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Over the past year, there have been hundreds of new binary options trading software released online. Binary options trading is taking the world by storm. However, sadly, a lot of these systems turn out to be fraudulent or unreliable trading platforms. One should also take the time to do a Google search for reviews regarding the system before investing their money to ensure that that are not, in fact, getting scammed.

One Step Ahead Program is an automated binary options program that claims it has earned over 30 million dollars for traders in just one year. Is this possible? Is this trading system as successful as it claims or simply another scam? Read our One Step Ahead Program review for more details.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 86%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations


– System is fully automated
– Website is user-friendly


– Brokers are not regulated
– CEO is not a real person
– Customer services do not reply to inquiries
– Too many negative reviews

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What is One Step Ahead Program?

According to the information on their website and in their preliminary video, One Step Ahead Program is the only binary options automated trading system that can accurately analyze market trends and predict trades for a maximum profit return for their users. We do not get very much information on the system, how it generates and analyzes their data or even any background information on the company. The video is just a sales pitch and leaves us with no clue about how the system actually functions.

George Stark is the supposed creator of One Step Ahead Program. He claims that his one of a kind trading application has earned 30 million dollars for traders in the past year. However, when researching the product, we noticed that the website is only a few months old so there is no way that One Step Ahead Program has earned that much money, nor has it been in use for as long as Stark claims it has been running.



How does it work?

To gain access to One Step Ahead Program software, you must sign up with a broker that is recommended to you by the system. Then you need to fund your trading account with at least $250 in order to begin trading. The system is automated so you can choose your setting and let it place trades for you. If and when, One Step Ahead Program earns you any profits, you can withdraw your money according to the rules and regulations predetermined by your individual broker.

Is One Step Ahead Program a Scam?

While we cannot say for sure that this system is a scam, we do not recommend One Step Ahead Program. We could not find any information to prove that this is a legitimate trading platform and the crater, George Stark, is merely a paid actor for who has appeared in many other such scam videos.

Final Conclusion

Not ReliableWe strongly advise that you not to register with One Step Ahead Program. None of their brokers are licensed and we could not find any proof that traders who have traded with this system actually earned any money. There are just too many negative online reviews for us to recommend this trading software. We also find the lack of information about the product to be very misleading and confusing.

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