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quantumcode logoIf you are one of those people interested in trading marketing and making huge amount of profit online, you should definetly consider reading this review before investing your money on these kinds of softwares for earning money online. On of the popular sites that are using making money in binary options is Quantum Code software.

Designers of this software are promising you huge income within the first month of using software. Before you decide on investing any of your money on the software I recommend you to read this complete review first.

Many people today are interested in finding more about online trading markets and making money by binary systems and if you are reading this you are certainly one of those people as well. Our readers are concerned about the truth staying behind those kinds of binary option softwares. They want to know if binary options are genuinely legit or just another huge scam. Today we decided to take a closer look into the work of binary software called Quantum Code and to find out if it is legit or just a scam.

After reading this review you will have all of the information you need before investing any of your money into the binary software. You will read information about the founder of the software and its working background.

Brief introduction of Quantum Code

You are familiar with the fact that you can find online great number of binary options softwares promising you huge income after you access the certain software. You may think that Quantum Code may be genuine in binary softwares. Before making your decision you should know that we didn’t find any explanation about working systems of this software. After plentiful search about working methods of Quantum Code software many red flags appeared above our heads.

At the very beginning we can assure you that this software is no safe at all. Founder of this software Mr. Michael Crawford in on of their videos mentioned using complex algorithm, something completely new and revolutionary named Near Quantum Speed or shortened NQS. We researched about this new revolutionary technology only to find out it actually doesn’t exist at all. They are using in their videos some complex terms in order to lure naive people into believing and trusting them.

Mr. Michael Crawford is sharing with the world his own secrets of becoming wealthy using binary options softwares. They are promising you great income within the first month of using their software. We find this certain man Mr. Michael Crawford little suspicious but it is time to move on to explaining Quantum Code.

Screenshot of the 3 VIP spots available:

Quantum Code Review

Quantum Code Comprehensive Review Points

Comprehensive Review PointsIf you are looking for software to trade safely by using binary options i wouldn’t recommend you to use Quantum Code. I find it typical binary options software used for scamming naive people you can find on the internet. Quantum Code has been circulating on the internet fos some time now, but it is relatively new.

First thing you see when you enter their website is bunch of the antivirus icons which may trick you into believing their site is completely safe. Another thing you will notice is bunch of banners with number of people on that page and of course one VIP spot available. These banners should convince you that their website is really famous and secure. Do not fall for it.

Michael Crawford’s existence


Michael Crawford

The next logical step we took is researching about Mr. Michael Crwford online. In one of his videos he is telling us about his company Quantum Code, he is mentioning how rich he is and how he is featured in very popular magazines for finance like Forbes. After we tried to find something about him on the search engines we were amazed by the fact that we find absolutely nothing about him. Absolutely nothing that confirms his claims about his great company and about his achievements. Only famous Michael Crawford you can find online is Michael B. Crawford who works for the New Yors times as editor and he is not billionare.

Michael Crawford in one of his videos is telling about his company Quantum Code, explaining to us that he is the CEO and owner of this company. So we looked online for this company as well and find out that it is imaginary as the rest of his statements. There is no anywhere company registered as Quantum Code. For the obvious reasons many red flags raised about certain Mr. Michael Crawford and his company Quantum Code.

When you visit his website Quantum Code once again, that VIP spot I mentioned before will still be unocccupied. Banner with the number of people visiting the website will suddenly drop by one number and in the same manner raise instantly jump to a higher number than previously. This is also fake tactics into luring you and tricking you into believing that you should occupy that one free VIP spot left. If this counting system is genuine this one VIP spot that is standing unoccupied still must have been picked up at some time by any of the users, so there shouldn’t be standing that spot again.

Quantum Code Making Profits since 2006

since 2006In their promotional videos they are claiming that they are making huge incomes since the 2006. These statements are completely absurd and impossible as this software Quantum Code didn’t even exist in the 2006. Let’s imagine that they existed back in the 2006, their statements about their achievemts are not claims in which we believe at all. If they are so successful as they are claiming we would definetly heard about Quantum Code by now.

There is absolutely zero proof of their success. When you check the website registration you will notice that the date 12 June 2016 is the day when website domain has been purchased, so these statemenst about being active since 2006 are completely untrue.

Making 10K in just 24 hours

earn 10K in just 24 hours.If you are familiar with the trading marketing and making money by using binary option softwares, you know for sure that it is completely impossible to earn such a huge amount of money in just one day. In case you use all of your initial deposit 250$, still you can’t earn 10K in just 24 hours.

All of the genuine binary option softwares are not mentioning earning this amount of profit in just one day. For the obvious reasons, only fake and scamming softwares like Quantum Code can promise you this amount of income in single day. You should be aware of the fact that websites promising you huge amounts of money are fabricated and designed for luring you into spending your money for nothing.

Revolutionary NQS technology

Michael Crawford mentioned that Quantum Code is using newly designed and revolutionary NQS technology. The next logical step for us was to research about this technology. We researched about it only to find out that it doesn’t exist at all in real life. Another great fake statement by Mr. Michael Crawford. He is using these fake statemenst and terms only to trick and lure people into believing him.

Actors and Fake Testimonials

On their website, when you scroll down you will find a seperate section including testimonials from other users. These people will tell you great things about Quantum Code and how much money they earned in short period of time. We decided to check these people and you guessed, they are both actors. Michael Crawford paid them to act like they used Quantum Code and made a huge amount of profit.

They are using actors:

Fake Actors


Our verdict upon software Quantum Code is that this software is complete scam. I am honestly not recommending anyone using this software if you are looking for binary options trading markets. This one is without the doubt huge scam. I am sure we provided you with the more than enough evidence and proof to convince you in scamming methods of Quantum Code software.


  • Free
  • Highly entertaining


  • Fake claims and testimonials
  • Many annoying advertisements on the website
  • Not earning any money and getting back your deposit money
  • No real information at all provided
  • Losing of your initial deposit money

Is this your final decision?

We suggest you visit one of the most popular trading platforms instead!


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General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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