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UPDATE (10.01.2017):

We have found out that Porter Finance has shut down their operations.

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Old Review:

Porter Finance Demo AccountThere is a crowded market of websites waiting to broker trades for those investors that like to trade place binary options. With all those choices a good broker will realize that they will have to do something to separate themselves from the pack and also do things better than the other brokers. Porter Finance is one of those types of brokers and it has made them very popular to trade with.

The key to any site separating themselves from the crowd starts with the features that they offer. Quite frankly, Porter Finance has a tremendous amount of features to offer their traders but what makes them different is the way they offer them and how everything comes together to make those that trade with them more successful. Take their trading platform for instance; it is very easy to navigate around and it makes it easy to understand and place a binary options trade too. Their platform not only follows a lot of standard industry practices but it takes that one step further and customizes the experience also.

Porter Finance likes to offer those that trade with them some nice bonus incentives from time to time too. Who doesn’t like to find a little bit of ‘free money’ in their trading account once in a while? They have generous deposit bonuses that are directly correlated to the amount deposited (it must be noted there are some withdrawal restrictions on these) that immediately help new traders offset early losses because of inexperience. These bonuses are just another thing that makes Porter Finance a well-rounded site to trade binary options on.

The Useful Porter Finance Demo Account

Any binary options broker that offers those that trade with them learning materials which will help them trade more successfully is doing something right; that can even be taken one step further if one of those learning tools just happens to be a free demo account. There is no better way to learn a web brokers trading platform risk fee than by using a demo account. A trader that uses a demo account can learn the trading platform quicker, learn to understand the nuances of binary options trading better and then when they start trading with real money they will be much better prepared and much more confident in their trading. The best thing about a free demo account; a trader gets to do all this without risking one dime of their own money.

Demo accounts do not just help new traders either. They can be used for veteran binary options traders to hone their skills even further too. The Porter Finance demo trading platform closely mimics the actual trading platform to give the user the most realistic trading representation possible. Again, all this is made possible without the investor risking any real money.

There is nothing to buy as far as the Porter Finance demo account is concerned. It is available to any level user once they sign up to trade with them and make a deposit. In no time at all after signing up an investor can begin placing mock trades that will let them know just how prepared they are to enter the real world of binary options trading. At this time even non-account holders can contact customer service for a special code that will unlock the demo account and make it available for them to try too. Either way a trader gets it the demo account is 100% free as mentioned.

Not all brokers demo accounts are the same either. Some just don’t mimic the real trading platform closely enough; that is not the case at all with the Porter Finance demo account. Those sites that do not have demo accounts really are taking the chance of putting their investors more at risk; especially if those investors are novice traders.

Other Potential Learning Sources

Porter Finance does not stop with just a free demo account as far as learning tools go either. They have a variety of different ways that help teach those that trade with them how to get better at binary options trading. These range from video tutorials and online seminars to a free eBook that every trader gets when they first sign up with Porter Finance. They also feature in depth looks at certain assets and will keep their traders up to date on current financial happenings and trends too. It once again speaks really well for how rounded a web broker that Porter Finance really is. Some other brokers only provide the bear minimum in learning tools or offer none to speak of at all.

Porter Finance’s Bonuses

One of the things that binary options trading sites tend to use to attract investors to their site is to offer them such things as generous signup bonuses. This is one area where Porter Finance does not mind following along with the other web brokers. They offer some very nice signup bonuses that are based on the amount of a trader’s initial deposit. It is always nice for any trader to get a little extra money to trade with to offset some of the losses that may occur with an investor getting used to a trading platform.

The minimum deposit on Porter Finance is $200 but there is nothing that says a trader cannot put more money into their account when they first sign up. As a matter fact, it is advisable for a trader to put in as much money as possible into their account when they first open it. The higher the deposit, the higher level account that an investor will be put into. The higher level accounts have the most features included in them and also offer some of the biggest account signup bonuses.

Opening an account with Porter Finance is really simple and takes very little time at all. The trader just fills out a form, makes their deposit, collects their signup bonus and then they can take advantage of the learning tools or go straight to trading. It does not matter whether a user is assigned to the initial level of beginner or the Porter executive account because at any account level an investor can be successful at trading binary options.

Porter Finance Account Level Examples

The lowest level account on porter finance is the beginner account. It only makes sense that this account only requires the minimum deposit of $200. Traders at this level will receive the handy eBook and are also nicely rewarded with a nifty 30% signup bonus and get access to the latest financial news and trend reports.

It must be noted that each higher level account will get access to all the features that the lower level accounts before it had.

The next level account is for those that deposit between $750 and $1000 dollars. These will become standard account members and receive a 40% signup bonus, all the features that the beginner account has and they will be supplied with one trading strategy.

Higher level accounts such as the Porter Finance executive account (over a $1000 deposit), will receive such features as a 75% signup bonus, VIP academy access, three trading strategies and 5 risk free trades.

There is one more account category for those who deposit over $100,000 dollars but that is something that only serious professional traders would ever want to get involved in.

One of the reasons that Porter Finance has different account levels is so that traders from all over the world and with different income levels get to experience binary options trading for themselves. The more money a trader deposits often times also reflects that trader’s interest level in binary options trading too and that is why higher bonuses are offered. A bonus is nice because it gives any trader that receives one a little bit bigger pool of money to invest and maybe allows them to also take a chance on a trade that they ordinarily wouldn’t of if there was no bonus money involved.

The Porter Finance Login

A simple login is all it takes to enter the trading platform after the original account signup process. That login can be the keys to the kingdom if any trader takes full advantage of the learning tools on the site, learns to identify key trading signals and then places smart trades based on facts not emotions. That is what makes binary options trading so nice; the trades are simple to understand and very easy to place with the Porter Finance trading platform.

Site security is something that Porter Finance takes very seriously also. The site is fully encrypted to protect a customer’s sensitive financial information. A safe and secure website is a must for any binary options broker and Porter Finance does everything in its power to make sure it is among the safest and most secure brokers out there. They will also require a trader who makes a withdrawal to provide them with a scanned copy of a government issued ID, proof of address and a scanned copy of a credit card if that is the withdrawal method used.

All users are cautioned to keep their sensitive login information to themselves and never give it out to another person for any reason. If a person ever forgets their login it can easily be retrieved by exchanging e-mails on the sign in page.

Porter Finance Minimum Deposit

As was mentioned the minimum account deposit is $200 with porter finance; that is an amount that will let anyone enter the potentially lucrative market of trading binary options. With the different account levels the site also caters to the various needs of different users trading abilities and experience. There are also many ways in which a user can make their deposits with Porter Finance; it is yet another way they make it convenient to trade for anyone. Deposit methods include Visa, MasterCard, Bank Wire Transfer, Skrill Moneybookers, Cartebleue, Visa Electron and many others.

Deposits can also be made in one of several different currencies such as the USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, and GBP. Different currencies will affect the minimum deposit price but for each of these currencies the deposit amount is roughly the following; they are EURO 200, Australian Dollar 200, USD $200, Canadian 200 or the British Pound 200. Once the account verification is done the trader then simply signs in with their unique login and they can start trading right away. The goal at Porter Finance has always been to open up the binary market trading experience to as many people as possible and then to keep it a pleasurable experience as they are trading.

The Porter Finance Mobile App for Trading

Porter Finance is also in the development stages of having a mobile app being made available for those that trade with them. These are great for those traders that do not have enough time to sit in front of the computer at home or at work so Porter Finance will soon have a solution for that too. That is why they are working hard to offer those that trade with them a convenient mobile app. The app works with almost any smart phone or tablet and only requires an internet connection to use it once the app is downloaded on a smart device. Traders can be making and checking their trades while there is a break or timeout from a sporting event they are attending, in between a wedding and the reception or even while sitting on the beach on holiday. A mobile app is a great thing for any trader to have access to. So if you sign up to trade with them, look for the mobile app to be coming soon.

It is important to remember that Porter Finance is a relatively new trading site but they are also aggressive when it comes to adding the latest features for their many traders to use when they trade with them. They work hard at having a website that is well designed, easy to use and incorporates the latest technologies into that. Many people trade with this site because they seem to always do things along the lines of this philosophy.

Anytime a customer has a problem it is easy to contact Porter Finance to get that resolved. Their customer service can also help a trader with general questions, banking transaction problems, account access problems and a host of other things that may come up from time to time. Although the site mainly does its support in the English language, it can be done in such ways as through online chat through Skype, e-mail exchanges, on the phone or by sending a fax. Porter Finance tries to make access to its customer service team as easy as possible.

Many of Porter Finance’s traders use the term forward thinking when they refer to their experience on the website. It is the type of site that tries to do its best to give every user a very good chance at being successful at trading binary options. When an investor looks at all the features and support that the website offers, it is very easy to see the type of effort that goes into the site to help make a positive trading experience for every investor. Those who trade with Porter Finance are trading on a site that will be innovative and fair well into the future.

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