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Passive Profits LogotypeWe want to start off by making it very clear from the beginning that we conclude that Passive Profits is a scam. Our full review uncovers the reasons that led to our conclusion with proof. Don’t be deceived by the claims made by these scammers. The goal for us is to expose the fraud so that every one of our readers can save themselves from it.

The claim that traders can make over $50K a day though tempting is utterly false. The fake figures alone raise a red flag in our minds as it should do with you too.

When on the main website we didn’t find it hard to debunk the scam that has been laid out by these people. The website itself looks like something put together by an amateur web designer. The presentation indicates that the individual who read the script has no knowledge of binary options trading or the finance industry.

People are led to believe that the voice they are hearing is a troubled 19-year-old youth. However, anybody who listens to the presentation carefully can easily tell that it is not the voice of a young 19 or even 20-year-old person.

Plus the presentation in our opinion has been made unnecessarily complicated so even we couldn’t figure out what they were trying to say. If anything it casts doubt on the presenter’s knowledge of the trading industry.

If you ask us, we’ll tell you outright that the voice is fake. But the same goes for everything else that’s promised and purported to be presented on the website. We think that the video is aimed at people who have no trading experience. It is why the content is mostly incoherent on purpose.

Listening to the narration from start to finish we were disappointed because the presenter does not tell us anything worth knowing about the software. Passive Profits is a scam and it why they have nothing to say about it but are still trying to convince people with concerted lies.

Why do we think it is a scam?

Interestingly the Passive Profits app is no different from many of the other fraudulent apps that are introduced into the market each and every week. Every one of these apps promises to make you rich, but in fact, they are designed to suck your account dry.

It’s important to understand that the binary options industry is volatile. It’s not a place where inexperienced people can just make money, or a software programmer can just automate the task. The signals need to be highly accurate to increase the chances of making a profit with online trading.

Promotional Video Typical

These types of promotional videos are very common in this kind of shady scheme

The first thing you need to do to verify if the software is scam or legit is to check the security badges usually lined across the top of the page. The badges shouldn’t just be graphics but should be clickable. Which means that if you click on them, you’re taken to the security provider’s website. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with Passive Profit’s website.

We did see a few icons resembling security badges, but they were not clickable. It is an indicator that we are dealing with a fraud website. The key to becoming a successful trader is knowing how to read the market accurately, and the same goes for if you’re going to use the software.

Passive Profits boasts of substantial earnings but does not talk about the algorithm it uses to help traders make money. This is one indicator of it being a scam. The reason they don’t show the software working or talk about its algorithm is that there isn’t any.

Fake Testimonials, Reviews, and Pictures

We did everything possible to verify all the claims they made independently. But couldn’t find one thing about the promoter named Nathan Birch. Nobody is talking about Nathan Brich because no one knows who this guy is.

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He does not even have a social media profile in this day and age. Any real person would surely have a LinkedIn profile, but he has nothing! We suspect that the name is fictitious and this person along with the software are not real. So, it’s not worth wasting your time and money on it.

We also tried cross checking the information we had from other trusted review websites to see if they have anything good to say about Passive Profits. Unfortunately, we turned up nothing. Most of the websites we ran into have blacklisted Passive Profits.

It indicates that the system is a scam and it has cheated people. If people were, in fact, making money as the promoters claim it would have received tremendous endorsements by blogs and people on forums.

Final Word

Not ReliableThe software is geared towards people who are new to binary options trading or who have never traded before. Regardless of your background, we would ask that you don’t use Passive Profits software. It is a fraud!

If you are in doubt about a binary options trading software like Passive Profits, then read our reviews. We test and review several systems every week.


  • None


  • Fake Testimonials By Paid Actors
  • Uses Bogus Algorithms
  • No History Of Profits
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