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Rock The Stock LogotypeAnother shady binary options robot was launched in the market on June 15th, 2015 by the name of Rock the Stock. This trading platform has been on the market for nine days only, and already has moderators promoting their app’s ability to increase “profit margins” – in other words, the operators are ready to run off with your money at the first chance they get.

While reviewing scam apps, we noticed a familiar pattern that perpetrators of such scams use to grab the attention of their potential investors. Some of the facts are:

  • Ability to generate unreal amounts of profits.
  • Attract potential investors through secret to the success promise, or by claiming to have the secret formula to make easy money.
  • All talk and no walk. Investors are promised significant earnings without any evidence or proof to back them up.
  • Employ various confidence gaining tactics like buying known successful stocks.
  • Promises of being able to earn unrealistic margins on investments. Keep in mind that it is possible to generate a maximum of 70% increase on binary options trades if you are an expert and are having a lucky day.
  • Promises of consistent profits in an unpredictable market.
  • Site security not guaranteed.
  • The option of contacting customer service is provided vaguely which only serves the purpose of making the website or service look genuine despite the site looking as though it was built in a hurry.
  • The unavoidable demo video provides incredibly concise information about the whole scam.

Almost every creator of such rip-off trading sites use these tactics to hype up potential investors without having to provide any real facts and figures. Their goals are accomplished by traders’ willingness to secure more money for which they are willing to invest what they think is a small portion of their earnings.

This is the reason that leads to many traders losing their money to these fake trading brokers or automated bots. This review for Rock the Stock is going to expose all the real facts about this scam. Hopefully, this effort will educate newbie traders out there to think twice before choosing to let this fraud steal their money.

Promises Of Unreal Profit Generation Figures

When a trading site offers you a secret formula that can help you earn thousands of dollars for seemingly small investments, you should stop and think for a second if that is even possible.

As we discussed earlier, a professional binary or forex trader can make at most seventy percent of their investments. 70% of your original investments is a pretty good amount to sustain you, but it too requires work and doesn’t come easy and certainly will not make you rich overnight.

Recent Trades Results

These trade results are all obviously fake

Almost all trading sites provide traders some blurred facts that hint at how their plan can generate profits, and based on other traders’ experiences; it encourages you to test out their systems by investing your money.

However, a trading service site that has barely been on the market for just seven days does not have this type of potential. If this system can turn stone into gold, why hasn’t it been released before?

Where has such an amazing developer been hiding all this time and most importantly, why haven’t we ever heard of him? An individual claims to have developed software that can predict market trends accurately, and it is being shared with the public to earn vast sums. It is just too good to be true folks. 

They get you dreaming about all the possible benefits you’ll be able to enjoy if you choose to invest with them, but that’s all they can provide you. Their software never earns you anything because it isn’t capable of doing so.

Rock the Stock is no different than the rest. A newly launched trade software has no potential of helping you make any profits. Though fictitious websites try to show their true potential by providing fake facts and history records that may point towards the site being trustworthy.

Eager to Take Your Money

Next, let’s reflect on the strange fact on how Rock the Stock staff is so eagerly inviting traders to benefit from their golden goose of software. Realistically, if you stumble upon a hidden treasure somewhere deep in the forest, you wouldn’t be running off to publicize about wanting to share it with the whole wide world now, would you?

When you come to think of it, Rock the Stock if capable of living up to its real potential should benefit its creator first and foremost, but we have never even heard a peep about who they are and why they want to share their “money-making” formula with the whole world.

Binary options robot creator

The supposed creator of the system. We couldn’t find information about him anywhere.

Rock the Stock tries to deceive you into believing their legitimacy by placing their binary options on stocks of well-renowned names in the industry; including Amazon, Google, and IBM.

This is a traditional approach that is often used by many scam trade signals providers. Their info sites lack necessary information which is vital to prove their level of worthiness.

Another reason that forces us to believe this scheme is a fraud is that Rock the Stock is only targeting newbies and inexperienced traders. This trait is commonly found in bogus trade scams as it lowers the chance of bots being exposed by expert traders who can figure out that the bots are ineffective at providing the advertised results.

All individuals who have a vast experience of trading are aware of the facts and features of the binary options trading systems. They can decide how what, and where to invest knowledgeably based on their history.

Rock the Stock app also failed to provide any evidence that the capital they received was invested where they initially claimed to spend. The information about whether their source was able to generate any profits is absent too.

Ridiculous Profits

It is widely believed that the trade statistics and figures are doctored to provide desired results 60% of the time. So if a broker is to tell you about some random profit earning, for instance, $4,395 in just a single day, you will have no way of verifying it except ask your broker for pictorial proof.

Also, keep in mind that altering a website or picture to show desired results and provide doctored information is very easy.

45 Day Free Trial

The “Free Trial” isn’t free at all

If your subconscious is warning you about something, there is no harm in double checking the facts to satisfy yourself. The team at 7BO has learned well enough by now to not make any investments without getting our facts straight first.

Highly regarded Binary Options trading services provide traders with assistance which increases their trust in the company. All reputable trade brokers offer to assure profits and money back guarantees in case of loss to help a trader feel confident about investing.

Rock the Stock chooses not to provide these options to their traders. If they decide to do so, they will have to sustain significant loss due to their system’s inability of generating profitable results.

The company tries to cover up their lack of a guarantee by providing doctored results of their system’s profit margins. What they don’t seem to realize is that financial backing is essential for a trading website to assure traders that it is a legitimate trade service provider, not another scam to steal their earnings.

Insufficient Data

A fledgling site is usually an indicator of scam brokers trying to make some quick money. Through our years of research, we encountered various scammers who build up trading sites and try to attract customers with attractive deals. The age of the site matters a lot. A seasoned and well-reviewed trading platform assures the traders that it is here to stay.

Newest Members Registeres

These photos are all either fake or paid actors

Meanwhile, you must realize that a trading platform that is merely a week old cannot get authentic appraisal reviews from traders that were able to earn significant profits through this trade medium- it is just not possible.

It is a bit peculiar for a “trustworthy” trading site that besides employing various approaches to get you to invest with Rock the Stock, it also features adverts selling poorly written articles. This is more than enough to raise red flags about the legitimacy of Rock the Stock’s glowing reviews,

It can be very confusing to choose a trading site to invest your money, a platform that can earn you a reasonable profit along with a good trading experience. But the truth is that you have to be careful with whom you choose to entrust your earnings.

The trade market is full of scam artists waiting for a chance of access to your money so that they can steal and get away with it. Secure your money by NOT investing in a company that doesn’t have a reliable history coupled with years of built up reputation.

Poor Customer Support

The most significant concern we had while analyzing the Rock the Stock site, was the fact that there is no way for traders to get in touch with customer support.

If our years of extensive researches has taught us anything, it is the fact that scam developers while trying to mislead traders never provide an operational way of traders’ getting their concerns heard.

While the other scams we searched provided some customer support panels, even inoperative ones, the developers of Rock the Stock entirely omitted it leaving no way for a client to communicate with them.

This is a clear warning to us all that the brains behind this scam are here to charm the traders by offering unrealistic profit margins as a hoax, get traders to invest their earnings, and run away with it.

Lack of necessary information, availability of falsified facts and figures to show fake profit margins, limited control of quality, and no way to get in contact with site operators forces us to call this whole scheme yet another fraud designed to rob traders and disappear.


Not ReliableThis one is clearly a bad apple, and we recommend you stay away from it. According to our research, it will only leave you without any of your hard earned investments.


  • None


  • Terrible Customer Support
  • No Information About It’s Creator
  • Shady Marketing
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7 Binary Options review: Rock The Stock: 1 star

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