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With today’s economy being so uncertain, everyone is looking to find ways to make some extra money online. There are plenty of “quick rich quick” schemes all over the internet. But are they real, or just a ploy to get unsuspecting, but eager people to hand over their hard-earned cash? Binary options has indeed proved to be an extremely profitable way to earn some extra savings with minimal risk and very little time. However, just as with other money making platforms, there are those who have decided to turn this honest business into a scam.

So how does run tell the scams from the real McCoy? There are warning signs that one can easily pick up on after having some experience. But to the new trader, there is already so much information to process, that they might unknowingly overlook these simple signs.

Overnight Profit App claims to earn thousands of dollars for traders while they are sleeping with its completely automated binary options trading software. But is this for real or just another con? Read our Overnight Profit Review to what’s really going on with this trading software.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


– Easy to use
– Fully automated system


– Does not offer a free demo account
– Traders are forced to register with an unlicensed broker
– Misleading company information
– Customer service does not appear to exist

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service

What is Overnight Profit?

Overnight Profit is a fully automated trading software system designed by Gregory Leeds, a self-proclaimed binary options trading wizard. Leeds developed the Overnight Profit App. He claims that he and his company, GL Media, have spent 5 years developing the Overnight Profit system. However, when we tried to find background information on Leeds and GL Media, we discovered that GL Media, such that it is, has only been in existence for just under a year. So already, Leeds is giving us false information.

He also claims that Overnight Profit System can earn traders up to $5,000 overnight. This number is just not feasible, even with the most tried and true trading systems. So we did a little research online to see if anyone has ever achieved such a profit with this system. We not only found out that no one was able to earn even a few hundred dollars with this system, but that traders also lost their initial investment. We do not feel that this system is the least bit reliable.

How to Get Started?

It’s easy to get started with Overnight Profit, as with the majority of trading venues. Simply create an account and then register with a broker of their choosing. After you make the required minimum deposit of $250 you can begin trading with Overnight Profit App. Once you start to see some winnings, you can withdraw the money as you see fit.

We were disappointed to see that none of their “recommended” brokers were regulated by a governing body. This means they do not have to answer anyone regarding the policies or policies set forth by a binary options trading regulatory body. This also left a bad taste in our mouths.



Is Overnight Profit a Scam?

While we cannot say that Overnight Profit app is definitely a scam, we can stand behind our original statement that this system is just not safe. We feel that there are many other trading software applications available online are legitimate. We feel that there is too much of “gray area” with this system due to the misleading information about the company as well as the unrealistic profit projections.

Final Conclusion

Not ReliableIn all honesty, we cannot stand behind the Overnight Profit app. We advise that if you chose to use this system that you should do it with utmost caution. There have been far too many companies and negative reviews for us to give this system our stamp of approval.

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