makes generating a large amount of money difficult which automatically debunks all the claims of exponential earning by Obcasio.co.

As traders ourselves we know that a number of factors determine if or not you will make money using trading bots. The first factor is overall market volatility which is near impossible to predict even for the best trading tools. Each day is different, and so the behavior of every currency pair will change.

The other point worth noting is that the execution speed between the broker and software have to be the same. When it comes to the Obcasio trading software, there is no guarantee that it will make money because it’s only designed to make the person who runs the software money.

Eventually, anyone who uses the Obcasio trading bot will realize that the vast majority of not all of their trades are resulting in losses. The loss can be either because the software can’t forecast volatility or because the broker is colluding with the software developer to trick people. Either way, you will lose money.

The other thing worth noting is VIP access doesn’t exist. What’s so great about the signals that Obcasio gives the software? We think it’s the same as other scam signals. Also, this isn’t a software that’s meant for a particular community of forex or binary traders who accept particular types of people. So, if it’s open to everyone then the term ”VIP access” is misleading.

Micheal Watson Who Claims To Own Obcasio Is Fake

Everyone knows that scammers will hire actors who will then pretend to be the owners of the company so that the real owner can hide his or her identity. So, despite Mr. Micheal Watson claiming to be the owner of the Obcasio trading software and also being a multi-millionaire, nobody has ever heard of him.

The trading industry knows nothing of him or his achievements except for people who have been scammed. When we asked people on Wall Street where he claims to have been successful nobody knew anybody by this name. He is also absent from the social media, mainstream media outlets and financial news.

Actor Creator Video

This is who these scammers try to pass of as the creator of the system, despite obviously being an actor

So, it begs the question, who is this person? We did a little bit of digging and found that he is a fiverr.com actor. It is mentioned somewhere in the video that he was featured in Forbes magazine, but after contacting the magazine and searching its website, we found nobody by this name mentioned. Plus no other websites mention the Obcasio trading app.

How can the Obcasio app guarantee this much profit?

The element that the creators of this software want people to focus on is speed. They justify that making a lot of the profits via binary options trading boils down to how fast it is done. The pitch video alludes to the software’s speedy action upon the signals to make huge profits.

19 Spaces Available

A typical tactic used by these shady marketers

While the speed of the robot is one of the keys to success, it is certainly not everything. It is just one of the many features because you don’t want the robot dwelling on something for 2 minutes. When we tried to get a good explanation for how the Obcasio software works we found nothing substantial and worth mentioning other than just the mention of speed.

Why aren’t these people able to explain how the software works? Well, it’s because it does not! It is a scam right down to the testimonials so what do you expect. The entire video just tries to sell you a dream with villas and fast cars instead of giving you solid information. They just want you to feel good about how life would be if you became wealthy. But that’s just a fairy tale and not reality.

The pitch video is full of lies

Now that we have established that the pitch video is nothing but a collection of lies then why won’t they lie about the number of slots available? We found out by registering that there are unlimited copies that are ready to be given out, after all its a scam so the more people they can tick the better.

Why claim there are only 20 spots? Well because it’s just a way to use false marketing statements to elicit a quick response. The more people signup to the system without understanding and researching the better it is for them for obvious reasons.

Final Word

Not ReliableObcasio.co is an attempt to manipulate traders using false information. It is amongst the many scams that you’ll find on the internet and are waiting to rip people off. So, stay away from them at all costs because it will just leave you without the $250 you decided to invest with these scammers.

Honest reviews though few and far between have stated that these people cheated them. Since we never recommend scams to our readers it’s best that you stay away from it.


  • None


  • Requires A Deposit
  • No Proof Of Earnings
  • Shady Tactics
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