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OptionRobotPro LogotypeOption Robot Pro’s creators claim that it is a fully automated Forex and a Binary trading robot which started operating in June 2017. According to the company, the robot is connected to an array of brokers including some of the best licensed brokers like iTrader.

When reviewing Option Robot Pro, we immediately noticed the professionalism of the interface and layout. It seems as though they wanted to make the interface as insanely easy and yet powerful enough for all types of traders. So, there are no cheesy videos and cookie-cutter promises of immense riches like other competitors.

Reviewing Option Robot Pro

Let us start this review off by saying that Option Robot Pro is perhaps one of the best binary options robots that we have reviewed over the years. When comparing different types of automated trading systems, the first things that we consider is the license of the broker; then we need to look at the features they offer which allow a trader to configure the system.

Easy Signup Process Robot

Option Robot Pro has an easy signup process

The other good thing about the software or platform is that you get four trading strategies to choose from based on the most common technical indicators. Plus, the risk management option is fun, not to mention easy to use. You can set a stop loss and reap the profits when they come which is a unique feature amongst trading robots.

Settings and preferences

Auto Trading Tile

The Auto Trading features offered make things simple for beginners

Risk Managment: Traders can choose from up to six risk management settings that allow you to control the default trade size and then set it to minimize loss owing to bad signals. You will also want to set up the Max Daily Trades figure to something low or whatever makes you comfortable.

Some trading systems can generate up to 100 trades in 60 minutes. You can limit the Max Concurrent Trades via the feature which means that you control how many trades are opened simultaneously.

  • Asset Selection: All the signals generated are available for 17 currency pairs. But you get to choose which underlying assets you want the robot to open positions for by selecting them manually. We consider asset selection to be very important because even though an algorithm can work well during regular trading situations but will deliver bad results when things become rough.
  • Software Demo: The demo is an important part of understanding how the software works by using virtual money. It allows traders to open trades. However, the results will always show that you are making money which is not a real world scenario. Though the purpose of the demo is to show you all the features of this software while not the trading signals.

A selection of licensed brokers

Easy For Beginners Tile

Quite a few features make the program simple to use for newcomers

Option Robot Pro helps to connect traders with licensed and often popular brokers in Europe like iTrader, EuropeFX, and Opteck. Each one of these is obviously reputed and can be trusted.

The biggest problem with the binary options industry is the large number of scam brokers whose sole purpose is to steal your money.

But they are not regulated by any government body. Also, while we have reviewed many seemingly good trading robots none of these work with licensed brokers and so they can be considered a scam too.

The software gives you the ability to pick any broker you want. Also, with a large number of configuration options, no two traders will end up with the same results. So, it all boils down to how well you wield the power of this robot.

Final Word

ApprovedWe found no red flags when reviewing Option Robot Pro’s website. This to us suggests that the developer and company as a whole are offering something of value. We recommend that traders try out the platform and see how well it works for their style of trading.

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  • Easy Signup Process
  • Good Beginner Tools
  • Trustworthy Company
  • Reliable Risk Management Tools


  • New System
7 Binary Options review: Option Robot Pro: 4 star

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