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UPDATE (12.10.2017):

Plusoption has shut down their operations.

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Old Review:

plusoptionEducation is one of the key factors in trading binary options. As the saying goes “knowledge is power.” There will always be those traders that feel they can completely rely on their “gut feeling” or intuition. However, the most successful traders always prefer legitimate knowledge over sheer luck. Since they have a keen understanding of the needs of today’s trader, PlusOption has included an extensive and detailed educational section on their website.

The PlusOption educational section is mainly webinar based and displays an array of videos that will provide useful information for novice and experienced traders alike. Webinars are an amazing new way of educating users on the many different aspects of binary trading. They are easy to understand, entertaining and highly informative. Please be sure to utilize these webinars as they can help maximize your profits.

7 Categories of PlusOption Webinars

PlusOption divides their webinars into 7 unique categories, with subcategories for easier accessibility. Traders can navigate this section easily as they search the extensive webinar library in order to find the information for which they are looking. The best part is that, unlike ebooks, videos are easier to follow and more engaging. Traders can always rewatch the video if needed or they can return daily to check for news and updates.


For the latest news in the binary trading market, users can tune into live broadcasts. They can also enjoy many live webinars on a multitude of topics which will shed light on new developments in the market, which giving detailed insight in the binary options trading realm.


This section is perfect for new traders as they can familiarize themselves with all of the basics involved in binary trading. These webinars can also benefit experienced traders who are looking for new insights. These informative tutorial videos explain all the attributes of binary trading as well as the benefits. There is a separate category for those who are more advance, as well as a section on financial management and the psychology behind binary trading.

Top 5 Trading Tips & Daily Recap

If you are too busy to spend all day tracking the latest financial developments, this is the section for you! PlusOption accommodates their traders with informative recaps daily that are extremely beneficial so even those traders with little free time will find them vitally important. It is crucial that traders understand they can only be successful if they combine extensive theoretical knowledge with the current information on market movements.

Asset Index

This section is user for both new and experienced traders alike as it explains the relationship between the various assets in a way that is both clear and concise. Traders will gain insight as to how the various indices, stocks, currencies and commodities can affect each other in the market.


Without some prior knowledge and understanding as to how the economy works, financial trade is impossible. In this section users can find out how indices affect the market. It can also increase users economic terminology as it will aid them in understanding the different terms and aspects of binary options trading.

Tactics & Analysis

This section is dedicated to those traders with more experience in binary options. It details all the critical aspects of fundamental and technical analysis, advises traders as to ways to improve their trading strategies and trades specifically according to analytic results. In this section, PlusOption and binary option robot introduces its more advanced traders to the different analytic tools and patterns that are crucial for precise and accurate analysis of the world of binary options.

Practical Trading

PlusOption also provides webinars on how to trade in everyday life. While it is imperative to be familiar with the theory behind the binary market, practical examples are often easier for users to comprehend. During these informative webinars, traders will become familiar with a multitude of ways and new ideas to conduct trades in a more practical manner.

Economic Calendar

We find this to be one of the most useful tools available for any trader. In ever-changing and highly unpredictable world of binary trades, there are specific events that occur on a monthly or yearly basis that have a huge impact on the world of binary options. It is crucial that you are aware of any upcoming events that can have a direct impact on your trading results, depending on your specific type of trade.


As Webinars are the future of online education, it is important to take advantage of all the educational materials available, as binary options is no exception to this growing trend. Learning through webinars is entertaining, intriguing and extremely useful, as opposed to more traditional forms of learning.

We have found that the extensive selection of webinars offered by PlusOption is a great asset to the site. We encourage binary traders of all skill levels to take advantage of this innovative new concept as it can give them insight into the exciting and fast-paced world of binary trading options.


7 Binary Options review: PlusOption: 4,5 stars.

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