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Regal Wealth LogoWhen we first heard about Regal Wealth, we thought this system came with an original approach. You can read our review to find out if you can really trust this ‘royal’ system.

Regal Wealth is among the most recent binary trading systems. It is introduced by a trader who states to have many years of practical knowledge of the market. The developer, Michael King, also says that the application includes all the necessary info that is essential to give traders precise details about the working process, the features, the potential, and so on. The clients can discover how the program operates and what it may generate.

Since we get plenty of criticisms about the recent binary trading systems that seem to be authentic but end up scams, we decided to analyze each program to support our readers and traders around the world to pick the ones that are genuine. In the following review, you are about to discover relevant info about Regal Wealth, a binary system that promises a lot but is not proven to accomplish the expected results. Keep reading on to find out how the system works.

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 90%
Minimum Deposit: $200
Countries: All nations


  • The system is automated
  • The interface is intuitive


  • There is no clear info about the working process
  • There are many poor comments related to this system
  • The brokers from their list are not reputable

7BO Verdict:

Not Reliable

Not Reliable Service


What is Regal Wealth?

Currently, it is difficult to demonstrate whether this application is a scam or not, but we will rely on our prior experience and intuition to help make you an accurate impression about it. Regal Wealth is quite recent and many details about it continue to be undetectable. Even so, we found some things that may indicate that the system may have some problems. First of all, it is important to note that traders who already dealt with it are not so positive about the Regal Wealth.

Many traders said that they have lost their money. There are many criticisms on the internet related to this service. The comments expressed by the developer also seem to be overstated. Considering the above, we made a decision to keep on with our research until we discover some tangible points to make a final verdict about this binary system. Until that moment, you may think about some other binary service of this kind that is authorized.

How does Regal Wealth work?

Programs such as this one are generally offered at no cost. So, the fact that the Regal Wealth’s developer is offering it for free didn’t surprise us at all. However, there is a payment that the potential client has to execute. As usual, you would have to opt for a listed broker and make a deposit that is no less than $250, in order to use the free binary system.

With so many details exposed on the sales page, we believed that we were going to learn more on how it really operates. Sadly, the developer doesn’t want to reveal much info regarding the program. As stated by him, the application utilizes an exclusive formula that is secret and an advanced algorithm system that allows it to hunt for market possibilities. The application covers all the functions associated with trading: doing analysis, making forecasts, and placing trades.

Here are the starting steps:

  • Registering – a register blank has to be filled up with precise info prior to using the application.
  • Trading – in order to trade, you need to make a deposit with one of the selected brokers and then apply the software.
  • Withdrawal – you should read the withdrawal conditions of the selected broker.

There are limited capabilities that are really important and add value to this application. The functions are quite standard and because of this, we don’t feel it may help clients generate wealth with a winning ratio of 85%. We don’t want to consider this application a total scam at this time, since we’re waiting for more relevant info and experiences. But we suggest you to stay away from this system because it is not clear if it really works properly.

Final Conclusion: is Regal Wealth a scam?

Not Reliable

So, the final verdict is that this system is still suspicious even if we could not find many materials that could prove that it is a scam. Regal Wealth is one of those binary systems that you should avoid. Maybe the time will show the contrary, but until then, there are many reliable services that you should consider first.


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7 Binary Options review: Regal Wealth: 1 stars.

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