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Profits Today LogotypeOur latest review exposes yet another scam that goes by the name of Profits Today. It is a scam, and like all scams, it should be avoided. If you were considering this software, now is the time to sit back, take a few minutes and read this review.

Profits Today was purportedly launched back in November 2015. However, before the release, the CEO Will Walker was sending out hundreds of invitations to traders who he thought wanted to boost their earnings using his fake system. If you were one of those people, who received this email, then it’s important to read the review before parting with your hard earned money.

To get a feeling for what we are trying to say, and to understand the scope of this scam it is important that you visit the Profits Today website. This will allow you to observe the fraudulent tactics being employed to fool people.

The first thing you’re greeted with when visiting the website is a pop-up box which asks you to signup with your email address. When you are greeted with such a pop-up even before given a chance to look at the system, it’s a clear sign of dealing with a scam. It is a method that many scammers use to trick people into signing up.

Make easy profits today

No matter what any of these shady websites may say, there’s no such thing as “Easy Money”

The one other thing you will notice with the Profits Today software’s page is that as soon as you are on the website, a countdown timer will start. The timer will request you to join within just 10 minutes, or their so called special offer will no longer be available.

However, the entire day can pass, and the opportunity to signup will remain there. Generally, whenever you see this type of countdown timer on a page it’s a sign of a scam. Only scam systems use pressure tactics to get people to act fast.

Whenever you see a robot using various tactics which compel you to become a member, signup or take any other action you can know for sure it is a scam. The same goes for the Profits Today robot.

Beware of the fact that it is a scam with all the elements of one. By the end of this review, you will have all the reason in the world to avoid this scam. If anything we will help you save a lot of time and money which would otherwise be wasted on this scam.

Why do we consider Profits Today a scam?

The CEO Will Walker is supposed to be the person in charge of this scam. He claims to be a binary options trading expert. However, our investigation showed that this person does not exist, leave alone being a chief executive officer.

Let’s consider what the Profits Today software has to offer users. Every promise made during the video turns out to be fake. Though he promises that the software is free, but when you try to use it for free, it will ask that you register with a broker of their choosing. To register with a broker, you’d obviously need to invest money i.e. deposit money which according to them will allow you to access the system.

The promise made is fake, to say the least, because it means that the software is not free. Users have to pay money before they can even see it in action. Anyone who thinks that they will be able to use the software free will be highly disappointed.

The reason being is that they are asking you to pay before you can even take a glimpse of the software. Any genuinely helpful software will allow you to at least trade with free money to see how well it works.

Fake reviews and false claims

Yet another piece of evidence which should convince you that Profits Today is a scam is their claim of having a 98.9 percent winning trade accuracy. They are alluding to the app being flawless.

However, no day trader would ever fall for this type of claim because everyone knows that no app or person in the trading industry is perfect. No flawless systems exist in the trading industry, not even for multi-billion dollar traders on Wall Street.

The creators of the Profits Today app allude to traders not ever losing a trade. So, you’ll always be a winner if anything this is deception. Anyone who guarantees a success rate is a scammer in our books.

Making Money Online

This system is definitely not free, regardless of what it says

The creators want to attract people who know nothing about trading but want to make money fast and without effort. Many of the reputed review websites have blacklisted Profits Today owing to it being a proven scam.

According to Will Walker, the software was developed years ago which means that it has been available for a number of years. He also said that the beta testers had made millions while just testing the software for years.

Also, the software was priced at $1997 many years back. However, when you try to verify these claims, it’s apparent that the system and the associated domain name was registered mere months ago. Obviously, these are false claims.

Before you use any type of trading software or invest any money in a system, it’s worth checking to see if what is offered is, in fact, the case or is it just a bunch of lies. Profit Today is a lie and everything that they present are lies to backup the primary lies. It is evident by any measure and to most people by now that it is a scam robot. If anything we are afraid that the robot will wipe your investment clean in mere seconds.

According to the creators of this software, all people need to start making money with this robot is a computer connected to the internet. So, you don’t need to know the binary options market or have experience. Once again this is a pipe dream that no experienced day trader would ever buy. Trading binary options is risky, and so it is not for anyone and everyone.

Becoming a successful binary options trader requires learning how to trade and understanding how the market works. Anyone who thinks that a piece of software will make them money without learning the ropes first is dead wrong.

Traders require skill, training, and knowledge. But Profits Today like any scam is not there to help you; it is just looking for a weakness that they can use to rip you off. So, be very careful.

Final Verdict

Not ReliableWe have already presented you with a great deal of proof about Profit Today which should suffice to conclude it is a scam. After watching the visual presentation, it is clear that the entire system is a sham to make money off the backs of unsuspecting investors.

An experienced trader is not easily deceived by such claims and scams because they are a dime a dozen in this industry. If you want to use a trading robot which can help you make money, then read our reviews of legitimate ones. But don’t expect that you’ll make millions in days or even weeks or months!


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  • Unbelievable Claims
  • No Evidence Of It Working
  • Shady Tactics
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