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Perfect Profits LogotypeIn this review we are going to expose the truth behind Perfect Profits, one of the most recent scams you can find on the internet these days.

After comprehensive research we have more than enough evidence to expose and prove that Perfect Profits is nothing but a huge scam and the worst possible idea when it comes to the binary options trading market.

The creators of the Perfect Profits software invest their time and resources in attracting people by sending them mails and invitations in order to trick them into using their software.

I honestly assure you that they mean no good for you and you should be aware of the fact that they just want to rip you off and you should be careful before making any financial decisions. The world of binary options trading market is a risky game and a financial gamble and for obvious reasons you should rethink every decision you make.

We are aware of the fact that many people have already fallen for Perfect Profits scamming invitations and I hope you are not one of those people. The goal and the greatest essence of this review is to warn and prevent other people from falling for this trap.

I recommend that before using any newly designed and released software you should always check reviews and get a better intro into the software. By doing this you will instantly recognize the reliable software from the fraudulent ones and you will definitely stay away from this scamming software and won’t fall into their trap.

We took some time to watch their promotional videos and study software basics and we can only conclude that Perfect Profits is just another scamming software. They didn’t even invest any time to make their site look like a reliable one and there absolutely no reason for us to think that their site offers any type of actual financial help.

At the very beginning after checking the website domain name it became very obvious to us that Perfect Profits is just a scam.

Any professional binary options trader would instantly recognize the truth behind this software and would immediately dismiss the idea of using it for making profits on the trading market.

There is a solid amount of evidence and proof speaking about the web of deceit this site is using for tricking people into investing their money for nothing. I honestly think this software is one of the worst we have ever reviewed and here it is the great pile of proof to back up our statement.

Online marketing strategy and tactics

First time you enter their website you will notice at the corner of the website a time counter which is telling you that offers end up in 34 seconds. As you guessed you can stay on their website for a whole day and it is still counting the time left. This is a huge red flag indicating that the Perfect Profits is just a scam.

PF Marketing Example

An example of the fraudulent marketing techniques used by Perfect Profits

We took some time to explore through their website and strategy and one thing became very obvious and that is the fact that this software is just a pile of false promises.

This fake timer is designed in order to attract you to sign up for their fraud very fast and anyone with even a little knowledge in binary options trading would instantly recognize the fake trading robot such as Perfect Profits when they see it.

Spam email invitations by the provider

First thing that should cross you mind when you get these types of email invitations is how they know your email address. One of the biggest pieces of evidence which back up our statements that Perfect Profits is a fraud, are these unsolicited emails they are sending out.

The things that should cross your mind when you receive emails like this is:

  • That the product being sold is unlikely to be legitimate.
  • That these email invitations are sent as a work of scamming artists who are launching these fake invitations in order to deceive people.
  • That the most secure option is to run away from these unwanted invitations instantly.

The real truth behind the price of the Perfect Profits software

First thing you will notice when you go through the website of Perfect Profits is that they are offering you and promising completely free access to their software. When you actually want to get their software they will be requesting from you to sign a contract with their broker and pay initial deposit money in order to access their software.

After you have signed up with the broker and paid that initial deposit price you can start trading with Perfect Profits bot. Their initial statement that the system is free is not true. They are demanding that you pay that initial price in order to sign with the broker, but actually that money goes to the promoters.

Unconvincing promotional videos

When you enter their website you will see great amount of introduction videos. We took some time to watch these introduction videos and go through website as well. Besides the fact that these videos include a foolish narration you would also notice unconvincing acting.

Perfect Profits Footer

The Sofware is presented as a beta stage product

I instantly had my doubts that these people telling their stories in the introduction videos are real traders. I was right as these people turned out to be actors who are paid to do these kinds of shady jobs at Maybe you even recognize their faces from the other videos you’ve come across while visiting binary options trading software.

Who is the real target?

After some comprehensive research and after watching their introduction videos it became obvious to me that their real targets are beginners in the world of binary options trading market. Their targets are people with little to no experience in trading systems.

The designers of this software know that those people have limited knowledge in the trading mechanism. Beginners are very likely those who would fall for they tricks and deceits easily. I recommend you to be very careful as a beginner in the industry and read every review you can find before making any financial decisions.

A bunch of fake testimonials on their website

Marketing Example ActorWhen you enter their website you will notice a ton of testimonials from people who are allegedly using Perfect Profits. You will notice all of them are satisfied customers who are making huge income every month by using this trading software.

The pattern is always the same. Creators of the software hire actors from and pay them for acting these satisfied customers. Besides paying for acting in their introduction videos they also hire freelancers to write fake positive review on their website.

The question is can you make any money using Perfect Profits?

I know you are all wondering can you make any money using Perfect Profits software. I have to disappoint you because the answer is absolutely no. You should be aware of the fact that you can never make any income using unreliable and disreputable software like Perfect Profits. Instead of earning an income you will only lose money you have earned by working hard.


Not Reliable

After discovering and presenting you with a great amount of evidence that Perfect Profits is just another scamming software, I am sure you are going to be more careful and run away from this kinds of fake robots in the future. Before making any financial decisions you should be wise and initially research binary options trading before investing any of your money.


  • Gaining greater experience in binary options trading market
  • Simplicity and ease of execution


  • Lack of more trading tools
  • There is high risk when it comes to the high payoffs
  • Signed brokers are mostly unreliable and without legitimacy
  • Negative risk and reward propositions
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7 Binary Options review: Perfect Profits: 2 stars.
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  1. Eduardo   •  

    Yes I’ve been scammed like you said I’m new and stupid I fall for making lots of money doing nothing. That’s what I get. I got roobed I wish I wish I could do something like reporting fraud or somthing. If anybody kniws how to report this scammers please let me know.

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