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UPDATE (07.02.2017):

We have found out that has shut down their operations.

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Try also Binary Option Robot if you are looking for automated binary trading. Binary Option BrokerThere is no doubt about it; is clearly one of the best online binary options brokers. Investors have been trading on a long time and it has proven to be a credible and fair broker. Many of those who have been trading with them for a while have consistently been making money in that time span and also have had a very pleasant trading experience. It is part of the reason why the website has become so popular. Each year since its inception the site has grown in numbers from those who have signed up to trade with them; that has resulted in it becoming one of the biggest online binary options brokers.

The Reasons Has Become So Popular

There are a large number of things this online broker does well that have helped to increase their popularity. For starters, they have proven to help both novice and beginner traders to become more successful at binary options trading. They have done this by offering such valuable learning tools as demo accounts, informational webinars, providing well written eBooks on binary options trading and by having other beneficial learning tools available too.

The site also has a detailed FAQ section that is available to every investor that has signed up to trade with them. This FAQ section enables those who use the site to easily get help by having many often asked questions already answered and easy to find. These questions cover a lot of important topics and supply the helpful answers to them; it can save you a lot of time because you don’t have to get in touch with the customer service team to help solve your problem. It is just another sign of how is committed to serving those that trade on their website.

The informative and easy to use FAQ pages are not the only reason that people choose as their broker either. If you should have the need to get in touch with their knowledgeable customer service team, that is not a problem at all. Their customer service team is always available and eager to help you with your questions and concerns. They can be reached easily by sending them an e-mail or by using one of the convenient phone numbers they provide to you. The customer service department at does all they can to take care of those that contact them as quickly as possible but with all their many customers you must understand sometimes they get busy too. There are times you have to be patient but always rest assured they will get to you as soon as possible. Withdrawals realizes that the money in your trading account belongs to you, not to them. Because of this they have designed a withdrawal system that is quick, efficient and very secure. For questions regarding withdrawals, once again the customer service team can help. They have a low minimum withdrawal of just 80 Euros; that is a lot less than most binary options brokers set their minimum withdrawals at.

Once you decide it is time to make a withdrawal all you have to do is click on the withdrawal tab on the options menu and submit a request to the compliance department for approval. You can rest assured that this transaction will not only be processed as quickly as possible but that it will also be done in a safe and secure manner. It is just another area you will have a pleasant experience with them if you sign up to trade with

There are a few things that you need to note also. There are trading terms that must be fulfilled before you can withdraw any bonus money that you have received. The terms of these are clearly laid out on the website itself. Once again if you have a question regarding this, it is something that customer service would be happy to help you with by e-mail or their convenient live chat.

Credit card withdrawals are processed and sent within 7 days and most of the time it will take another few days for your credit card company to get the money back into your account. Credit card withdrawals are free so that is the best way to go both when establishing your account and when making any withdrawals that you would like to take. does everything they can to streamline the withdrawal process. Once you have logged onto your account, the tabs on their web platform will conveniently guide you through the withdrawal process quickly and easily. Just choose the tab marked “withdrawal request” on the drop down menu to get the whole process started. Enter into the appropriate column the amount of money you wish to withdraw from your account and then select the method in which you would like to make the withdrawal (credit card, bank wire transfer, etc…). Once this is done, just hit the submit key to initiate the withdrawal. The whole process is really just that simple. Once you have placed you withdrawal request you will receive an e-mail from the banking department confirming they have received your withdrawal request.

More about Withdrawals

Lots of investors sometimes worry that the funds they initially deposit with online brokers such as are being kept safe and secure. You can be assured this is not a problem with the binary options trading site. Their reputation speaks for itself where this is concerned. They are known for having an excellent payment service that has response times that are as good as or better than a lot of other online brokers. Their website also includes many advanced features that will help make both deposits and withdrawals a lot easier to process. It is just another thing that does to give their customers a positive experience when using the website.

There are also a variety of different methods that can be used to make deposits too. After all, not everyone likes to use the same type of monetary services to make their deposit with; that is why gives you choices. You can use credit cards, bank wire transfers or even online payment services to make your deposits with. There is simply a large variety of ways you can choose to conveniently make your deposits and withdrawals. And just to remind you again, customer service is always there to help if you ever have problems making a deposit or initiating a withdrawal.

If you want to withdraw some of you binary options trading earnings, you must withdraw the funds with the same method you used to open your trading account. The reason for this is because they have already verified your information there and they know this transaction will take place in a safe and secure manner. It helps both you and the company to do banking functions in the most secure and efficient way possible. Some delays are caused in the withdrawal process to make sure that the funds comply with anti-money laundering laws and other security concerns. Once all this has been taken care of the actually withdrawal processing will take place and this is usually accomplished within one working day.

The minimum withdraw on is only 80 USD. Some people may consider this to be too high but this is a standard withdrawal amount throughout the industry; many brokers even have higher withdrawal minimums than You have to understand that web brokers are charged fees for doing banking services with the various companies used for withdrawals; they would lose a lot of money if customers were doing such things as initiating ten $5 withdrawals in a week.

Customer Service on

When you have a need to contact the customer service department at you will be greeted by a patient and knowledgeable customer service representative. Since the company has been in business so long many of their customer service personnel are very experienced at what they do. Another great thing about the customer service on is the variety of ways in which you can contact them. You can do this by phone, e-mail and even by live chat.Feel free to ask them any questions you want because they are there to help with all your concerns. It is recommended to take a look at the FAQ section before you call because the answers too many of your questions can be quickly answered there too.

Bonuses on

For a company that was first introduced for trading in 2014 they are very established at such thing s as funds security and bonuses. They were able to do this by hiring personnel with broad backgrounds and many years of experience in the binary options trading business; it’s the equivalent of having a company that has been around since binary options were first traded in 2008.

As far as bonuses are concerned you will get your first one as soon as you have deposited at least $250 in your trading account and that money is verified. The actual amount you deposit is what determines the amount of your signup bonus; this bonus can go as high as 100% up to the maximum of $10,000. With a hefty bonus like that and the money you deposited you can then start trying to build up your account by trading with one of the over 200 assets that can pair with their binary option choices. Having a little “free money” to trade with takes some of the pressure off when first learning the platform and trading with them.

As was briefly mentioned before, bonuses cannot be withdrawn until after certain trading conditions are met; you will be required to trade 20x your initial deposit amount before you can withdraw any bonus funds. The generous bonus also allows you to get a little more aggressive with your trading without feeling you are risking your own hard earned money.

These types of bonuses not only help novice traders but they are very beneficial to experienced traders as well. You always have the option on whether to accept the bonus or not also. Once you send a request for the bonus the money is then placed in your account. You probably do not want to accept the bonus if you are only planning on trading binary options for a short time. Novice traders are encouraged to accept the bonus to offset losses due to their learning curve with binary options trading; it will give them a great peace of mind.

Simply put, offers a variety of nice benefits for those that trade with them. You have seen an example of that here as we discussed their bonuses, withdrawal policies and customer service. It is a website that is far from a scam and has a well-earned reputation as being one of the most fair and secure binary options brokers in the business.

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  1. Dylan M.   •  

    Defo not a go for me, if anything that has really turned me off…it would definetely have to be two of the rudest reps I’ve have the displeasure of speaking with.
    But the platform itself was very goood itself
    Be warned about the reps though!!

  2. Rennie   •  

    Anyone promoting optionfm should be charge with conspiracy to defraud. OptionFM people are truly evil, bloodsucking vermin.

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