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When choosing a broker, it is possible that you are in doubt. What are the most important characteristics you should consider? Of course, there are some very basic things like reputation, user reviews and possible return on investment. But don’t forget about other important issues such as minimum deposit, minimum trade and, of course, the payment method that you can use.

In this article, we’ll be looking into the method called Skrill and the binary options brokers. What is it? And is it good for binary options trading? Let’s search for these answers together.

What is Skrill?

Skrill is a global payment service that allows various payments and money transfers to be sent through the Internet with a focus on low-cost international money transfers. Previously known as Moneybookers, it has been on the market since 2001. Since then the company experienced massive growth both in terms of its own development and the increase in the number of customers. Nowadays they serve more than 36 million people 200 countries and 40 currencies.

The success of this payment system is down to three main things: convenience, confidence, instant. It is incredibly simple to use Skrill. In fact, it might be the easiest one out there. You just click one button and the money is transferred from your bank account to where you need it go. Same goes for receiving the payments. And yet, despite it being so easy to use, you can be confident that your funds are well protected with the security algorithms Skrill incorporates in the solution. And finally, it is very fast. It takes just a few moments for your money to reach the recipient or for you to receive the money.

Why choose Skrill brokers?

Skrill is licensed and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means that it complies to all regulations that a European financial service has to follow. Its license allows it to perform financial operations in any European Union (EU) country.

Therefore, by choosing Skrill you assure that your money is well protected and handled by the company that is well-regulated and has an excellent record of being safe and secure in the binary options market as well as on the overall financial market in the EU.

So it is not surprising that binary options broker often choose this payment method over more traditional ones. At the end of the day it’s their traders that their traders and their security and comfort that brokers need to keep in mind when thinking about deposit and withdrawal options they need to offer. Most of the brokers on our Top recommended list are already using it. And knowing how many people among European traders prefer using Skrill over their back cards or other online payment methods, it is obvious that more and more brokers will start choosing it as their financial service as well.

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