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Sleeping MachineThe introduction of online trading platforms has over the past decade made trading the financial markets much more accessible to everybody.

However, not everyone has the knowledge or experience to be able to trade the unpredictable markets successfully.

To help beginner traders have a better chance of success, many software developers have come up with this automated trading system which can trade the markets without any human intervention.

Binary Options Clip Art 2One such software that was recently launched on the internet is the “Sleeping Money Machine” (SMM).

SMM claims to be able to help its users to achieve as much as $2000 in daily profits.

We are curious as to whether the SMM system can really deliver on its promises or it is just another scam. To find out more, check out our in-depth review of the Sleeping Money Machine trading system.

What is the Sleeping Money Machine?

Based on the promotional video for the SMM system, this software is said to be the brainchild of an individual by the name of Robert Benjamin. According to him, the SMM system has helped him to make a few million dollars for the past few years. Accordingly, the SMM system is able to scan the global financial markets and identify any profitable trading opportunities.

This is how the registration looks like:

Sleeping Money Machines

Apart from this, we were unable to find any insights into how the SSM system really works. In order to obtain more information about how the SMM system works, interested parties are asked to contact Robert Benjamin directly with their questions.

  1. To us, this is the first red flag that we noted about the SMM system as being a possible scam.
  2. Another sign which points to the likelihood that the SMM system is a scam is the unethical way which Mr. Benjamin installed a script on his website to force visitors to his website to watch the entire video sales pitch. We have to asked ourselves as to why would Mr. Benjamin have to force anyone to watch his entire sales pitch if he is so confident about the SMM system.
  3. Finally, we also noted an annoying browser pop up that keeps appearing every time we tried to exit his website. The pop up “warns” us of losing the chance to make more than $7000 in profits by the time we go to bed. The curious thing about this “warning” is the fact that the math doesn’t add up. In the promotional video, Mr. Benjamin claims that the SMM system is able to generate more than $2000 in daily profits. Given that there are 5 trading days in the week, this will roughly equal $10,000 in weekly profits.

Investing LeafSo do you reconcile the $7,000 figure to a simple calculation that gives a total sum of $10,000?

And if the $7,000 figure refers to the trading profits over a 24 hours trading period, then where does the claim of $2000 in daily profit come into the picture?

At the end of the day, we were left more confused than convinced about the earning potential of the SMM system.

Perhaps Mr. Benjamin’s target audiences are those who are extremely weak in basic math.

How does it work?

From our research and from what we can understand about the SMM system, it is just like any typical automated trading robot. The SMM system uses a trading algorithm to scan all available market data to pick out trends which can be exploited by traders. And based on the analysis of the data, the SMM will then try to predict how prices will move.

Sleeping Money Machines Headers

As to the mechanics of the trading algorithm, no information has been provided by its creator Mr. Benjamin. So this leaves us in an unenviable position of having to trust Mr. Benjamin whole heartedly without any solid proof that the SMM system actually works.

Final conclusion

Not Reliable

At the end of our review on the SMM system, we can only come to the conclusion that the SMM is a scam designed simply to get unsuspecting traders to trade with unregulated brokers.

As such, we strongly recommend our readers to avoid signing up for the SMM system even though it is provided free of charge.

In short, don’t trust Robert Benjamin at all.

What Indicators to Look for With Potentially Scam Products?

  1. They claim exaggerated or impossible revenues: YES
  2. Presence of false scarcity counters: YES
  3. Tactics to pressure people into quickly singing up: YES
  4. Testimonials that are fake: YES
  5. Say that the software is “free”: YES
  6. Proof of how the software works: NONE
  7. A probability that this is a scam: 100%


  • Free Software


  • Lack of information about the mechanics of the software.
  • Contradictory information provided in the promotional video
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7 Binary Options review: Sleeping Money Machine: 1 stars.
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