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Pay My Vacation LogotypeIn our years of researching and exposing scams, we have had the experience of unearthing some dangerous software. But we have never come across a software that was built on a ridiculous idea as Pay My Vacation.

Pay My Vacation’s developers have chosen the old school method of luring investors by providing them with fantastical dreams. They hope to delude their potential clients by jam-packing their demo video with images of a luxurious lifestyle because they have nothing else to offer.

This whole scam is designed to generate profit that will go straight into the pockets of those who are running this whole scam, leaving traders empty-handed and deceived. The Pay My Vacation software is incapable of making a profit of even a single penny, so be very careful.

The ridiculous backstory of how Jack James created Pay My Vacation

Pay My Vacation’s promotional video features all of the elements which are generally associated with a scam promo. Hired actors can be seen enjoying themselves in the most exotic places and claiming to be making $18k daily.

All the people featured in the video are hired actors that are seen offering their services on online markets like Rent-a-soundbite. Their goal is to promote and sell the idea to start investing right away without due diligence so that you can be on your way to sipping piña coladas in Hawaii.

The promotional video for Pay My Vacation provides viewers information about the software that is either fabricated or useless. No fact or figure is featured in the video, and the existing information is intentionally elaborated and repeated over and over again to cover the entire length of the video.

Supposed Creator of The System

The supposed creator of the system is obviously a paid actor

As for the cock and bull story about Pay My Vacation’s introduction in the market, it is enough for any individual searching for validation whether this whole scheme is a fraud.

For starters, if you try searching for the owner of Pay My Vacation, Jack James, on the internet, you will find that the said persona does not exist. Don’t you think someone who is asking to be entrusted with your earnings should have information about them available even if it is to look credible?

Someone who claims to be capable of developing software that can generate unbelievable amounts of profits should at least provide his clients some evidence of being legit to help ease their minds.

Therefore, either this “alleged” multi-millionaire does not exist, or they have done an excellent job of hiding their identity for unknown reasons, which forces us to question the credibility of this whole scheme.

As explained in the video, Jack James does not expect to gain a dime from this project. The creators try to make us believe that a multi-millionaire wants to share his wealth with 27 lucky traders.

That right there is another major red flag. Anyone familiar with online trading scams knows well enough that these people create a sense of urgency by informing you that they have a limited number of places available and that you should sign up without wasting any more time to secure your spot.

Jack James claims to take down the Pay My Vacation video as soon as the spots are filled, which is just another fraudulent claim. It is a little weird that an individual who possesses more money than he can spend in his entire life is trying to share his wealth with others by including restrictions on the number of seats.

How Pay My Vacation works and why are we calling it a scam?

Honestly, after conducting extensive research to uncover even a shred of eligibility in this whole scam, we are sad to say that there was none to be found. There is nothing to prove if this software can live up to its claim, or if it even exists.

This whole project is based on the idea that ‘The Chosen Ones’ get to travel the world alongside their new buddy Jack James, and experience a luxurious way of living.

Additionally, every once in a while, they get together with the elite members where insider secrets are shared over glasses of wine. That is the secret money-making formula Jack James offer to his investors.

Sitting by the Pool and sipping margaritas

The promotional material is both unbelievable and ridiculous

So in other words, the fewer number of high stake trades, coupled with elite inside information to increase the rate of success is the secret revolutionary formula that Jack James hopes to use to generate massive amounts of profits.

Registration for Pay My Vacation App requires an investor to deposit an initial sum of money, which is not specified anywhere on their website. Jack James makes numerous attempts of assuring his potential investors that his software can generate profits with a 99% success rate, without providing any particular facts and features.

It is true that there are pictures that show huge bank balances from some of Jack’s inner circle. However, it is evident that these are doctored images that were falsified to serve their cause. Again we advise you to beware of such scams and conduct extensive research before choosing a trade service provider to invest your money.

One of the other aspects of Pay My Vacation which strikes us as being fishy is that the software boasts of being 100% automated and so there is no experience required. The narrator goes one step further towards the end of the video stating that people don’t even need to have an interest in trading, and no skill or understanding is required, but they will become rich. All of this sounds too good to be true!

Website in no longer accessible!

For starters, the official website seems to have been shut down by the scammers behind this scheme. The fact that the website is no longer accessible is yet another indicator of this being a scam, and so it shouldn’t be trusted.

We strongly advise that if you ever come across a similar website or even a similar scheme, it can naturally be pronounced as a scam. You shouldn’t use the Pay My Vacation software or any other for that matter regardless of what anyone tells you.

How Pay My Vacation is Purported to Work?

The claim is that the software is so powerful that it will turn a 99% profit by trading binary options automatically. That said the company does not explain the mechanics of exactly how that’s possible, throwing a lot of doubt upon the legitimacy of the Pay My Vacation system.

The promotional videos are of low quality and mainly just shows people enjoying life in various exotic places like beaches and five-star hotels. We searched on YouTube and found just one video about the product, and that too was only about the glamor associated with a lavish lifestyle. We were not able to find any information about trading binary options and how the system works, unfortunately.

In our years of experience, the glamorous details in these videos serve only one purpose, and that is to attract attention. It tries to convince people that the software that they are being pushed to buy or invest with will end up giving them the lifestyle portrayed.

Finally, towards the end of the video, there is a short and rather sketchy demo trade. The reason why we say its sketchy is because it does not show the software in detail and so we cannot ascertain if it’s genuine software.

The video shows the person turning a $50 investment into a huge profitable payout which is nearly impossible in real life even for highly experienced traders.

If an investor or day trader were to invest $50 in the binary options trading industry the maximum profit you can expect is $90. So, the profit shown is a huge exaggeration, to say the least. The scammers running this system want you to believe that you will make millions of dollars and nothing else.

Fake Testimonials

Ridiculous Testimonials and Reviews

The pictures on the testimonials are either paid actors, or stolen photos

We were not able to find reliable, verifiable testimonials to support the claims made by this system or the actors playing the part of the creator or people who claim to have made millions using the software in the video.

The common claim in the video is that they made millions with some earning up to $18,000 a day while stating that their system has been running for over two years.

For these people to be running the system for two years, it has to be available for at least two years. So, we went ahead and investigated this claim by checking the domain’s registration information using

We not surprisingly discovered that Pay My Vacation’s website was registered in June 2016 which means that the claim of it being available for two years is once again false. But we were not surprised because it’s one of the hallmarks of a cheap scam with the only intention of closing down as soon as they made enough money.

The Pay My Vacation System Is Not Worth Considering

Pay My Vacation tends to state the impossible and expects you to believe it. For an instant let’s assume that this Jones character was able to gain access to a top end secret into the financial world when partying. While the story may have been considered somewhat plausible back in the 1980s, but after the market’s collapse of 2008 bankers keep a lower profile.

Most bankers don’t spend millions on parties and invite just about anyone they can. Plus, many successful bankers are very suspicious of people they hardly know. Also, what’s being alluded to is the ability to get information via insiders i.e. insider trading which is illegal and punishable by law.

The Pay My Vacation system as claimed by James was built from the ground up by himself. His claim is that he was a mid-level accounts employee back in the day and was not a software developer which is a contradictory statement in itself.

How can one man design and develop a trading software that wins without development experience?

Software development requires a team of people all of whom have years of experience as developers. Cracking the binary options trading system can take years if not decade that too if you’re lucky and that was back in the 80s. Today, this kind of claim is way too deceitful to believe.

Final Word: The Pay My Vacation System is a Scam

Not ReliableOur investigation reveals that this system is a scam and so it needs to be avoided at all costs. By now you probably have a very good idea as to what the people behind this system want to do and why you need to avoid it.

The software does not merit any attention, so don’t spend time thinking about it because there are so many other better things you can do. If you ask us, we’d tell you to avoid any outlandish invites or recommendations via email.

Usually, don’t even consider clicking on links you get in emails from unknown sources or even social media for that matter. We recommend that you research any and every broker and then only trade with a binary options broker and accompanying software that has a good reputation.

When you’re using a genuine company, you will be assigned a professional broker, and that will ensure that you receive an excellent service, not to mention help and education helping you to grow as a trader.


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  • Ridiculous concept
  • Creator and testimonials are paid actors
  • Fraudulent marketing
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