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Profitball LogotypeMake sure to check out our Profit Ball Review, a brand new scam that’s making waves with a bang. The scam is, like all others, masquerading as a useful piece of software which supposedly relies on sports psychology to ensure winning trades.

Over the course of reviewing many different scams, we’ve come across all manner of bizarre explanations and theories which are supposedly meant to make their software good. But the only thing the software is good at is scamming people.

We were not surprised by the fact that Profit Ball was a scam and didn’t work the way it was advertised. The promise of generating $7000 a week may be tempting, but it’s a lie, to say the least.

Honestly making this type of money using the software is a fraudulent claim from the onset. The fact is that The Profit Ball Co is a software that’s mainly just there to lure newbie investors who think that sports psychology can be used to make successful trades.

Sports psychology has absolutely nothing to do with trading in the binary options industry. So, this is just another so called get rich scheme disguised with fancy wording and theories.

Make Sure To Read the Profit Ball Review Before Even Thinking of Signing Up

We tried to find out who was behind Profit Ball but couldn’t find much info. Therefore we have to believe that the business is managed by the duo Terry Mason and Joshua both of whom are suspicious, to say the least.

The principal reason why we can’t take the software and the people behind it seriously is because they promise a 100% trading accuracy. It seems as though the Profit Ball software has the ability to time travel into the future and pick winning trades. Though in reality, this so-called ”surefire” system is a failure because no trading software has this type of accuracy.

Awards Finalist Fake

These awards are all fake, created to fool newcomers to the industry

Make sure to check the fine print on the official page’s footer, and it’s not hard to figure out that the people behind the software are legally covering themselves. The footnote mentioned that binary options are risky and warns people against using it.

It leads us to believe that the person owning the software has no control over how the markets works which we agree with but that’s also why the software can’t be 100% accurate.

The creators of the software are openly confessing in the footnote that the software does not guarantee success. But yet they continue to tout a $7000 a week income in bold letters throughout the website. The reason being is that nobody reads the fine print. Most trading rookies don’t have the ability to ask hard questions which makes them easy targets for the scam.

Any and all seasoned binary options traders will tell you that there is no way to turn a $250 investment into one that churns out $7000 a week. But anyone insisting that you can benefit from that type of accuracy is certainly trying to scam you. Joshua who is a self-proclaimed financial analyst suggests that the Profit Ball software generates signals using what’s called sports psychology analysis.

So, the profits from a particular option or stock are mainly based on the number of sponsors supporting a team. The app enters the trade in advance while it waits for the stock to move into a profit. At least that’s how it works in theory.

Truth be told this is just a very fundamental analysis of the market where maybe a bunch of guys will take a couple of factors into consideration to determine if there is a chance that stock prices will drop or increase.

However, the fact that they keep using the term ’sports psychology’ means that there are trying to confuse newbie traders. Because this is not a unique trading algorithm that they are trying to sell.

What Convinces Us That The Profit Ball Is a Scam?

We read through and tried to understand how the Profit Ball system worked for this review. According to our understanding, it does not trade currency pairs. Plus, in our years of experience and that of our team, we can safely say that Sports Psychology analysis does not work to trade currency pairs.

Limited Free Spots Available

Yet another website trying to trick people into signing up by pretending a limited number of slots is available

The question is will it work if we decided to apply it to stock trading? The answer here too is simple. Binary options mainly require trading in the currency market and not stocks. But even if Profit Ball was to be used to analyze stocks it will not be 100% accurate. We don’t see any way that the system can be used to trade in binary form. The entire concept is a lie and not practical regardless of how you look at it.

Realistically speaking nobody can achieve a 100% success rate. You cannot make $7000 a week regardless of how good the software is. The highest we’ve seen in the way of success rate is 80%. The fact is that the amount of profit is directly proportional to your initial investment.

The larger the investment, the higher your possible profit. Though turning $250 into $7000 a week is a huge stretch by any measure unless of course, you’re a magician or time traveler.

Who is Joshua and Terry Mason? Are they really the creator of Profit Ball?

Paid Actor Creator

The supposed creator of the system. We couldn’t find any information about him, so we suspect he is nothing but a paid actor

Joshua and Terry Mason proclaim to be the founders of the Profit Ball software, so we think it’s worth talking about both these people. Our investigation into the founders reveals absolutely nothing. We couldn’t find any connections with Wells Fargo or Wall Street for that matter.

However, both people claim the software to be their baby perhaps to trick investors with fake names and profiles to steal money. There is no proof of any of these two being famous. Plus, their social profits are non-existent which means that either they are hiding or the names are a work of fiction.

The theory they are supposedly using is also a work of fiction, to say the least. The trading algorithm does not make sense, and there is no way of ensuring if that’s the algorithm they are using. Trading is all about making a profit and losing money. Nobody wins 100% of the time that’s the hard reality.

Fake Testimonials and Reviews

The Profit Ball uses fake reviews and testimonials. The slide show with user reviews is meant to convince people that the software is good when in fact it is not. If the reviews were real, you would have seen them on social media, and that would be displayed on the website. Social media based reviews are the ones that you can trust. Anyone can write fake reviews.

Another interesting point is that these customers don’t have names. So, you don’t know who is reviewing the product. But for us, it’s another piece of evidence to substantiate our claim that The Profit Ball is a scam.

Final Verdict – The Profit Ball System is a Scam!

Not ReliableThe Profit Ball system has no credible information or evidence showing that it is a real system. Plus, nobody has in our opinion used the software and was happy enough to review it, so they resorted to using fake reviews. Trading results you see on the website are part of a much larger scam network aimed at scamming people. If anything the results don’t look real.

The other major blunder by these scammers is claiming that they are open 24/7, or at least their help desk is but which is a false claim. The Profit Ball has no physical address or phone number which can be used to reach them. So, there is no way to contact the owner. All you have to rely on is their feedback. All of this leads us to believe that the system or software is a complete scam.


  • None


  • Ridiculous premise based on sports
  • No information about creators
  • False seals and awards on display on the website
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7 Binary Options review: Profit Ball: 1 star

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