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Binary Options SystemsBinary option trading, although still in its infancy after being authorized for use the first time in 2008, has added a lot of nice features that enable investors to successfully place these type of trades with different binary option brokers like Banc de Binary. There are more assets that can be traded than ever before and these can now be traded in so many different ways and on so many different time frames.

One of the newest features of the binary option trading market has been the advent and introduction of auto trading software. Now an investor never has to miss out on that big trade they have been waiting for because they are at work or away from their computer. This software has revolutionized the binary option trading market.

Among the most popular auto trading software programs is the Binary Option Robot. It incorporates three of the best and most popular trading systems to help its users make successful trades. These systems gives any investor a big advantage when placing trades based on them. Let’s look at these popular trading systems a little closer.



This is the simplest and most common trading system. When an auto trading robot is placing trades based on this system, it simply puts in the same predetermined investment amount in every trade.



Fibonacci differs from the classic system in the fact that the amount of money that is invested on each trade is different. After a successful trade the auto robot will trade an amount that was lower than the previous trade and if a trade was unsuccessful, it will trade a higher amount the next time.



Martingale also uses variable amounts when placing trades, but it’s just the opposite of Fibonacci. It increases the amount of investment after successful trades and decreases the amount invested after unsuccessful ones. This is said to be the most successful system.


No matter which of the three systems a trader prefers, they can all be found in the Binary Option Robot software. Anyone who likes to trade binary options, but does not always have enough time to spend doing it; should really give the Binary Option Robot a serious try.

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