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Orion Code LogotypeThe trading software Orion Code is the most recent scam spreading around the web now. Their promotional video may persuade you, but beware that it is most certainly a cheat. Can’t believe it? Continue reading this Orion Code review.

Orion Code app is the most recent scam that is being actively promoted on the internet and is aiming to engage traders from all around the world. Keeping that in mind, there is a good chance that you already know how these tricks operate.

When end goal is to scam you, it is pretty obvious right away, and no experienced trader will not fall into the trap such a shabby and false robot as Orion Code app. Being on this market for a long time, it’s not the first occasion on which we’re hearing such promises: a robot can create up to $100k every day, with $10k being the absolute minimum result.

Let’s focus today on the Orion Code app webpage and everything that is stated there. Our main goal is to uncover their hidden skeletons, and hopefully prove to our readers that this is one of the worst of all the scams on the market. So in case you’re prepared, go ahead and read this Orion Code Review and make up your own mind .

Orion Code  – What is it and how does it work?

So is Orion Code a complete fraud? Indeed, from the very first glance, any trader can see that it’s a major scam. What is obvious is that you can’t possibly earn $10k to $100k per day.

Any statements similar to this should be considered what they are – straightforward lies. Traders that are using some of the most productive of robots on the market some days struggle to make even $400.

VIP Access Claims

Some of the fraudulent marketing seen on the Orion Code’s website

And even the odds are in their favor, such high wins like Orion Code app is assuring you will have with it are unthinkable.We had to consider many things before we could finally decide that it’s impossible to profit with robots such as Orion Code. Firstly, there is market volatility.

Also, the execution speed of the robot and broker must be reliable. On account of Orion Code software, we can’t be sure if there are any profits at all since the product was quite obviously made to give profits to its creator, and not the trader.

Thus, you will understand that a large portion of your trades are ending in misfortunes. There are two possible reasons for that: one is because this product can’t possibly predict unpredictability; second is that the dealer and the product engineer are playing games with you to make sure that you will lose all your invested money.

Finally, there isn’t anything even remotely similar to VIP access. The Orion Code red flags are everywhere, and what is it that can’t be found in other scam robots? It’s this weird lie. So simply discount this absurd promise of getting a VIP account.

Is the owner of Orion Code anonymous?

After being in this industry for a while, you ought to know about the way that scams use to trick user into signing up with them. One of these ways is hiring actors to perform and pretend to be the creators of the app.

It is understandable that it is in the interest of their creators to conceal their personalities and this is exceptionally basic in this sort of business.

Regardless of Edward Robinson of Orion Code assuring us in the promotion video that he is a mogul, we didn’t find any info about such a person. He is certainly not a star on Wall Street nor is he renowned on social media media or the web at all.

For goodness sake, who is this person? All things considered, for this Orion Code review our team found that he is a Fiverr actor, much the same as one would guess. We discarded looking in Forbes magazine right away since that is the place he claims to be featured but even a basic search brings no results.

Clearly, of all articles that Forbes editors have published up until this point, there is no Edward Robinson. Similarly, Orion Code application was never talked about on any pages they are claiming to be featured on.

Furthermore, just is all of this didn’t convince you (which it really should by now), maybe you ought to checkout this other scam out there, Amissio Formula. Do you already see where this is going?

Turns out, Edward Robinson is the CEO of Amissio Holdings as well. This is a nonexistent organization which was in charge of making the above mentioned programming.

Extraordinary Scam Video Presentation

Now, let’s turn to the promo video itself. The Orion Code video presentation is a fake one. It is solely based on the fake claims that Orion Code app is speedier than any other Binary Options Trading programming out there.

Promotional Video Sit Back

Here you can see what the supposed creator of the Orion Code looks like

Edward Robinson continues yelling about how his product has helped him and many other to make a great living. Yet, he never specified how the product truly functions!

Indeed, this can be for 2 reason: one is that the product doesn’t exist at all, two is that the product is only there to make traders trust it can benefit them. Making benefits through a product each single day for an indefinite period of time is to for sure a huge claim even for a framework like the Orion Code.

Fake Claims and News

Charles Fake Testimonial

This is obviously a fake testimonial by a paid actor

After visiting Orion Code website once, any trader who has a little bit of knowledge about these binary options scams systems can straight forward say that it is a scam. There are many fake widgets used like Few Spots available and membership will be closed in few minutes. Seriously?

When Edward Robinson puts forward the claim that, Orion Code has changed over 200 people life by making them millionaire, you can be sure that those are simply some fake claims.

If that would be the case then why there is no success story about any of those 200 millionaires? Moving on to the video presentation, Robinson also claims that their software has been presented at famous tech programs and financial market to make huge money but has been kept hidden.

Not just that, Edward Robinson goes on by showing that he has over $44 million in his own account, and says that he makes $10 million every year which is of course a fabricated fake account.

Unreliable Software and Performance

Ok, let’s imagine just for a second that the above mentioned software was making over $3300 every day. Edward Robinson still goes ahead by asserting that there are ways to turn the product use for more cash!

Activation Of Platform Screenshot

While the platform looks good, we doubt it actually has any functionality

The user can be assured that the software to be created by Edward Robinson (who himself didn’t know anything about trading as he admits it gladly as well) and his mask of being a tech wizard and the product depends on the NOS “Close Orion Speed” innovation are just scams to make individuals trust that the Orion Code Trading framework works.

The functionality of the Orion Code is practically as flawed as the Edward Robinson persona. The “founder” himself says that the product has nothing to do with Forex Trading or Binary Options, it is all about tech solutions as Orion Code framework is guaranteed speedier. That is a strange and sketchy comment.

Are you still considering investing into Orion Code app? We assume that considering all the points mentioned, you’re not. Which would be the right decision to make as the Orion Code is certainly nothing but a scam created with only one purpose in mind: to trap innocent traders to invest money with the Orion Code.

More marketing on the platform

Considering that the so-called creators can lie in the Orion Code PP promo video, then what should make us think that they won’t lie about the quality of the product itself which they are promoting?

They are claiming that there is a limited number of solutions available. But obviously, there is no such thing: there are as many solutions as there are naïve investors to buy it.

The message is that “there are only 20 spots and you should claim yours”. This is false advertising at its best which is aimed to push you to act rapidly and support them in their faulty attempts. The more you are in hurry, the more Orion Code app can accelerate their way towards scamming you without you noticing what it is.

Conclusion – Is Orion Code a Scam?

Not ReliableOrion Code is definitely a straightforward scam. It is simply an attempt to persuade traders with fake claims and promises. This robot is a part of so many many scams which saturate online space and just try to rip off beginner traders.

We advise you to stay as far away from it as possible because it can be a devastating experience to leave even $250 to these fraudsters for no reason at all. Many Orion Code promos were discussed in quite negative tones on reputable websites because of those claims. We cannot be an exception either and would advise you to avoid Orion Code completely.


  • None


  • Ridiculous promises
  • Paid Actors
  • Points you to an unregulated broker
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7 Binary Options review: Orion Code: 1 star

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