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Pump Trades LogoPump Trades is presented by Alex Stewart, the alleged CEO of Pump Trades. Alex is also the unseen narrator in their promotional video which you can view here.

Alex explains that Pump Trades works by having an ‘ultra-fast computer’ generate profitable trading signals.

He also says that Pump Trades has been reviewed and approved by the US and Japanese security authorities.

Pump Trades Price

Is the software free? Well no, it actually costs $2,990, but for a limited time you can get a chance to receive a free copy.

So is Pump Trades a legitimate robot that you should get pumped about? Or is it nothing but false advertising? See our answer below!

What is Pump Trades?

We hate to break it to you, but everything you heard in the promotional video for Pump Trades is false. Note how generic the explanation behind the system is; ultra-fast computers? Is that it?

Pump Trades Testimonial 1

And where is Alex Stewart in the video? How strange that the CEO cannot show his face in his own video, is it because he is nothing but a hired cheap voiceover actor?

Pump Trades Testimonial 1 FakeAs for the testimonials which they assure us are not actors, well, they most certainly are actors. Or rather they are hired spokespersons from Fiverr, since real actors might take offense to us calling them actors.

Here’s the Fiverr profile for one of them, joeelliott, who looks like the bassist in a generic pop punk band from 2003.

Pump Trades Testimonial 2The written testimonials on the Pump Trade website? Stolen photos from a dating site! See the proof below.

Also, the written testimonial is so badly written that even if it was real, it would have been more effective if they had left it off the site altogether. They even misspelled ‘Profit’ as ‘Proff’! Clearly the one thing they are not is professional.

Pump Trades Testimonial 2 FakeThe creators behind Pump Trades even went through the minor trouble of creating fake news articles from Forbes, Business Insider, and CNBC.

Unfortunately, they must have hired the same person that did the fake written testimonial to write those fake articles because the results look like professional news outlets inexplicably decided to hire people with English as their fourth language to write stories for them. Read the ‘articles’ below for a good laugh.

CNBC Fake News Story

How Does It Work?

Buy Clip Art Gold ArrowAs we have explained before, Pump Trades just like 99% of all other binary robots are nothing but unethical affiliate marketing vehicles:

  1. If you’ve been around the industry, you know that there are literally hundreds and hundreds of binary robots. However, it is highly likely that most of these robots are using the same few generic whitelabel auto-trading software, just rebranded.
  2. Do these robots work? Well, they do work in the sense that they will auto-trade for you, but don’t expect anything even remotely close to the profit claims and success ratios that the robots advertise.
  3. These robot creators partner with binary options brokers and become their affiliates. This means that whenever someone signs up with the robot and funds a trading account with the partner broker, the robot creators get a hefty commission.

That’s the reason these robots are always free; it’s to make it as easy as possible for the customer to sign up with their affiliate broker.

These affiliate brokers are usually unregulated and often have a litany of complaints against them.

Pump Trades Promises

In the case of Pump Trades, unlike most other binary options robots, you are required to fill in your credit card details before being able to see which broker they have assigned you.

Hence, we were not able to determine which partner broker they have, however we do regard having to enter your financial information prior to being redirected to the broker as highly suspicious.


Not Reliable

Pump Trades is nothing to get pumped about. It is a low budget generic auto-trading software that is high on promises but low on results.

Skip this one.


  • None


  • Falsified testimonials
  • Low budget promotional video
  • Having to enter financial information prior to being redirected to broker
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7 Binary Options review: Pump Trades: 1 stars.
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  1. Chrissy   •  

    My friend tried this with no luck – please save your hard earned money and skip this software. Thanks for the review!

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